A Daring Fashion Statement: Emily Ratajkowski Takes Inspiration from Bella Hadid with Her Striking Red Carpet Look at the Prestigious Cannes Opening Gala

Emily Ratajkowski seemed eager to steal a bit of the limelight that Bella Hadid enjoyed last year. She decided to channel the famous ‘red dress’ look at the premiere and opening night gala of the movie ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ at the 70th Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday. The 25-year-old actress, known for her role in “Gone Girl,” donned a stunning champagne-colored gown with a sultry lingerie-style theme. The dress featured a daringly slashed side and leg, and it bore a striking resemblance to the Alexandre Gauthier dress that Bella wore last year. Watch the video below for more details.

Emily Ratajkowski made a bold fashion statement at the premiere of “Ismael’s Ghosts” and the opening night gala of the 70th Cannes Film Festival. Taking inspiration from Bella Hadid’s iconic red dress from last year, Emily donned a similar gown in a champagne color. Styled by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, Emily showed off her model legs and flaunted her famous assets with the revealing cut of the dress. Just like Bella, Emily desired the attention that came with wearing such a daring gown, and she was pleased to receive positive feedback.

This year's version: The 25-year-old Gone Girl star slipped into a champagne coloured gown with a slinky lingerie style theme - complete with a slashed side and leg - and a near-identical shape to Bella's Alexandre Gauthier dress of last year

This year’s edition showcased the charming presence of the 25-year-old movie star from Gone Girl, who gracefully adorned herself in a champagne-toned ensemble inspired by lingerie, featuring a seductive slash on the side and leg. The exquisite design of her outfit resembled Bella’s stunning Alexandre Gauthier dress from the previous year, with a near-identical silhouette.

Slinky: Last year, Bella stole the show at the Unknown Girl premiere on 18 May 2016 as she sported the red gown which showed off her endless legs, perky cleavage and ultimately her lingerie when she unwittingly flashed the world's press

Slinky: At the premiere of the Unknown Girl on 18 May 2016, Bella made quite the impression with her stunning red gown. Not only did it accentuate her long and slender legs and highlight her shapely cleavage, but it also unintentionally revealed a glimpse of her lingerie to the eager eyes of the world’s press.

Dazzling: She admitted after the appearance that wearing the gown was 'a bit scary' yet she was delighted to have 'so much nice feedback which was exciting'

Spectacular: Following her magnificent entrance, she confessed feeling a tinge of fear donning the gown, but experiencing a rush of joy from the overwhelmingly positive response was absolutely exhilarating.

Hey Bella, is that really you? I couldn’t help but notice how similar the two gowns were. It reminded me of that movie “Single White Female” where one person imitates another’s life and appearance. Adding to the resemblance, she wore her hair in a stylish chignon with a side fringe, which looked remarkably similar to her fellow model’s look from last year, who seems to be her fashion inspiration.

However, Emily made a slight change in her outfit choice. She adorned her neck with stunning jewels, a chain that showcased drool-worthy diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. She even shared a topless snap on Instagram earlier in the day, featuring those mesmerizing jewels.

In another nod to Bella, Emily rocked a sultry eyeshadow combination with shimmering bronze, copper, and gold shades, creating a dazzling look. She completed her makeup with a natural lip gloss shade, giving her lips a plump and puckered appearance.

Dazzling: Differing slightly in her choice, Emily wore drooling jewels around her neck in a spectacular chain strung with diamonds, rubies and emeralds - which she had posed in earlier in the day in a topless Instagram snap

Dazzling: Emily had a slightly different taste when it came to her jewelry selection. To make a striking statement, she adorned her neck with an eye-catching chain embellished with exquisite diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Interestingly, Emily had already displayed this dazzling piece in a captivating Instagram photo earlier that day, leaving little to the imagination.

Can you believe it? We’ve got a real-life situation that’s reminiscent of the movie “Single White Female” – where a stalker copies the appearance and lifestyle of her roommate. In this case, the focus is on a particular hairstyle. The person in question sported a classy chignon with a beautiful side fringe, mirroring the same look donned by a fellow model who seems to have inspired her fashion choices from the previous year.

Hey there! Despite the seeming dress faux pas, Bella still greeted Emily with a warm kiss - shunning the glaring collaboration of gowns

Hello there! Despite the apparent fashion mishap, Bella greeted Emily warmly with a kiss, ignoring the obvious similarity between their gowns.
Bella also joined Emily on the red carpet on Wednesday night, wearing a gown in a similar color and style, designed by Alexandre Gauthie. Once again, she kept the attention on her lingerie.
Despite the apparent fashion mishap, Bella still shared a warm kiss with Emily, disregarding the fact that their gowns looked very similar.
Emily has been making quite an impression at the annual film festival. She has been seen on the beach wearing very revealing swimwear and has also shared some risqué topless photos from behind the scenes.

Sizzling: Emily has already been keenly making her mark on the annual film festival, as she has already taken to the beach in the scantiest of swimwear in addition to her saucy topless snaps from behind the scenes

Hot: Emily has already made her presence felt at the yearly film festival, flaunting her confidence by sporting the skimpiest of swimsuits on the beach. Furthermore, her daring behind-the-scenes bare-chested photographs have added a hint of spice to her reputation.

Lookalike: Once again borrowing from Bella, she wore a smouldering eye shadow combination, with bronze, copper and gold hues making for a dazzling look while her plump pout was puckered with a natural lip gloss shade

Imitating Bella’s style, she applied a mesmerizing combination of eyeshadows, blending bronze, copper, and gold tones to create a stunning look. Her lips were adorned with a subtle lip gloss, giving them a full and natural appearance.

Following the controversy surrounding her previous red carpet look, Bella, who is the younger sibling of Gigi, discussed her fashion choices in an interview with Glamour magazine. Normally opting for simplicity and black attire, she admitted that this bolder look was a significant risk for her. Though initially apprehensive, she was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback she received, which filled her with excitement.

Referring to the gown she wore as the riskiest clothing item in a long time, Bella mentioned that she plans to tone down her outfit choices in the near future. It seems she wants to strike a balance between daring and more subdued attire.

When asked about the speculation surrounding her choice of underwear, Bella disclosed that in reality, she had worn an extremely high-waisted leotard. By opting for this undergarment, she successfully navigated the tricky dilemma and maintained her modesty during the event.

Who’s who? They had an uncanny resemblance – from their haircuts and fashion choices to their exquisite facial features.

Back to front: The stunning look was exquisite from every angle

Reverse perspective: The stunning appearance was flawless from all viewpoints.

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