A Stylish Stroll: Emily Ratajkowski Visits Cannabis Store with Friend, Flaunting Daring Black Dress and Alluring Thigh-High Slit

Emily Ratajkowski seemed quite thrilled as she decided to visit a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles on Monday, where she indulged in her experimentation with the substance that began more than ten years ago. Accompanied by her female friend, the recently married 26-year-old left the shop with a small orange package, evidently satisfied with her visit.

Smoking hot! Emily Ratajkowski sure looked pleased as she made a pit stop at a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles on Monday

Looking absolutely stunning, Emily Ratajkowski appeared all smiles while she took a break to visit a cannabis dispensary located in Los Angeles on Monday.

With a joyful expression, Emily emerged from the dispensary, captivating the attention of onlookers with her striking black dress that embraced her figure and teased with its daring neckline and slit, revealing a tasteful amount of skin. The accomplished actress, known for her role in Gone Girl, gracefully let her silky brunette hair fall freely around her shoulders. To complete her effortlessly chic ensemble, she added dangling gold earrings and donned a pair of knee-high leather boots. In her hand, she held a delicate beige clutch, along with a substantial amount of cash. It is no secret that Emily has openly embraced the use of marijuana, especially since its recent legalization for recreational purposes in California.

Girl time! Ratajkowski left the shop with an orange shopping bag and a wad of cash alongside her smiling gal pal

Girls’ day out! Ratajkowski exited the store accompanied by her cheerful girlfriend, carrying a vibrant orange shopping bag and a stack of money.

Smoking hot! The actress has been open about her use of marijuana, which became legalized for recreational use in California this year

On fire! The actress has been very open about her love for marijuana, which recently became legal for recreational purposes in California. During an interview with GQ, the actress shared a funny memory from when she was 15 years old. She attended a play with her parents, and they quickly realized that she was under the influence of marijuana. She jokingly recalled their shocked expressions, as if they were thinking, “Are you serious?” It was one of her first experiences with weed, and she admitted that her eyes looked small, which her mom playfully pointed out. As a result, she ended up passing out during the play. Nowadays, Emily’s parents have become more accepting of her marijuana use. She mentioned that some of her friends had parents who would smoke weed with them, but that wasn’t the case for her. However, she added that her parents are now okay with it, and there are no issues anymore.

Going green: Emily had her arms crossed as she approached the marijuana dispensary

Embracing sustainability: With her arms crossed, Emily made her way towards the cannabis dispensary.

Emily Ratajkowski in Black Dress out in Los Angeles

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