Emily Ratajkowski Celebrates 32nd Birthday in Style: Rocking a Leather Minidress, Bonding with Son Sylvester, and Partying Alongside Julia Fox

Emily Ratajkowski recently celebrated her 32nd birthday in style, and she couldn’t be more grateful. The stunning model shared some adorable photos from her special day, featuring her two-year-old son, Sylvester. In the pictures, Ratajkowski can be seen rocking a chic black leather minidress while beaming with joy. As she watched her little one enjoy some delicious cake, surrounded by beautifully arranged flowers, Ratajkowski couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Despite being the center of attention on her birthday, she made sure to take a moment to soak in the precious moments with her beloved son.

Birthday girl: Emily Ratajkowski is 32! The model shared photos from her celebration with her son Sylvester as she modeled a leather minidress

Celebrating her 32nd birthday in style, Emily Ratajkowski gave us a glimpse into her special day. The renowned model delighted her fans by sharing photos of her birthday celebration, where she gracefully posed alongside her adorable son, Sylvester. Adding a touch of edginess to the occasion, Emily effortlessly rocked a stunning leather minidress, showcasing her impeccable sense of fashion and undeniable charms.

A sweet celebration: The model looked on as Sylvester enjoyed a hearty slice of birthday cake

A delightful occasion: The model observed with delight as Sylvester relished a generous portion of celebratory cake on his birthday.

She was also spotted having a great time with a group of friends. Among those present was Julia Fox, a well-known model and actress who was previously in a relationship with rapper Kanye West, who happens to be Kim Kardashian’s ex. Julia made a statement with her outfit, wearing a T-shirt that boldly displayed the phrase ‘Canceled twice.’ While Emily celebrates her birthday on June 7, Sylvester’s birthday falls on March 8. It’s interesting to note that Sylvester’s father is none other than Sebastian Bear-McClard, who happens to be Emily’s ex-husband. The couple got married in February 2018 but unfortunately parted ways in 2022 due to allegations of infidelity on Sebastian’s part. After the divorce, Emily openly revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she went through a phase of trying to please others in relationships, as she was unsure about what she truly wanted. It’s worth mentioning that the talented actress, model, and author was romantically linked to high-profile celebrities like Brad Pitt and comedian Pete Davidson after her separation from Sebastian.

Too hot to handle: The My Body author posed for pictures on her birthday in a short leather minidress

Unbearably scorching: The celebrated writer of My Body mesmerized the camera lens while capturing her timeless beauty in a chic, leather minidress on her special day.

Like mother like son: The cover girl ate up the camera while her son ate cake

Just like his mother, the young boy confidently embraced the camera, stealing the spotlight effortlessly. While his mother indulged in the delectable sweetness of a cake, he too relished in the joy of devouring a slice.

While Emily may have had many famous partners in her dating life, it is evident that her main focus will always be on Sylvester, especially on her special day. On Instagram, Emily expressed the importance of being a mother, acknowledging the silent and challenging efforts that often go unnoticed. She admires all mothers, highlighting their love and dedication as one of the most beautiful aspects of this world. Wrapping up a day filled with birthday festivities, Emily expressed her love and appreciation for her friends.

Friends are the true gifts: The brunette also went out to celebrate her 32nd with her friends

Friends are the ultimate blessings: The woman with brown hair also decided to commemorate her 32nd birthday by going out with her close pals.

The party isn't over: Emily expressed her gratitude to her friends for celebrating her birthday with her

Don’t pack up just yet: Emily took a moment to extend her heartfelt appreciation to her dear friends for coming together and commemorating her special day.

After hours: Emily's friends didn't leave the birthday girl's side all night

Late Into the Night: Emily’s Companions Remained by the Birthday Girl’s Periphery Throughout

Colorful birthday queen: Emily swapped out her leather minidress for a pair of colorful pants and a white crop top to celebrate with her friends

Emily, the vibrant birthday queen, decided to switch things up for her celebration with friends. Instead of her usual leather minidress, she opted for a striking pair of colorful pants and paired it with a chic white crop top. When she’s not busy with her modeling career, Emily dedicates her time to working on her own swim and lingerie line, Inamorata. In a delightful article with Glamour UK back in September 2019, she mentioned her commitment to producing her swimwear collection entirely in the United States, while also striving to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. Unfortunately, the renowned Good On You website only awarded the brand a mediocre two out of five stars for its efforts in protecting the planet. Furthermore, they gave it a measly one out of five for its treatment of employees, resulting in an overall disappointing rating of “Not Good Enough.”

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