Emily Ratajkowski bares her cheeky side in a playful photo, donning nothing but a thong and sweater, while later flaunting her sculpted abs in a trendy crop top.

Recently, she was spotted having a fantastic time alongside DJ Orazio Rispo, after being spotted on numerous occasions with Pete Davidson. To add to the excitement, Emily Ratajkowski treated her fans to a delightful collection of photographs taken by the talented Adrian Martin. These snapshots beautifully captured her stunning physique, particularly highlighting her well-defined abs, as she flaunted them in a stylish crop top and sweatpants. In one cheeky photo, she boldly wore nothing but a sweater and a thong, showcasing her confidence and unique fashion sense.

Striking: She was seen enjoying another night out with DJ Orazio Rispo after she has been seen on multiple outings with Pete Davidson. And on Friday, Emily Ratajkowski shared a series of snaps showcasing her incredible figure

Eye-catching: The stunning Emily Ratajkowski continues to make headlines as she was spotted enjoying a night out with DJ Orazio Rispo, adding fuel to the rumors surrounding her relationship with Pete Davidson. Adding to the buzz, Emily recently shared a series of captivating photos that showcased her jaw-dropping physique. In one of the snaps, Emily confidently flaunted her incredibly toned midsection in a stylish crop top and low-slung jeans, striking a pose while standing on her bed. With her hair loosely cascading around her face and a parting fringe, she opted for minimal makeup to effortlessly enhance her natural beauty. The daring shoot featured a cheeky moment where Emily bared her backside, wearing nothing but a thong under a cozy Nike sweater. Seemingly engrossed in her own world, she could be seen rummaging through her drawers with her scattered jeans on the floor. Completing the look, she sported a pair of trendy gray calf-length socks, adding a playful touch to the ensemble.

Racy: The 31-year-old flashed her toned abs in a crop top and sweats, as well as cheeky photo while only rocking a sweater and a thong

Saucy: Showing off her well-defined abdomen in a trendy crop top and sweatpants, the 31-year-old also shared a playful picture in which she exuded confidence with just a sweater and a thong on.

Striking: She styled her hair loose around her with her fringe parted, with minimal makeup so she highlighted her natural beauty

Eye-catching: She opted for a carefree hairstyle, letting her long locks cascade around her and parting her fringe to the side. With a subtle touch of makeup, she effortlessly accentuated her inherent beauty.

Wow factor: In one snap, Emily posed on a dresser in her underwear, sweater and socks

Emily effortlessly exuded an aura of irresistibly cool charm as she playfully perched atop a dresser, donning a delightful ensemble of underwear, a cozy sweater, and cozy socks.

Stunner: Emily wore a cream cardigan in another image

Amazing: In a different picture, Emily sported a stylish cream-colored cardigan.

In another snapshot, the single mother struck a pose near a window in the same outfit, flaunting her miniature thong underwear. Emily confidently lifted her sweater to display her toned tummy, and then effortlessly exuded a sultry gaze while perched on a dresser. Not only did the beauty wear a stylish gray Calvin Klein bra, but she also rocked a cream-colored cardigan and matching sweatpants.

Iconic: Emily wore a tiny white crop top with black sweats in another image

Legendary: In yet another photo, Emily flaunted a petite white midriff-baring top paired effortlessly with sleek black sweatpants.

Breathtaking: One image showed her posing on the ground

Absolutely stunning: A captivating photograph captured her gracefully positioned on the earth’s surface.

Mirror, mirror: Emily posed in front of the mirror in another image

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Emily confidently struck a pose in front of the magical looking glass, creating yet another captivating image.

Pretty: The stunner also donned a gray Calvin Klein bra

Beautiful: The gorgeous woman also wore a gray Calvin Klein bra.

Svelte: As a cream cardigan with matching sweat bottoms

Svelte: Like a creamy cardigan paired with matching sweat bottoms.

Close up: The beauty showcased her full lips in a detail shot

Detailed close-up: The stunning individual proudly flaunted her voluptuous lips in a close-up shot.

Her social media post comes just a few days after she was spotted having a fun night out in the bustling streets of New York City alongside DJ Orazio Rispo. Emily, who is also a loving mother to her adorable 21-month-old son Sylvester, had been previously connected to Pete in October. This exclusive scoop was unveiled by Dailymail.com, revealing that they had shared a passionately romantic evening together. However, more recent rumors have surfaced about her being in a relationship with Pete Davidson, who is famously known as Kim Kardashian’s ex. Emily finally went public with this rumored relationship when they were spotted together at an NBA game towards the end of November. The current status of their relationship remains unclear, as Davidson was seen leaving her home at the beginning of December. Last Thursday night, the 29-year-old comedian was caught on camera attending the New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs game at Madison Square Garden. He was accompanied by his co-star from the film Bodies Bodies Bodies, Chase Sui Wonders.

What's the status: However, a more recent wave of rumors paired her up with Kim Kardashian's ex Pete Davidson, whom Emily finally went public with at an NBA game in late November

What’s the situation: Nevertheless, in recent times, there has been a fresh round of speculation linking her romantically with Pete Davidson, who is known for being Kim Kardashian’s former partner. Emily and Pete eventually confirmed their relationship when they made a public appearance together at an NBA game towards the end of November.

Doting mom: Emily, who is mom to Sylvester, 21 months, recently split with husband Sebastian Bear-McClard after he was allegedly cheating on her

Loving mother Emily, who adores her 21-month-old son Sylvester, has recently ended her relationship with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard due to his alleged infidelity.

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