Emily Ratajkowski charms with her beautifully sculpted silhouette in thong bikini bottoms while exploring the breathtaking wonders of Santorini

Emily Ratajkowski has been making her fans ecstatic with numerous bikini photos that she has been sharing from her dreamy vacation in Santorini, Greece. Once again, she did not disappoint when she posted a picture of herself in a bikini on Thursday on Instagram. Later in the day, she took another sexy shot from her hotel balcony. In this particular photo, Emily can be seen with her back towards the camera, highlighting her perfectly shaped derriere. Despite the mesmerizing view in front of her, all eyes were on her peachy posterior.

Check her out! Emily Ratajkowski, 25, did not disappoint as she took to Instagram again on Thursday to share a snap of her bikini clad body

Take a look at her! Emily Ratajkowski, at the age of 25, lived up to expectations once again as she posted a photo on Instagram on Thursday, showcasing her stunning body in a bikini. Leaning on a railing in a picturesque Greek island setting, Emily opted for a pair of revealing thong-style bikini bottoms that accentuated her amazing figure. Her long and tousled hair flowed freely, and she wore a white cap to control her damp locks. Striking a pose by popping her hip and gracefully resting her hands on her face, the celebrity effortlessly flaunted her best angles with the skill of a seasoned professional.

Fun in the sun: The Gone Girl star posed for another snap from her hotel balcony later on Thursday, showing off her cleavage in a low-cut blue bikini

Enjoying the sunshine: The actress from “Gone Girl” effortlessly struck another pose on Thursday, this time capturing a photo from her hotel balcony. With grace and confidence, she showcased her allure in a gorgeous, deep blue bikini that accentuated her cleavage.

Flawless physique: Emily Ratajkowski looked stunning in a vibrantly patterned Dolce   Gabbana two-piece while wading waist deep in the ocean

Emily had a flawless physique and she appeared absolutely stunning in a vibrant Dolce Gabbana two-piece swimsuit while standing in waist-deep water. On Monday, she looked breathtaking in the same swimsuit, but this time she was wading in water that went up to her knees. Another photograph, captured from behind, showcased her pert posterior as she enjoyed the serene surroundings.
Emily continued to exude her smouldering beauty in a recent Instagram post on Friday. In this picture, she leaned against a wall, revealing her incredible abs while wearing a barely-there black crochet crop top. She was basking in the sun on the breathtaking Greek island of Santorini.

I say: A second shot taken from the back finds the brunette flashing her pert posterior as she takes in her tranquil surroundings.

I say: In another photo captured from behind, the brunette reveals her perky backside while enjoying the peaceful beauty of her surroundings. To highlight her fit and bronze physique, the Gone Girl actress paired the skimpy outfit with denim hotpants. Emily opted for a casual look by leaving her dark hair flowing freely and choosing minimal make-up to highlight her captivating features. Last Thursday, the stunning beauty treated her fans to an exciting photo of herself completely naked, relaxing in a luxurious private hot tub, sending waves of excitement through her followers.

Model behaviour: Emily Ratajkowski showcased her incredible abs in a barely-there black crochet crop top as she soaked up the sun on the Greek island of Santorini on Friday

Emily Ratajkowski flaunted her astonishingly toned midriff in a stylish black crochet crop top while enjoying the sunny vibes of the enchanting Santorini island in Greece.

Making waves! On Thursday Emily Ratajkowski sent pulses racing as she posted a completely naked picture of her rear from Santorini, Greece

Causing a stir! The 25-year-old model created a buzz when she shared an image of her bare backside while enjoying a private hot tub on Thursday. In the photo, she can be seen posing nude, providing a tantalizing glimpse of her toned derriere as she relaxed with wet hair. Turning her gaze towards the opulent, sparsely furnished cave-like room, the stunning beauty exuded sensuality. She playfully captioned the picture ‘cave’, and it quickly garnered nearly 50,000 likes in just thirty minutes. To add to her fans’ delight, she later treated them to a selfie showcasing her ample cleavage while sporting a bikini.

Smoking hot! Showcasing her famous assets to perfection, the 25-year-old model also flaunted her jaw-dropping slender midriff and famous ab-crack in a blue bikini

Looking absolutely stunning, the gorgeous Blurred Lines beauty put her famous assets on display in a sizzling blue bikini. Flaunting her flawless figure, she also showcased her envy-inducing slender midriff and famous ab-crack. With her slightly wet hair and minimal makeup, she effortlessly revealed her natural beauty. Adding to the excitement, Emily treated her fans to a playful glimpse of her rear view, capturing the moment against a breathtaking backdrop.

Beach babe: Emily often takes to her Instagram to showcase her model physique in her swimwear, revealing this week that she feels most at home in a bikini

Sun-kissed beauty: Emily frequently graces her Instagram feed, proudly flaunting her stunning figure in mesmerizing swimsuits. In a recent update, she openly expressed her love for bikinis, emphasizing how they make her truly feel in her element.

Cheeky! Emily Ratajkowski, 25, uploaded a very cheeky shot to her Instagram while in Santorini on Wednesday, in which her incredibly rounded derriere took centre stage

How sassy! Emily shared a playfully daring photo on her Instagram account this past Wednesday after arriving in Greece a few days prior. The picture captured Emily standing on a wall, gazing at the breathtaking view of the Greek Island’s captivating coastline. She struck a pose with her back to the camera, highlighting her perfectly shaped derriere and envy-inducing slender legs. Wearing a petite grey-blue bikini, her trim waist and sun-kissed complexion were on full display for all 7.5 million of her followers to admire. However, the photo cleverly cropped out her famous face and naturally stunning features, leaving that aspect to the imagination.

Bliss: Emily also uploaded a photo of the view itself, having evidently landed in Santorini for a relaxing break this week

Joy: Emily also shared a picture of the stunning scenery, indicating that she had arrived in Santorini for a peaceful vacation this week. Despite this, the photo still received an impressive 175,000 likes, proving that her admirable physique is just as vital to her success as a model. Emily also captured a photo of the breathtaking view, showcasing the famous hills against a backdrop of clear blue skies and a sparkling sea. Accompanying the image, Emily happily remarked, “I made it.” Recently, the American celebrity confessed that she feels most comfortable in a bikini and never misses an opportunity to showcase her unique figure in a fun two-piece swimsuit.

Natural beauty: Emily was signed as a model at the age of 14, but didn't go full-time with the career until two years into her degree at UCLA

Emily became a model when she was just 14 years old but didn’t fully pursue her career until she was two years into her studies at UCLA. In a recent interview with People, she revealed her obsession with bathing suits and her habit of browsing Instagram for the best bikini styles. However, she wants to challenge the notion of being “bikini ready” and encourages all women to feel empowered. According to Emily, if you have a body, you are already swimsuit ready; all you need to do is love yourself and find a bathing suit that makes you feel comfortable. She firmly believes that every woman should embrace her natural beauty and confidently rock her chosen swimsuit.

Model material: She rose to prominence in Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' infamous music video in 2013, and has since expanded her career to acting

She gained fame after appearing in the notorious music video by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams in 2013, which led to her being named the fourth sexiest woman in the world by FHM in 2014.
Since then, she has successfully diversified her career into both modeling and acting.
Emily has exciting projects lined up, including two upcoming films. While one is set to be released this year, the release date for the other is yet to be announced.
In one of the movies, titled “Cruise,” Emily will star in a romantic role. Additionally, she is currently filming another film called “In Darkness,” a thrilling story set in London in which she will act alongside Natalie Dormer.
“Cruise” takes place in the 1980s and tells the tale of a young Italian-American from a disadvantaged background who falls in love with a Jewish girl from Long Island.

Confidence is key! Known for her show-stopping body, Emily recently told Instyle: 'The thing to know is love yourself and find the bikinis that make you feel comfortable and just rock it'

Having confidence is crucial! Renowned for her stunning physique, Emily recently shared in an interview with Instyle: “The important thing is to embrace self-love and find bikinis that make you feel at ease in your own skin, and then just confidently flaunt it.”

Keep an eye out for her! Emily Ratajkowski, a 25-year-old model, did not disappoint as she took to Instagram again on Thursday to share a photo of herself in a bikini, showcasing her beautiful body.

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