Demi Rose flaunts her voluptuous figure in a trendy ‘Tomboy’ crop top and leggings during her casual food run in Thailand

Demi Rose effortlessly commanded attention as she grabbed breakfast during her vacation on the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. The 23-year-old model confidently showcased her enviable physique, donning a white crop top adorned with the word ‘tomboy’ in bold letters. Flaunting her well-defined abs, she completed her look with cropped leggings and comfortable flip-flops as she made her way to her table, balancing a scrumptious banana leaf parcel on her plate and sipping on a refreshing juice.

Enjoying the sunshine: Demi Rose displayed her curves in a tiny 'Tomboy' crop top and leggings as she picked up some food from a Thai restaurant

Wow: She showed off her ample curves in her ensemble

Basking in the warmth of the sun, Demi Rose showed off her stunning figure in a cute crop top and leggings, giving us a glimpse of her casual side while she indulged in delicious Thai cuisine from a local restaurant.

Work it out: Showing off her toned abs, she also wore a pair of cropped leggings and flip-flops as walked to her table with a banana leaf parcel on her plate and a fresh juice in hand

Getting Fit: Flaunting her well-defined abs, she paired her look with some cropped leggings and comfortable flip-flops as she made her way to her table. On her plate, she had a delightful banana leaf parcel and she held a refreshing fresh juice in her hand. Demi enjoyed her meal with a male companion while soaking up the warm winter sunshine, showcasing her beautiful golden tan.

In recent days, Demi has been capturing attention with her various styles during her photo shoots. One notable look included her rocking a long pin wig that perfectly matched her stunning latex two-piece outfit.

During her girls’ trip in Phuket, Demi has been actively exploring the local attractions. Earlier in the week, she was spotted getting ready for a night out, making the most of her time on this exciting vacation.

Mix and match: The stunner has been shooting a variety of looks in recent days and was also seen sporting a long pin wig which matched her latex two-piece

Playing with Different Styles: Lately, the gorgeous model has been experimenting with an array of fashion choices. Alongside her latex ensemble, she was spotted donning a lengthy wig that perfectly complemented her stunning outfit.

Making the most of it: Demi has been busy exploring the sights of Phuket on her girls' trip

Telling all: The social media sensation has been keeping her 8.2million followers updated throughout her break and recently detailed how she maintains her fantastic figure

Enjoying every moment: Demi has been eagerly immersing herself in the captivating wonders of Phuket during her unforgettable getaway with her girlfriends.

Getting to it: Demi's gruelling workout routine includes the likes of hip thrusts, partial squats and jumping lunges, while her meals focus on eggs, fish, vegetables and nuts

Let’s talk about Demi’s intense exercise regimen, which features exercises like hip thrusts, partial squats, and jumping lunges. When it comes to her meals, she prioritizes foods such as eggs, fish, vegetables, and nuts.

She told MailOnline: 'I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, it's hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep my routine'

In an interview with MailOnline, she revealed her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite the challenges of frequent traveling. Demi, a popular figure on social media with 8.2 million followers, has been keeping her fans updated on her break and recently shared her secrets to achieving her amazing physique.

Demi’s intense workout routine consists of various exercises such as hip thrusts, partial squats, and jumping lunges. Additionally, she focuses on consuming nutritious meals that consist of eggs, fish, vegetables, and nuts.

Acknowledging the difficulties of staying fit while constantly on the move, she emphasized her commitment to sticking to her routine even when traveling across the world.

Oops! Demi looked up as a waiter nearly spilled a drink in a very awkward moment

Oops! Demi’s eyes widened as a waiter almost caused a beverage catastrophe in a truly cringe-inducing moment.

Time to chat: Demi dined with a male companion as she enjoyed some winter sunshine, with her golden tan on display

Let’s have a conversation: Demi had a meal with a male friend while savoring the pleasant winter weather, revealing her radiant sun-kissed complexion.

Just checking Instagram: Demi was glued to her phone as she waited for her food

Shady lady: Demi shielded her eyes behind a pair of sunglasses

While casually scrolling through Instagram, Demi found herself engrossed in her phone while eagerly awaiting her meal. Known for her uncanny resemblance to Kylie Jenner, Demi’s claim to fame began when she was linked to Tyga, the rapper and former partner of the reality star. Demi has openly confessed that her stunning physique is a result of her genetics, relentless efforts in the gym, and a diligently maintained nutritious diet consisting mainly of wholesome foods like nuts and peanut butter.

Former flame: Kylie Jenner lookalike Demi was first propelled into the spotlight when she was linked to the reality star's ex, rapper Tyga, after they split

Demi, who bears a striking resemblance to Kylie Jenner, came into the limelight by her association with rapper Tyga, the former flame of the reality star, once their relationship came to an end.

Doing her thing: She previously admitted that 'genes, a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym and a good well balanced nutritious diet' is the key to her head-turning physique

Pursuing her passion: She openly acknowledged that a combination of genetics, extensive effort put into exercising, and a well-rounded, wholesome diet is what has helped her attain an eye-catching physique.

Giggles: Demi appeared to be making her male companion laugh as they dined in the sunshine together

Enjoying the sunlight: Demi Rose showcased her curves in a tiny crop top and Tomboy leggings as she picked her meal from a Thai restaurant.

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