A Stylish Affair: Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Bobbed Hair and Joins Nicky Hilton and Ashley Graham at Marc Jacobs’ NYC Presentation

Emily Ratajkowski showcased her stylish haircut and stunning physique at the 2023 Marc Jacobs Runway show in New York City on Thursday. The 31-year-old model looked effortlessly comfortable in an ensemble featuring various shades of brown, while also flaunting her ample cleavage. The event was graced by other notable figures like the elegant Nicky Hilton, who wore an all-black ensemble, and Ashley Graham, who exuded coziness in a voluminous blue sweater dress. Well-known personalities such as Blondie singer Debbie Harry, actress Debi Mazar, and fashion icon Anna Wintour were also in attendance. Emily stood out among the crowd with her eye-catching brown jacket, adorned with a thick, fuzzy collar and strands of curly, brown fur-like material draping down the shoulders. She confidently wore the jacket open, revealing a sheer brown ribbed top underneath. Opting to go braless, her prominent cleavage was emphasized by the plunging V-shaped neckline of her shirt. She tucked the shirt into her thick brown pants, accentuating her hips, while the slightly baggy legs bunched up around her ankles. To complete the look, the Gone Girl actress donned pointy-toed black boots and carried a quilted black handbag slung over her shoulder. However, stealing the spotlight was her new dark brown bob, styled with fashionable bangs and glossy, tight waves. Emily’s casual and daring attire presented a stark contrast to Nicky Hilton’s more glamorous outfit, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s beloved costumes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Nicky wore a shiny, sleeveless black lace dress that elegantly cascaded to the ground, paired with black heels. The sister of Paris Hilton accessorized with black leather gloves that stretched to her upper arms, and she styled her blond hair in an exquisite bun.

Cozy: Emily stood out among the guests with her striking brown jacket, which featured a thick fuzzy collar and curly strands a brown fur-like material cascading down the shoulders

Emily caught everyone’s attention at the gathering with her remarkable brown jacket, adorned with a plush collar and wavy tendrils resembling a coat made of luxurious brown fur that gracefully flowed down her shoulders.

Risqué: She wore the jacket open to reveal the sheer brown ribbed top underneath it. Emily went bra-free with the shirt, which had a plunging V-shaped neckline, highlighting her prominent cleavage

Old school: Her casual, risqué look was a significant contrast from Nicky Hilton's more glamorous outfit, which resembled one of Audrey Hepburn's iconic costumes from Breakfast At Tiffany's

Slightly daring: Emily opted for a relaxed vibe by leaving her jacket unbuttoned, showcasing a stylish sheer brown top with ribbed details. She decided to go without a bra, allowing her prominent cleavage to be elegantly accentuated by the plunging V-shaped neckline of her shirt. This casual ensemble stood in stark contrast to the glamorous attire worn by Nicky Hilton, reminiscent of one of Audrey Hepburn’s famous ensembles in the classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Elegant: She had on a shiny sleeveless black lace dress that reached down to the ground, which she wore with black heels. The sister of Paris Hilton matched it with black leather gloves that reached to her upper arms, and she styled her blond hair up into a bun

Elegant and stylish, the woman wore a floor-length black lace dress, paired with black heels and long black leather gloves that reached her upper arms. Her blond hair was neatly styled in a bun, and she added a silver chain necklace to complete her look. As she arrived, she draped herself in a furry leopard-print coat with a pink satin lining.

In contrast, Ashley Graham opted for a pop of color. She looked effortlessly comfortable in a thick baby blue sweater dress with vertical ribbing. The dress had puffy sleeves rolled out at the cuffs, drawing attention to her legs. To elevate her height, she wore white platform heels and tied her brunette hair back in a bun, with a few wavy strands cascading over one eye. Her cat-eye makeup added a touch of glam. Ashley joined Emily and Nicky in the front row, carrying a silver sequin-covered handbag.

Taking everyone by surprise was Debbie Harry, the youthful-looking icon from the proto-punk band Blondie. She traded her recognizable blond hair for silver locks that perfectly matched her shiny silver double-breasted coat, adorned with thick buttons and a belt. Debbie appeared to be wearing a black dress, complemented by black gloves and boots. She completed her ensemble with a small black handbag.

Blue mood: Ashley Graham contrasted Nicky with a splash of color. She looked completely comfortable in a thick baby blue sweater dress with deep ribs running vertically

Feeling a bit down? Ashley Graham added a pop of vibrant color to brighten things up. Rocking a cozy baby blue sweater dress with prominent vertical ribbing, she exuded complete ease and confidence.

Legs for days: The item had puffy sleeves rolled out at the cuffs, and the look put the spotlight on her legs

Long-Limbed: This garment featured billowy sleeves that were elegantly folded at the edges, drawing attention to her beautifully long legs.

Looking good: The 5ft10in catwalk star elevated her stature in a set of white platform heels, and she wore her brunette tresses tied back in a bun, aside from a set of wavy, lustrous strands that fell down across one of her eyes, which stood out thanks to her cat-eye makeup

Stunning Appearance: The tall and elegant supermodel enhanced her height with a pair of stylish white platform heels. She styled her brunette hair in a chic bun, except for a few gorgeous wavy strands that gracefully framed one of her mesmerizing eyes. Her captivating cat-eye makeup perfectly highlighted her unique beauty.

Accessorized: She joined Emily and Nicky in the front row to catch the show while carrying a silver sequin–covered handbag

Dressed up with accessories, she accompanied Emily and Nicky in the prime seating area to watch the performance, gracefully holding a gleaming handbag adorned with shimmering silver sequins.

Stars: Also making a splash was a youthful looking Debbie Harry of Blondie, who was joined by Debi Mazar (R). She swapped out her recognizable blond hair for silver locks that complemented her shining silver double-breasted coat, which featured thick buttons and a belt

Celebrities garnered attention at the event, and one notable mention was the effortlessly young Debbie Harry from Blondie. Accompanied by the lovely Debi Mazar, Debbie sported a fresh look, opting for a stylish silver hairstyle to match her stunning silver double-breasted coat. This eye-catching ensemble was complete with chunky buttons and a belt, adding an extra touch of glamour.

Layered up: Debi wore a classy black dress with a thick orange belt buckle and shiny black boots. The Casino actress stayed warm in what looked like a gray plaid coat with fur lining, and she styled her raven locks up in curls piled on her head

Layered up: Debi opted for an elegant black dress complemented by a bold orange belt buckle and sleek black boots. To combat the chilly weather, the Casino actress donned what appeared to be a gray plaid coat with cozy fur lining. She stylishly arranged her raven locks into a stunning updo of curls on top of her head.

Keeping her company was Debi Mazar, a close friend of Madonna and fellow actress. Debi also sported a sophisticated black dress adorned with a thick orange belt buckle and shiny black boots. Her outfit was complete with the same gray plaid coat and stunning curled hairstyle as her companion.

Posing alongside these iconic New York City figures was CT Hedden, who made a bold statement with their attire. CT sported a striking black top and a matching balaclava featuring Marc Jacobs’ name boldly emblazoned in green block letters. They paired this with a coordinated skirt, frayed fishnet stockings, and black platform shoes.

Joining the group was renowned designer Anne Sui, who chose a more reserved ensemble. She opted for a sleek black double-breasted coat, paired with a white shirt, loose black pants, and chunky black sneakers. Standing beside her was Sofia Coppola, a filmmaker and fashion icon, donning a midnight blue double-breasted coat, a black sweater, and jeans.

Amy Astley, the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest, showcased her unique style with baggy black leather pants, a beige top, and a long black overcoat with fleece lapels. Elle Fashion Creative Director Alex White exuded a chic vibe in a fashionable blue patterned track suit, while Editor-in-Chief Nina Garcia exuded sophistication with a black sweater and shiny black pants.

In the front row, fashion enthusiasts were treated to the presence of Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Vogue’s Creative Editorial Director Mark Guiducci. Anna Wintour turned heads with her long black coat layered over a vibrant green-and-white patterned dress. She accessorized with white sequined boots and a knee-reaching black scarf. Opposite her, Mark Guiducci exuded a relaxed aura with a cream-colored turtleneck, white jeans, black boots, and a black overcoat.

The two New York City icons posed with CT Hedden, who wore a striking black top and matching balaclava with Marc Jacobs' name written across it in thick green block letters, and the designer Anne Sui in black

CT Hedden and Anne Sui, wearing a stylish black top and a matching balaclava with the prominent branding of Marc Jacobs in vibrant green block letters, were photographed alongside the two legendary symbols of New York City.

Fashionable ladies: Posing with Sui was the filmmaker and fashion icon Sofia Coppola, who wore a midnight blue double-breasted coat with a black sweater and jeans. Architectural Digest Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley wore baggy black leather pants with a beige top and a long black overcoat with fleece lapels

Fashion-forward women: Posing alongside Sui at the event was the renowned filmmaker and fashion influencer, Sofia Coppola. Sofia sported an elegant midnight blue coat with a double-breasted design, which she paired effortlessly with a black sweater and jeans. Amy Astley, the Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest, embraced a chic and relaxed style, donning loose black leather pants along with a beige top. Completing her ensemble, Amy chose a long black overcoat with cozy fleece lapels.

Fashion experts: Seated in the front row were Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Vogue's Creative Editorial Director Mark Guiducci

Fashion aficionados: Taking their positions in the coveted front row were the eminent Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, and the ingenious Creative Editorial Director at Vogue, Mark Guiducci.

Colleagues: Elle Fashion Creative Director Alex White wore a chic blue patterned track suit, while Editor-in-Chief Nina Garcia wore a black sweater with shiny black pants

Workmates: Alex White, the Creative Director of Elle Fashion, sported a stylish track suit adorned with a charming blue pattern, while Nina Garcia, the Editor-in-Chief, opted for an elegant ensemble consisting of a glossy black sweater paired with sleek black trousers.

Fit figure: The model Ubah Hassan highlighted her bust and her taut midriff in a bustier-style white crop top, along with silver pants and pointy tan heels

Woman in white: The fashion blogger Jessica Wang wore sleeveless white vinyl button-up top that left her flat tummy partially exposed

Stylish physique: Ubah Hassan, the renowned model, elegantly showcased her well-proportioned bosom and firm abdominal muscles in an alluring white crop top, shaped like a bustier. Pairing it with sleek silver pants and classy pointed tan heels, she exuded confidence and sophistication. On the other hand, the fashion blogger extraordinaire, Jessica Wang, opted for a sleeveless white vinyl button-up top, which tastefully revealed glimpses of her toned midsection, boasting a hint of stylish sensuality.

On point: Jessica also had a matching white skirt with a high slit and white open-toe platform heels

In terms of style, Jessica had an outfit that perfectly matched with a white skirt featuring a daring high slit and white open-toe platform heels. Ubah Hassan, the Somali-Canadian model, chose to highlight her bust and sculpted midriff by opting for a bustier-style white crop top. She paired it with silver pants and pointed tan heels. Additionally, she added a trendy touch to her look with a gray-blue jacket from Marc Jacobs, which was slightly scrunched up around her elbows. Jessica Wang, a well-known fashion blogger, confidently displayed her fashion-forward sense with a sleeveless white vinyl button-up top that partially revealed her flat tummy. She paired it with a matching white skirt that had a high slit and white open-toe platform heels. To complement the look, she accessorized with blue leather gloves reaching up to her elbows, just like other women at the show. On the other hand, social media influencer Meredith Duxbury chose a more modest ensemble, layering a sheer long-sleeve gray-blue top with a white sequined bra on top. She completed her look with a pink denim skirt and matching jacket, casually draped around her arms. Lastly, fashion influencer Charlotte Groeneveld created a contrasting look with her black polka dot dress and coordinating handbag. She also sported the same white platform heels as Ashley Graham.

Eye catching: The influencer Meredith Duxbury was covered up in a sheer long-sleeve gray–blue top with a white sequined bra atop it. She wore a hastily dyed pink denim skirt and a matching jacket down around her arms

Attention-grabbing: Meredith Duxbury, the popular influencer, sported a chic ensemble that surely turned heads. She donned a semi-transparent, long-sleeved top in a unique shade of gray-blue, with an eye-catching white sequined bra layered on top. To complete her fashion-forward look, she effortlessly paired it with a trendy pink denim skirt and a matching jacket, casually draped over her arms.

Dotty: The fashion influencer Charlotte Groeneveld contrasted her with a black polka dot dress and matching handbag, along with the same white platforms that Ashley Graham wore

Dotty: Charlotte Groeneveld, a renowned fashion influencer, stood out with her stylish black polka dot dress and matching handbag. To complete her look, she wore the same white platforms that Ashley Graham had previously donned.

The Marc Jacobs show had a distinct focus on laid-back streetwear designed for cold winter climates. Models gracefully walked the runway draped in coat and dress ensembles that resembled cozy blankets.

The color palette for the outfits predominantly consisted of earth tones, with even the more vibrant looks toned down to create a subdued effect. Jacobs effortlessly incorporated a punk-inspired edge into his designs, a fitting choice considering the presence of Debbie Harry, an iconic figure from the proto-punk era, among the audience.

Making a statement of his own, Jacobs appeared in a matching ensemble consisting of a black sweater, a black skirt, and chunky black boots.

Covered up: The Marc Jacobs show appeared to focus on casual streetwear intended for wintry climates

Hidden: The spotlight seemingly centered on laid-back urban fashion designed for chilly winters at the Marc Jacobs show.

Staying warm: Several models were wrapped up in blanket-like coats and dresses

Low key: The more colorful looks tended to be muted with a dearth of vibrant colors

Keeping cozy: Many models were gracefully cocooned in coats and dresses resembling snug blankets. The livelier ensembles leaned towards subtler hues rather than vibrant pops of color.

Blending in: Many of the outfits featured relaxing earth tones

Assimilating: Numerous ensembles showcased soothing natural hues.

Edgy: Jacobs showed off a punk-like edginess to the designs, which seemed appropriate considering that Debbie Harry — a proto-punk icon — was in the audience

Chic with Attitude: Jacobs flaunted a rebellious and avant-garde vibe in his designs, perfectly fitting for the presence of the legendary Debbie Harry – an influential figure of the punk movement – among the spectators.

Man of the hour: Jacobs also made an appearance in a black sweater, a matching black skirt and chunky black boots

Center of attention: Jacobs was also spotted wearing a fashionable black sweater paired with a coordinating black skirt and trendy chunky black boots.

Almost warm: Emily was pictured outside the venue, where her thick clothing was appropriate for the weather, minus her sheer shirt

Slightly balmy: Emily was captured on camera outside the establishment, appropriately dressed in her cozy attire, except for her translucent blouse.

Utilitarian: Her coat featured thick, stretchy material at the hem and sleeve cuffs for comfort

Gracious: She waved to fans as she entered the venue

Practical: The practicality of her outfit was evident with the addition of cozy, elastic fabric at the bottom of her coat and on the sleeves, ensuring maximum comfort. With a friendly wave to her fans, she gracefully made her way into the venue.

Fierce: Nicky stood out in her leopard-print coat outside the venue

Nicky’s leopard-print coat made her a stunning sight outside the establishment.

Looking good! Ashley also gave her fans a look at her blue ensemble as she arrived

Climbing up: She towered in her white platform heels as she ascended the tricky stairs

Isn’t she looking fabulous? Ashley delighted her fans by showcasing her stylish blue outfit upon her arrival. With utmost confidence, she gracefully strutted up the challenging stairs, commanding attention with her elegant white platform heels.

Beaming: Debbie Harry was all smiles as she walked up to the fashion show

Radiant: Debbie Harry exuded an infectious joy as she gracefully made her way towards the vibrant fashion showcase.

Family: Debi Mazar wasn't the only person with a Madonna connection at the show, as the Material Girl's daughter Lourdes Leon made her way but was ultimately denied entry by security.

Mix and match: She walked up in a distressed denim dress with a matching bustier, along with textured white knee-high boots

Relatives: Debi Mazar wasn’t the sole individual linked to Madonna present at the event; the famous singer’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, attempted to enter but was eventually prohibited by security personnel. Lourdes flaunted a distressed denim outfit consisting of a coordinating bustier and a striking knee-high boots in textured white.

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