A Fresh-Faced Transformation: Emily Ratajkowski Embraces Simplicity in LA while Embracing Her Iconic Silhouette

She gained worldwide recognition after baring her breasts in the music video for Robin Thicke’s hit song, “Blurred Lines,” in 2013. Emily Ratajkowski has since gained a massive fan base by constantly sharing flawless selfies on social media. However, when she was spotted in Los Angeles on Friday, the 26-year-old British-born model opted for a more relaxed look, choosing to go without makeup and showcasing her natural beauty.

Natural: Emily Ratajkowski, who has since built up a huge following thanks to her flawless influx of made-up selfie, cut a more casual figure as she stepped out in LA on Friday

Original: Emily Ratajkowski, who has gained a massive following due to her flawless collection of posed self-portraits, went for a more relaxed and informal look as she went out in Los Angeles on Friday. Embracing her stunning bone structure, she chose a minimalistic approach, wearing her dark hair sleekly styled as she left a friend’s house. Making a fashion statement, the statuesque celebrity slipped into a button-up dress adorned with polka dots, further highlighting her well-shaped legs with a pair of transparent block-heeled mules. Bravely combining different patterns, she also wore a checkered trench coat, displaying a cheerful demeanor as she continued with her daily tasks.

Turning heads! The 26-year-old British-born model, showed off her natural beauty, opting to go make-up free in a change to her usual flawlessly made-up appearance

Causing a stir! The 26-year-old model from Britain decided to go au naturel, showcasing her stunning beauty without any makeup, a departure from her usual flawlessly made-up look. In an interesting twist, Emily attributed her fleeting role in the film Gone Girl to her appearance in Robin Thicke’s iconic Blurred Lines track, which skyrocketed her to fame back in 2013. She was among the trio of models who confidently danced without tops in the music video for his popular song. However, due to the controversy surrounding the song’s lyrics, which were deemed inappropriate, she referred to the video as the ultimate nuisance in her life.

Turning heads! Making the most of her enviable bone structure, she opted for the minimal look, wearing her raven hair in a sleek do as she left a pal's house

Chic: Cutting a stylish appearance, the leggy star slipped into a button-up polka dot dress, accentuating her shapely pins with a pair of clear block-heeled mules

Causing a stir! Fully embracing her flawless facial features, she chose a minimalistic approach, styling her dark hair in a sleek manner as she exited a friend’s residence. In a previous interview with InStyle, she expressed amusement over the attention still given to her involvement in the music video for “Blurred Lines,” exclaiming, “Are we really still discussing a video that was released three years ago?” Emily briefly appeared in the 2014 film Gone Girl alongside the handsome Ben Affleck and talented leading lady Rosamund Pike. Currently, the brunette beauty is busy shooting her newest movie, Lying and Stealing, in the company of the charming British actor, Theo James.

Chic: Cutting a stylish appearance, the leggy star slipped into a button-up polka dot dress, accentuating her shapely pins with a pair of clear block-heeled mules

Stylish: Flaunting a fashionable look, the tall celebrity effortlessly donned a buttoned-up dress adorned with polka dots, beautifully emphasizing her well-shaped legs alongside a pair of transparent block-heeled mules. The upcoming film unveils the captivating tale of Ivan (Theo), a remarkably talented art thief who sets his sights on pilfering from the most affluent collectors in Los Angeles. For his boldest heist to date, he unexpectedly joins forces with Elyse (Emily), an aspiring actress burdened by her overwhelming debt. In a recent revelation, the celebrity disclosed that being an only child actually played a significant role in propelling her successful career in Hollywood, as she used to put on performances solely for her parents.

During an interview with Stylist magazine, Emily shared a cherished childhood memory. She fondly recalled a time when she sat on the second floor of a magnificent West End theatre, gazing down at the mesmerizing performance of Les Misérables. As an only child, Emily found solace in entertaining her parents, and this became a significant motivation behind her aspirations to become an actress. She expressed particular adoration for the musical “Cats,” considering it as the epitome of coolness in her young eyes.

Style maven: Not afraid to clash patterns, she teamed it with a checked duster coat, looking in good spirits as she continued her daily errands

Fashion enthusiast: Fearlessly mixing prints, she paired it with a plaid duster jacket, appearing upbeat as she went about her daily tasks.

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