A Remarkable Moment: Emily Ratajkowski Graces Hunter College’s Commencement with Uplifting Speech

Emily Ratajkowski, known for her diverse talents as a model, actress, political activist, and bestselling author, recently achieved another notable accomplishment. The 31-year-old actress, who expressed her humility, had the honor of delivering a captivating commencement speech to the graduating class of 2023 at Hunter College in the vibrant city of New York.

Class act! Emily Ratajkowski delivered an inspiring commencement address to the class of 2023 at Hunter College in New York City on Thursday

In a remarkable display, Emily Ratajkowski captivated the graduating class of 2023 at Hunter College in New York City with her captivating speech. Wearing an elegant violet cap and gown, Emily stood before the winter graduates to share her story.

Emily, who once started her college journey at UCLA before opting out, reflected on a pivotal moment in her life. It was during the tumultuous 2008 financial crisis when she made the difficult decision to abandon her college education in order to pursue a career in modeling, driven by the promise of financial stability.

“I never had the chance to experience my own college graduation,” Emily confessed. “In the aftermath of the economic collapse, I chose the allure of the modeling world over my true passion for learning and creating.”

Emily went on to explain her rationalization for this choice. At the time, modeling offered a significantly higher income compared to the service industry jobs her friends were working. Fearful of accumulating student loans, she was compelled to seize the opportunity that modeling presented, aware that her time in the industry was limited due to society’s narrow perspective on women’s age in the industry.

Despite the sacrifices she made for her career, Emily acknowledged the importance of education and the desire she still harbored to pursue it. However, in the face of societal pressure and uncertainty, she chose to prioritize work over education.

By sharing her personal journey, Emily encouraged the graduating class to consider the trade-offs they may face in their own paths and urged them to follow their true aspirations. Her heartfelt speech reminded the audience that life presents us with difficult choices, but it is important to make decisions that align with our passions and values.

In summary, Emily Ratajkowski’s powerful and candid commencement address served not only as inspiration but as a reminder to embrace our true desires and pursue them, even in the face of challenges and societal expectations.

Taking the stage: Emily, who briefly attended UCLA before dropping out, donned a violet cap and gown as she addressed the winter graduates from the podium

Stepping into the spotlight was Emily, a former UCLA student who made the decision to leave her studies but persevered nonetheless. Dressed in an elegant cap and gown tinted with a lovely shade of violet, she confidently approached the podium to deliver her heartfelt speech to the winter graduates.

'Humbled and honored': Ratajkowski beamed with joy as she celebrated the class of 2023

Red-y or not! She rocked a bold pair of crimson ankle boots

Overwhelmed with gratitude and filled with pride, Ratajkowski couldn’t contain her excitement while celebrating the accomplishments of the class of 2023. During the festivities, she also found an opportunity to open up about her adorable son Sylvester, who is nearing his second birthday. Sylvester is the precious child she shares with her former partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

As she reflected on motherhood, Emily shared the tender moments that fill her days. From diligently washing her son’s bottles in the sink to waking up in the wee hours of the morning to check his temperature, she embraces every responsibility with unwavering dedication. She affectionately cradles Sylvester against her chest, expertly lulling him back to sleep. And, of course, let’s not forget the countless diapers she has lovingly changed.

In a heartfelt message to the graduating class, the stunning model urged them to carve out time for themselves amid their busy lives. She emphasized the importance of hitting the “pause” button and taking stock of their accomplishments. While it may sound simple in theory, Emily recognized that actually putting it into practice is a much more challenging task.

'The thousand of diapers I have changed': She also discussed her son Sylvester, nearly two, whom she shares with her ex Sebastian Bear-McClard

‘Thousands of diapers have been changed by me’: Furthermore, the author conversed about her son Sylvester, who is nearly two years old, that she co-parents with her former partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

'Find the moments to pause': Emily urged graduates to find time to 'pause' and take note of their progress

Emily encouraged the graduating class to make space for themselves and take a moment to reflect on their achievements.

Additionally, she expressed admiration for the graduating students’ ability to triumph over various challenges and adversities throughout their educational journey. She shared insights about the exceptional nature of this graduating class, as each individual had their own distinctive set of obstacles and circumstances to conquer. Reflecting on her conversation, she highlighted remarkable anecdotes about students who took on multiple jobs alongside their studies, courageously fought against illnesses, and celebrated the significant achievement of being the first in their families to graduate from college. Moreover, she emphasized the perseverance displayed by those who had to master English as a second language in order to succeed academically.

Accomplished: Ratajkowski is a New York Times bestselling author, influencer, and model and actress

Achievements Unlocked: Ratajkowski has claimed the prestigious title of being a bestselling author according to The New York Times, in addition to her role as a highly influential figure in the realm of modeling and acting.

Strike a pose: She beamed whilst posing in her violet cap and gown

Strike a stance: With a radiant smile on her face, she proudly posed in her vibrant purple graduation attire. She expressed her admiration for the brave mothers among the students who, despite taking a break from their education, mustered the strength and determination to return to school later in life. Overwhelmed with humility and gratitude, she stood before the audience, feeling privileged to address them on this momentous occasion. Emily extended her appreciation to her fellow graduates as she posed alongside the beloved school mascot.

It's an honor! She posed with the President of Hunter College, Jennifer J. Raab

What a privilege! She had the opportunity to take a photo alongside Jennifer J. Raab, the esteemed President of Hunter College.

'Thank you so much for having me': Emily gave graduates another shout-out as she posed by the school's mascot

“I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be here,” expressed Emily, overflowing with appreciation, as she playfully struck a pose next to the beloved school mascot, commemorating the graduates once again.

‘BIG SHOUTOUT TO THE CLASS OF ’23!! I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for inviting me,’ Emily shared on her Instagram Stories.
Hunter College president Jennifer J. Raab, in a press statement revealing Emily as the commencement speaker, lauded the model as a ‘ modern-day polymath for the digital era.’
‘We’re absolutely delighted that Emily Ratajkowski will be imparting her wisdom to our graduating class, alongside their loved ones and friends,’ Raab exclaimed.
‘Her remarkable talent to effortlessly transition from television to modeling, to movies, and even to becoming a bestselling author is a valuable lesson that all our graduates can draw inspiration from.’

Trailblazer: In a press release announcing Emily as this year's speaker, Hunter College president Jennifer J. Raab praised the model as a 'Renaissance woman for our digital age'

Breaking News: Renowned Supermodel Emily Named Keynote Speaker by Hunter College President Jennifer J. Raab

Hunter College President Jennifer J. Raab has officially announced Emily, the trailblazing supermodel, as the distinguished speaker for this year’s upcoming event. Recognizing Emily as a true “Renaissance woman for our digital age,” President Raab commends her exceptional talent and groundbreaking achievements in the fashion industry. This highly anticipated event promises to be an enlightening experience, showcasing Emily’s unique perspective on success in the modern, digital world. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

'What an honor!' Emily posted a snap of her speech to her Instagram account

Emily expressed her excitement by sharing a photo of her speech on her Instagram, exclaiming what a wonderful honor it was.

Stage presence: The post included snippets of her moving speech

Performance presence: The blog post featured excerpts from her captivating address.

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