“Embracing My Confidence: Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in Daring Lingerie for DKNY’s Sensational Campaign”

Emily Ratajkowski has always been confident in showcasing her stunning figure, which is why it’s not shocking to hear her say that she feels most at ease when she’s completely naked. In her latest gig as the face of DKNY’s Spring 2018 Intimates campaign, the 26-year-old model looks absolutely sizzling in a variety of revealing lingerie, all while candidly opening up about her personal experiences. Keep scrolling to watch the video.

Sizzling: Starring in DKNY's Spring 2018 Intimates campaign, Emily Ratajkowski sizzled in an array of scanty lingerie whilst making a series of candid confessions

Sensational: Emily Ratajkowski steals the spotlight in DKNY’s latest Spring 2018 Intimates campaign, where she confidently reveals her candid thoughts while showcasing an assortment of alluring lingerie. With her stunning physique taking center stage, the talented actress shines in a captivating dusty pink bra and briefs ensemble that perfectly complements her bronzed and toned physique. Emily also effortlessly commands attention as she confidently poses on a bed, captivating viewers with her abundant cleavage showcased in a sleek black bralet set. In a remarkable exhibition of her versatility, Emily proves that she can make heads turn even while wearing satin pajama sets, exuding a fierce presence throughout the entire video shoot.

Sultry: She's never been afraid to flaunt her sensational physique. So it came as no surprise to hear the 26-year-old model describe herself as being her 'most comfortable' whilst naked

Sensual: She has always been confident in showing off her incredible body. So it was no surprise when the 26-year-old model declared that she feels most at ease when she is completely naked. Despite having an enviable figure, Emily confessed that she doesn’t adhere to strict diets, as she was recently spotted enjoying a slice of pizza. As she wriggled on the bed, she elaborated: ‘Deep down, I prefer to live life on my own terms – I’ve even been known to indulge in the occasional french fry.’ Adding more details about herself, she went on: ‘I like to make my own decisions. I embrace my freedom… It shouldn’t come as a shock that I feel the most comfortable when I’m at home and completely naked – does that surprise you?

Chest a glimpse! Highlighting her incredible physique, the Gone Girl star dazzled in a dusty pink bra and briefs set that complemented her tanned and toned figure

Take a peek! Showcasing her impressive physique, the actress from Gone Girl looked stunning in a soft pink ensemble consisting of a bra and matching briefs, perfectly enhancing her sun-kissed and well-toned body.

Bra-vo! Emily also ensured her ample cleavage would take centre stage as she writhed around on top of a bed in a black bralet set and high waisted sheer tights 

Kudos to Emily for confidently flaunting her ample cleavage as she playfully moved around on a bed, dressed in a stylish black bralet and high-waisted sheer tights. She embraces a no-nonsense attitude, refusing to tolerate any nonsense, and encourages others to do the same. Emily’s persistence shines through, even though she confesses to being a terrible singer. She reminds us that it’s perfectly fine to not conform to others’ expectations. Each of us has the potential to exceed our own limitations; we are our own superheroes. Emily admits to being complex, with a hidden romantic side and vulnerability, along with a tendency to be a bad texter who rarely replies promptly. Ultimately, she embraces her authentic self, just as we all should.

Snack happy: Despite boasting an enviably toned physique, Emily revealed that she doesn't restrict herself to constant dieting as she was seen tucking into pizza

Enjoying snacks guilt-free: Despite having a beautifully sculpted figure, Emily happily shared that she doesn’t adhere to strict dieting rules, as evidenced by her indulgence in a slice of delicious pizza.

Tuck in: Whilst writhing around on the sheets, she explained: 'Underneath it all I like to follow my own rules - I¿ve been known to like a french fry'

Snugly tucked into the cozy sheets, she playfully shared her sentiments, stating, “Deep down, I prefer to embrace my individuality – I have even been known to have a fondness for french fries.” Emily’s bold stance emerged in response to the criticism she and Kim Kardashian faced from Piers Morgan, who accused them of appropriating the feminist movement. He argued, “Emmeline Pankhurst and the courageous Suffragettes certainly didn’t fight for their lives so that Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski could parade their bodies.”

Glamorous: Proving that she can still turn heads without baring all, Emily also sizzled in satin pyjama sets as she posed up a storm in the video

Exquisite: Demonstrating her ability to captivate audiences without revealing everything, Emily also radiated elegance in luxurious satin pajama sets while confidently posing in the video. Emily gained fame through her appearance in the controversial music video for Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” in 2012, and she has since pursued a career in film, securing roles in Entourage, We Are Your Friends, and Gone Girl. The actress now refers to the music video as a constant source of annoyance. During an interview with InStyle UK in 2015, she admitted, “Initially, I wasn’t keen on the idea at all. I think I may have come across as irritated in the video. “Now, it’s something that consistently bothers me. Whenever someone brings up Blurred Lines, I honestly can’t believe we’re still discussing a video that was shot three years ago.”

Under fire: Emily's saucy campaign comes after she and Kim Kardashian were laid into by Piers Morgan for 'hijacking the feminist movement'

Facing criticism: Emily’s bold campaign emerges following Piers Morgan’s scathing remarks on her and Kim Kardashian for their perceived co-opting of the feminist movement.

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