A Visual Delight! Emily Ratajkowski stuns in a blossoming halter dress and daring thigh-high split while enjoying a food adventure with her partner in Los Angeles

Emily Ratajkowski appeared effortlessly chic as she stepped out in Los Angeles on Friday, accompanied by her boyfriend Jeff Magid. The stunning 24-year-old model sported a head-turning floral print halter top dress that accentuated her impeccably toned figure. The long, sleeveless blue dress featured a vibrant red floral pattern and a daring thigh-high slit, showcasing Emily’s enviable legs. To complete her ensemble, which perfectly captured her signature style, Emily opted for a pair of glossy golden flats.

Golden feet: Emily Ratajkowski wore a floral print halter dress and golden flats on Friday while out and about with boyfriend Jeff Hagid in Los Angeles

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted in Los Angeles on Friday, accompanying her boyfriend Jeff Magid on a casual outing. The stunning model showcased her fashion sense by donning a stylish floral print halter dress, paired with trendy golden flats. Her signature dark hair was neatly styled with a center part and pulled back for a effortlessly chic look. Emily added a touch of glamour to her ensemble with mirrored sunglasses and hoop earrings, adding to her cool and relaxed vibe.

Meanwhile, Jeff Magid opted for a more laid-back and comfortable outfit. He sported a simple grey T-shirt, complemented by rust-colored jeans, white sneakers, and a plain brown cap. While the couple enjoyed their time together, Jeff took on the responsibility of carrying to-go boxes of food for both of them. It is apparent that Emily and Jeff share a strong bond and enjoy each other’s company in these low-key moments.

Model looks: The brunette beauty showed her lean legs thanks to a thigh high slit

Model looks: The brunette beauty showed her lean legs thanks to a thigh high slit

Stunningly attractive in appearance: The gorgeous brunette flaunted her slender legs with the help of a daringly high slit in her skirt.

Going strong: Emily and Jeff - who have been dating for more than a year - picked up something tasty during their outing

Still going strong: Emily and Jeff, a couple who have been together for over a year, enjoyed a delightful treat on their recent outing.
Emily’s rise to fame came in 2013 when she became the star of the music video for the popular song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams.
Her appearance on the cover of Treats! magazine without clothes caught Thicke’s attention, leading him to cast her in the video.
Since then, Emily has successfully transitioned into acting, making a notable appearance in the 2014 drama film “Gone Girl,” which is based on the critically acclaimed novel.

Popular song: Emily is shown with Robin Thicke in a still from the 2013 music video for Blurred Lines

Well-liked tune: Emily can be spotted alongside Robin Thicke in a snapshot from the music video of Blurred Lines released in 2013.

Food to go: Jeff was casually dressed while carrying to-go boxes with Emily

Jeff, looking relaxed in his casual attire, strolled along with Emily, each of them carrying enticing to-go boxes filled with delectable food.

Safety first: The couple crossed the street together as Jeff looked out for traffic

Putting safety as a priority: Hand in hand, the couple cautiously made their way across the road while Jeff attentively kept an eye out for any oncoming vehicles.

Look of love: Jeff and Emily smiled at each other while crossing the street

Gazing affectionately at each other, Jeff and Emily exchanged joyful expressions as they strolled across the busy street. Emily’s talent graced the silver screen with a brief appearance in the delightful 2015 comedy Entourage, alongside taking on a prominent role in the heartfelt 2015 drama We Are Your Friends, starring alongside the charming Zac Efron. Stay tuned to catch Emily’s upcoming performance in the compelling drama Cruise, directed by Robert D. Siegel. Moreover, she has been chosen to act alongside the talented Natalie Dormer and Ed Skrein in the gripping thriller In Darkness. Emily’s versatility and talent continue to shine as she embarks on these remarkable film projects.

Model to actress: The We Are Your Friends star recently has been working on Robert D. Siegel's upcoming drama Cruise - also starring Spencer Boldman - which is due out later this year

Actress turned model: Lately, the popular star, known for her role in We Are Your Friends, has been busy filming Cruise, an upcoming drama directed by Robert D. Siegel. The movie also stars Spencer Boldman and is set to be released later this year.

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