An Enchanting Sight: Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in a Floral Halter Dress, Enjoying a Food Adventure with Her Partner in Los Angeles

Emily Ratajkowski sported a chic outfit as she picked up some takeout in Los Angeles on Friday with her boyfriend, Jeff Magid. The stunning 24-year-old model rocked a beautiful halter top dress adorned with a vibrant floral print. The dress featured a thigh-high slit that showcased her well-toned legs, and the sleeveless design added a touch of elegance. To complement her outfit, Emily opted for a pair of stylish golden flats, adding a bit of glamour to her ensemble. With her birthday approaching on Tuesday, Emily looked effortlessly stylish and runway-ready.

Golden feet: Emily Ratajkowski wore a floral print halter dress and golden flats on Friday while out and about with boyfriend Jeff Hagid in Los Angeles

Emily Ratajkowski stepped out in Los Angeles on Friday, rocking a chic floral print halter dress paired with stunning golden flats. The famous star of the Blurred Lines video effortlessly pulled back her dark hair, with a clean middle part adding an extra touch of elegance to her look. Emily completed her ensemble with trendy mirrored sunglasses and stylish hoop earrings. Her boyfriend, musician Jeff Magid, opted for a casual outfit, sporting a comfy grey T-shirt, rust-colored jeans, white sneakers, and a plain brown cap. As they strolled together, Jeff took charge of a couple of to-go boxes filled with delicious food for the couple’s outing.

Model looks: The brunette beauty showed her lean legs thanks to a thigh high slit

Model looks: The brunette beauty showed her lean legs thanks to a thigh high slit

Gorgeous brunette model flaunts her slender legs with a daring and trendy thigh high slit, leaving everyone in awe.

Going strong: Emily and Jeff - who have been dating for more than a year - picked up something tasty during their outing

Still together and going steady: Emily and Jeff, a couple of over a year, found something delicious to indulge in during their recent time out.
Emily gained widespread recognition back in 2013 when she showcased her talent in the music video for the popular hit song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams.
Thicke was drawn to featuring her in the video after she graced the cover of Treats! magazine in a bold and uninhibited manner.
Since then, this stunning brunette has successfully transitioned into acting and took on a supporting role in the well-known 2014 drama Gone Girl, adapted from the best-selling novel.

Popular song: Emily is shown with Robin Thicke in a still from the 2013 music video for Blurred Lines

Famous tune: Emily and Robin Thicke team up in a captivating snapshot from the music video of Blurred Lines, released back in 2013.

Food to go: Jeff was casually dressed while carrying to-go boxes with Emily

Casually attired, Jeff strolled along with Emily, a couple of to-go boxes in hand, ready to satisfy their hunger.

Safety first: The couple crossed the street together as Jeff looked out for traffic

Prioritizing safety: The couple joined forces and crossed the road, with Jeff keeping a watchful eye on passing vehicles.

Look of love: Jeff and Emily smiled at each other while crossing the street

Glimpse of affection: Jeff and Emily exchanged warm smiles as they strolled across the bustling street.
Adding to her repertoire, she made a notable appearance in the comedic film Entourage in 2015 and took on a prominent role in the dramatic movie We Are Your Friends alongside Zac Efron.
Later in the year, Emily will grace the screen in the captivating drama Cruise, directed by Robert D. Siegel.
To further captivate audiences, she has also been enlisted in the intense thriller In Darkness, sharing the screen with talented actors Natalie Dormer and Ed Skrein.

Model to actress: The We Are Your Friends star recently has been working on Robert D. Siegel's upcoming drama Cruise - also starring Spencer Boldman - which is due out later this year

Actress turned model: Having successfully ventured into the world of modeling, the talented star of We Are Your Friends has now been dedicatedly working on the highly anticipated drama Cruise, directed by Robert D. Siegel. The film, set to release later this year, also features the promising actor Spencer Boldman in a significant role.

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