Selena Gomez Reemerges on Social Media to Collaborate on Cooking Video with Gordon Ramsay, Following Brief Hiatus

After declaring that she needed a break from social media, Selena Gomez surprised her fans by making a return to Instagram just a day later. Setting aside the Golden Globes drama, the 31-year-old actress shared on her Instagram Stories a cooking video featuring renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, 51. In the photo from the video, Selena expressed her excitement as she recounted how Gordon taught her to whip up a delicious Breakfast Burger in her own kitchen. The full clip, available on Ramsay’s YouTube channel, captured the duo creating the mouthwatering dish while enjoying a picturesque ocean view from Selena’s kitchen. The video began with Gordon inquiring about Selena’s breakfast preferences, to which she playfully responded with a choice between a breakfast sandwich, taco, or burrito.

Selena made her return to Instagram on Wednesday to promote a cooking video with chef Gordon Ramsay , 51, just one day after vowing to take a break

Selena Gomez returned to Instagram on Wednesday, just a day after announcing a break from social media. In a video, she shared her scrambled eggs recipe, mentioning she uses a little butter and sometimes adds milk, to which Gordon Ramsay jokingly replied, ‘not milk.’ Selena, set to play Linda Ronstadt in a biopic, revealed her favorite travel snack is chicken salad but confessed she struggles to eat greens. When asked about her go-to indulgence, she admitted to loving Jack-In-The-Box, sharing her usual order of two tacos, two egg rolls, curly fries, and a chicken sandwich. Gordon confessed his guilty pleasure was In-N-Out. As they finished making burgers together, Selena exclaimed, ‘Wow, this is delicious!’

The actress, 31, took to her Stories to promote a cooking video with chef Gordon Ramsay, 51

The 31-year-old actress shared on her social media Stories about an upcoming cooking collaboration with renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, who is 51 years old.

In the full clip, shared to Ramsay's YouTube, the duo were seen preparing a scrumptious breakfast burger together in Selena's kitchen, with a stunning view of the ocean behind them

The entire video, which was posted on Ramsay’s YouTube channel, showed the pair whipping up a delicious breakfast burger in Selena’s kitchen, set against a breathtaking backdrop of the ocean.

The clip started with Gordon asking Selena what her favorite breakfast food was, to which she replied: 'It depends. I like a nice breakfast sandwich, or a little taco, burrito'

The video began with Gordon inquiring about Selena’s go-to breakfast choice, to which she responded, “It really varies. Sometimes I crave a delicious breakfast sandwich, other times a little taco or burrito hits the spot.”

Gordon inquired about her 'go-to naughty snack' which Selena revealed was Jack-In-The-Box

Gordon asked Selena about her favorite guilty pleasure snack, and she confessed that it was Jack-In-The-Box.

Justin Bieber's ex proceeded to reveal her order at the fast food place, telling Gordon she gets 'two tacos, two egg rolls, curly fries and a chicken sandwich'

The former girlfriend of Justin Bieber then shared her usual menu selection at the fast food restaurant, mentioning that she typically orders ‘two tacos, two egg rolls, curly fries, and a chicken sandwich’ when she visits.

After the pair wrapped up making their burgers, Selena exclaimed, 'Holy s**t, this is so good'

After finishing up their homemade burgers, Selena enthusiastically exclaimed, ‘Wow, this is absolutely delicious!’ The night before, Selena took to Instagram Stories to announce her decision to take a break from social media amidst the drama brewing over an incident at the Golden Globes involving Timothée Chalamet, Kylie Jenner, and her close friend Taylor Swift. “I’m taking a break from social media,” said the Texas native. “I need to focus on what truly matters.” She shared a short video of her boyfriend Benny Blanco and a couple of kids along with the statement. The latest controversy surrounding the actress-singer occurred at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills, California. Cameras captured Gomez having a serious conversation with Swift and actress Keleigh Sperry. Speculation arose regarding Jenner’s reaction to Gomez posing for a photo with Chalamet, as Gomez nodded in agreement with Sperry’s mention of him. According to lip reader Jeremy Freeman, Gomez informed Swift and Sperry that Chalamet declined to take a photo with her. Swift whispered in Gomez’s ear, who responded, “I tried, but I couldn’t, it would upset them.” The following day, Gomez refuted claims that she was talking about Chalamet and Jenner in the incident as she commented on an E! News post about it.

The Only Murders in the Building star accompanied the statement by a brief clip she shot of her boyfriend Benny Blanco, 35, and a pair of young kids

Selena decided to take a break from social media, sharing her thoughts on Instagram Stories on Tuesday night. This came after some drama surrounding an incident at the Golden Globes. She shared a quick video of her boyfriend Benny Blanco, 35, along with two kids.

At one point in the ceremony, cameras focused on Gomez as she was somberly chatting with pal Taylor Swift. Some fans believed that Gomez told Swift that Timothée Chalamet didn't want to take a picture with her; Selena and Swift seen on Sunday

During the ceremony, cameras captured a moment where Gomez was seen having a serious conversation with her friend Taylor Swift. Some fans speculated that Gomez may have mentioned to Swift that Timothée Chalamet was not interested in taking a photo with her. The sighting of Selena and Swift occurred on Sunday.

Speculation ensued Timothée wouldn't pose with Gomez for a picture so as not to upset his rumored love interest Kylie Jenner; Pictured at the Golden Globes

Rumors circulated that Timothée chose not to take a picture with Gomez at the Golden Globes in order to avoid causing any issues with his rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

On Monday, Gomez denied she was speaking about Chalamet and Jenner as she posted in the comment section of an E! News post about the incident

On Monday, Gomez clarified that she was not talking about Chalamet and Jenner when she commented on an E! News post. The caption of the post had asked if she was gossiping about them at the Golden Globes. Gomez responded, saying she was actually talking to Taylor about two friends who had hooked up, and that it was nobody else’s business. Chalamet also confirmed on Monday that he and Gomez were on good terms and had no issues. The two had previously worked together on the movie A Rainy Day In New York, where they played love interests Chan and Gatsby. Gomez has previously emphasized the importance of taking breaks from social media, revealing that she had gone offline for over four years at one point and had her assistant manage her account. She has taken social media breaks on two occasions last year as well.

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