Demi Rose Uniquely Enjoys an Ice Lolly while Flaunting her Stunning Curves at London Zoo

Known for her iconic hourglass shape and classic pin-up appearance, Demi Rose surprised onlookers with a more modest ensemble during her recent visit to London Zoo. Opting for a form-fitting white T-shirt and high-waisted trousers, the 23-year-old beauty from Birmingham wanted to make a statement. Catching everyone’s attention, she boldly went braless in her eye-catching slogan tee.

Stepping out in style: Demi Rose was uncharacteristically covered up for an outing at London Zoo on Tuesday

Making a fashionable entrance: Demi Rose opted for a rare change of pace as she visited London Zoo on Tuesday, choosing to cover up rather than flaunt her usual signature style.

Making a statement: The Birmingham born beauty, 23, donned a skin-tight white T-shirt and high-waisted trousers to visit the animals

Statement: Emphasizing her hometown roots, Demi, a stunning 23-year-old from Birmingham, opted for a sleek and stylish outfit as she paid a visit to the animals. Sporting a form-fitting white T-shirt and high-waisted trousers, she effortlessly pulled off the trendy look. Adding a touch of individuality, her tiny top featured the playful words ‘Cry Baby’ printed across the front and was neatly tucked into her eye-catching silver ring-embellished flares. To achieve a more casual vibe, the brunette beauty accessorized with a pair of black braces that perfectly matched her trousers. Completing her ensemble with confidence, she chose classic black heels and a gold buckled handbag as the perfect finishing touches.

Gal pal: Demi was joined by a female friend for her low-key zoo outing

Female buddy: Demi had the company of a close female friend during her casual trip to the zoo.

Turning heads: The social media sensation ensured she stood out from the crowd by going braless in her slogan T-shirt

Causing heads to turn: The social media star made sure to catch everyone’s attention by ditching her bra and rocking a trendy slogan T-shirt.

Cry Baby: Demi's tiny top was worn tucked into her silver ring-embellished flares

Cry Baby: Demi's tiny top was worn tucked into her silver ring-embellished flares

Cry Baby: Demi looked effortlessly cool in her ensemble as she rocked a fitted top that was neatly tucked into her stylish silver ring-adorned flared pants.

Having a giraffe! The brunette and her friend spent some time at the giraffe enclosure

Experiencing the Joys of a Giraffe Encounter! The dark-haired woman and her companion enjoyed a delightful escapade at the enclosure of magnificent giraffes.

Suspender chic: The brunette beauty dressed her look down by donning a pair of black braces to match her trousers

Casual suspender style: The gorgeous brunette effortlessly toned down her outfit by adorning black suspenders that perfectly matched her trousers.

Striking: Demi styled her long, dark hair in tumbling curls and kept her make-up minimal

Demi opted for a stunning look as she headed to the zoo with a close friend. With her long, dark hair styled in beautiful tumbling curls, she embraced a minimalistic approach to her make-up. During their leisurely stroll, Demi indulged in a delicious ice lolly, relishing the sweet treat. Eager to capture every moment, she diligently documented her zoo visit on her social media platform, enthusiastically snapping numerous pictures of the captivating animals with her phone.

Getting snap happy: She captured her zoo visit on her social media account

Having a blast with her camera: she immortalized her day at the zoo through her social media feed.

Affectionate: The star appeared particularly enamoured with a very friendly goat

Fondness: The celebrity seemed especially charmed by a remarkably amicable goat.

You have goat to be kidding! The creature also looked pretty pleased to meet Demi

You have goat to be kidding! The creature also looked pretty pleased to meet Demi

No way! The goat seemed quite delighted to encounter Demi as well.

Furry friend: Demi appeared to be getting along famously with the animals

Playful companion: Demi seemed to be forming a strong bond with the adorable creatures.

Having the hump: The Instagram favourite stopped off to take pictures of some camels

Feeling a bit down: The trendy Instagrammer made a quick detour to capture some snapshots with a group of camels.

Strike a pose: Demi couldn't resist having her picture taken by her friend

Proudly displaying her confidence, Demi playfully succumbed to the irresistible temptation of capturing the perfect shot when her trusty companion offered to snap a photograph of her.

Doing it for the 'gram: The curvy model took endless pictures on her phone

Capturing the moment for social media: The voluptuous model snapped countless photos using her smartphone.

Take one of me now! Demi was happy to oblige her friend by taking her turn behind the camera

Sure, snap a photo of me! Demi gladly took her friend’s place as the photographer. She couldn’t help but be captivated by a playful goat, bending down to give the animal gentle pats. In a recent interview with MailOnline, Demi opened up about her approach to staying fit. She shared, “I make an effort to prioritize my health. It can be challenging to exercise while constantly on the go, as I travel all around the globe, but I do my best to maintain a routine.”

Keeping things coordinated: The stunner completed her ensemble with simple black heels and a gold buckled handbag

Ensuring a seamless match: The fashionista finalized her outfit by pairing understated black heels with a sophisticated gold-clasped purse.

Sunny disposition: The star posed for a fun photo opportunity, donning a pair of pink shades

Cheerful demeanor: The celebrity happily participated in a lighthearted photo session, sporting a stylish pair of pink sunglasses.

Toned: Demi recently spoke to MailOnline about how she keeps herself in shape

Toned: Demi recently spoke to MailOnline about how she keeps herself in shape

Style: Relaxed
Paraphrased: Demi recently chatted with MailOnline, sharing her secrets for maintaining a fit physique.

She said of her fitness regime: 'I try to keep as healthy as I can. With travelling, it's hard to work out, I travel across the world but try to keep my routine'

In regards to her fitness routine, she shared, “Maintaining my health is a top priority for me. Managing my workouts can be a challenge due to my frequent travels, as I journey to various corners of the world. However, I make it a point to stick to my routine as much as possible.”

New plaything: Demi snapped up some souvenirs in the gift shop

Demi enthusiastically purchased a few mementos from the delightful gift shop.

Monkeying around: She couldn't resist bringing a cuddly toy monkey home

Playing around: she couldn’t resist taking home a plush toy monkey. Despite confessing to following a strictly regulated diet, she humorously remarks, “People always say I’m the epitome of good health. The only indulgence I allow myself is the occasional treat of nuts and peanut butter.” She explains that her body has a unique tendency to quickly gain weight, even from the slightest indulgence, leaving her with no room for birthday cake celebrations. Demi’s claim to fame came after a brief romance with Tyga in May 2016, during a break from his on-again, off-again relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Indulging: Demi broke with her strict diet to enjoy an ice lolly during her outing

Treating herself: Demi decided to temporarily abandon her strict dietary regimen in order to savor the delightful pleasure of an ice lolly during her leisurely excursion.

She previously said: 'Everyone says I'm the healthiest person they know'

She previously said: 'Everyone says I'm the healthiest person they know'

In the past, she expressed, “People constantly comment that I am the epitome of good health.”

She declared: 'The fattiest thing I will ever eat is nuts and peanut butter'

She confidently stated, “I swear, the most indulgent treat I’ll ever indulge in is a delectable combination of nuts and creamy peanut butter.”

Sweet treat: The curvy Instagram star was making the most of a rare cheat day

Sweet treat: The curvy Instagram star was making the most of a rare cheat day

Indulgent delight: The voluptuous Instagram sensation was truly savoring a special occasion to give in to some guilty pleasures.

Under the sea: Tyga's ex appeared fascinated by all the fish and aquatic creatures

Beneath the ocean: Tyga’s former partner seemed captivated by the various fish and creatures that inhabit the sea. As a result of her breathtaking physique, she has built a thriving modeling career, regularly showcasing her beauty to her 6.9 million followers. However, despite her accomplishments in the fashion world, Demi recently disclosed her aspirations of pursuing acting in Los Angeles. In an interview with The Sun, she expressed her long-standing passion for movies, which originated during her time in stage school. Additionally, she revealed her dream of becoming a Bond Girl, drawn to the elegance and allure showcased in those films.

Getting up close and personal: Demi was loving life at London's Zoo's Penguin Beach

Enjoying the moment: Demi had a blast exploring Penguin Beach at London’s Zoo.

Splashing around: Demi and her friend were enthralled by the cute penguins

Having a blast: Demi and her buddy were utterly captivated by the adorable penguins as they frolicked in the water.

Turning heads: Demi caught the attention of onlookers as she strolled around the zoo

Attracting attention: Demi caught the eye of spectators as she leisurely wandered through the zoo.

Fun day out: The stunner took a break from her usual swimwear shoots

A delightful escape: Demi Rose decided to switch things up from her regular swimsuit photoshoots and had a fun day out at the London Zoo on Tuesday.

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