Embracing Femininity: Jennifer Lawrence Makes a Bold Fashion Statement at Dior’s 70th Anniversary Exhibition, Sporting Sheer Skirt and Tasselled Top

Jennifer Lawrence, a renowned Hollywood actress, continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with her numerous successful films. The 26-year-old star recently showcased her impeccable fashion sense at the exclusive Dior 70th anniversary exhibition party in Paris. Leaving onlookers mesmerized, Lawrence confidently flaunted an unconventional yet stylish outfit. The blonde beauty donned a unique ensemble, featuring a delicately embroidered sheer skirt, which revealed a glimpse of Dior ‘boxers’ underneath. Lawrence’s bold fashion choice demonstrated her fearless approach to style.

Man, I feel like a woman! Jennifer Lawrence, 26, proved she is just as comfortable in the fashion world as she rocked a seriously edgy ensemble at the Dior 70th anniversary exhibition launch in Paris on Monday 

Wow, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence is embracing her feminine side and making a statement in the fashion industry! The 26-year-old actress wowed everyone with her effortlessly cool outfit at the launch of the Dior 70th anniversary exhibition in Paris. Her ensemble, which consisted of a stylish tasselled top and a matching skirt, perfectly accentuated her toned back. Jennifer completed her look with a trendy black boots and a vibrant orange Dior purse. As she confidently walked into the event, she gave off an air of someone who is familiar with the Paris fashion scene, looking like a true fashionista. To add to her chic appearance, she tied her blonde locks up and sported a pair of oversized sunglasses. Jennifer Lawrence was definitely the center of attention at the star-studded celebration.

Sheer delight! The Hunger Games star's quirky ensemble saw the blonde beauty flash a pair of Dior 'boxers' underneath an embroidered sheer skirt 

What a joyful sight! The delightful attire of the Hunger Games actress showcased her unique style as she playfully revealed a glimpse of Dior ‘boxers’ beneath a beautifully embroidered transparent skirt

The trim of her skirt matched her tassled top - also made by the fashion house - and teased her toned back

The trim of her skirt matched her tassled top - also made by the fashion house - and teased her toned back

Reviving the allure! The cut of her skirt perfectly complemented her fringed top, both created by the renowned fashion house, and playfully revealed her fit back. She elegantly let her golden locks flow down to brush against her shoulders, effortlessly fashioning her short hair into tousled waves, while adorning her lips with a subtle nude lipstick to enhance her outfit. Opting to embrace the distinctive style of Dior – after collaborating closely with the fashion house on their latest Fall 2017 campaign – Jennifer carried her essentials in a trendy handbag crafted by the brand. The Academy Award-winning actress paused and gracefully posed for photographs at the exhibition event.

Elegant: The beauty kept her blonde tresses down to graze her shoulders, styling her short locks into tousled waves and sported a nude lipstick to offset her ensemble 

Sophisticated: The gorgeous lady let her golden locks gracefully flow over her shoulders, effortlessly creating waves in her stylishly short hair. To complement her outfit, she chose a natural nude shade of lipstick.

All in the bag: Choosing to represent Dior - after working closely with the fashion house in their latest Fall 2017 campaign - Jennifer toted her essentials for her style-led day in a funky handbag designed by the brand 

Everything packed: Jennifer opted to be the face of Dior, having collaborated closely with the esteemed fashion label in their latest advertising campaign for Fall 2017. As she embarked on a day devoted to showcasing her impeccable sense of style, she sported a quirky handbag custom-designed by the esteemed brand, containing all her essential items.

New love? Jennifer is in Paris alone despite dating director

A brand new romance for Jennifer? Even though she is currently dating a director, she was recently spotted alone in Paris. In the picture, she can be seen standing on the grass in front of a massive hedge with the word ‘DIOR’ elegantly written on it in white lettering. With her sunglasses off, her beautifully smoky eye makeup was proudly on display. This Parisian escapade comes just two weeks after Jennifer experienced a terrifying incident onboard a private plane. The aircraft suffered engine failure mid-air and even lost another engine during an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York. Thankfully, the talented actress emerged from the string of events unharmed.

Going green: Jen was seen standing on the grass in front of a giant hedge with the word 'DIOR' written across it in white lettering

Embracing sustainability: Jen was spotted enjoying the outdoors on a lush green lawn, right in front of a majestic hedge adorned with elegant white lettering spelling out ‘DIOR’.

Strike a pose... The Oscar-winning actress stopped and posed for photos at the exhibition party

Getting ready for her close-up… The stunning actress, who has won an Oscar, took a moment to strike a pose and have her picture taken at the exhibition party. Meanwhile, Jennifer has started dating 48-year-old director Darren Aronofsky. Their romantic connection began to develop last year while they were working together on the thrilling horror film Mother! It was during the filming, which began around two months prior to their public appearance together in October, that their relationship took off. Mother! also features acclaimed actors Javier Bardem, Ed Harris, and Michelle Pfeiffer, and it is set to hit theaters on October 13th.

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