Cozy up with Selena Gomez! The actress leaves her Disney days behind as she cuddles up with Shiloh Fernandez in a steamy short film.

Racy: Former Disney star Selena Gomez frolics in bed with Shiloh Fernandez in new short film Searching

In an edgy and daring move, Selena Gomez, known for her clean-cut Disney image, stars in a new short film called Searching. The film features a scene where she is seen playfully lounging in bed with co-star Shiloh Fernandez. This departure from her usual roles showcases a bolder side of the actress and has fans buzzing about her future projects.

Moving on: Selena looks a world away from her Disney days in just a black lace bra and pencil skirt

Selena’s transformation: Selena Gomez has come a long way from her Disney days as she was spotted wearing just a black lace bra and pencil skirt.

All grown up: The 21-year-old actress is determined to show a more mature side to herself and this racy video is just one step

As she enters adulthood, the 21-year-old performer is eager to reveal a more sophisticated aspect of her persona, and this daring video marks her progress in that direction.

Playful: Selena and hunky Shiloh frolic in bed in the short film directed by Victoria Mahoney and executive produced by Amanda De Cadenet

Fun: Selena and attractive Shiloh play around on the bed in a short film directed by Victoria Mahoney and produced by Amanda De Cadenet.

Angst: Although it is a silent movie, the emotions between the two stars is powerful as they move from happiness to angst

Emotional Turmoil: Despite the absence of dialogue, the connection between the lead actors is palpable as they transition from joy to intense emotional turmoil.

All grown up: Selena's short black wig makes her appear older than her 21 years

As Selena Gomez stepped out wearing a short black wig, her appearance seemed to defy her young age of 21. The wig gave her a more mature look, making her appear older and wiser than her actual age.

Flirtatious: The duo giggle and cosy up to each other in the evocative short

Seductive: In the provocative short, the pair share giggles and snuggle up intimately.

Mission: While Selena's mission is unclear she is taking it seriously as she wanders the streets of LA

Objective: Selena is roaming the streets of LA with a serious attitude, although her exact purpose remains unknown.

Lost: Selena looks lost in one scene from the short film which sees her wandering the streets of Downtown LA

Confused: In a particular scene from the brief movie, Selena appears to be clueless as she roams around the busy Downtown LA streets.

Soulful: In one of the final scenes in the short film, Selena turns her soulful gaze on the camera

With a soulful expression on her face, Selena looks directly into the camera in the concluding scene of the short film.

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