Emily Ratajkowski dazzles in elegant black attire while gracefully navigating the glamorous Fashion Week festivities in Paris

Known for her incredible physique, Emily Ratajkowski made a surprising change in style as she effortlessly navigated the Fashion Week festivities in Paris on Monday evening. The remarkable 26-year-old model attended the Jacquemus show, adding more excitement to the city’s anticipation for the upcoming Spring/Summer 18 showcases.

Cover (up) girl: Emily Ratajkowski decided to swap daring for demure as she continued the Fashion Week party-hopping in Paris on Monday night

Emily Ratajkowski opted for a more modest look as she made her way through the Fashion Week circuit in Paris on Monday night. The usually daring brunette chose to cover up her famous physique, renowned from her appearance in the music video for “Blurred Lines,” with a sophisticated black gown. The tailored dress boasted a pleated skirt and a stylish circle embellishment. As she posed on the crowded steps at the event, Emily showcased her vibrant scarlet lips with a sultry pout. During the evening, she also had a friendly conversation with popular French socialite Jeanne Damas, who was also clad in an elegant black dress. Emily’s night out in Paris followed a week of attending fashion events in Italy during Milan Fashion Week.

Back to black: The stunning model, 26, headed to the Jacquemus show as the French capital gears up for the Spring/Summer 18 presentations this week

Return to the dark side: With elegance and allure, the breathtaking 26-year-old fashion model joined the crowd at the highly anticipated Jacquemus show in the enchanting city of Paris, as the fashion world gears up for the unveiling of the Spring/Summer 2018 collections this week.

Stunning: The brunette beauty covered up the body made famous by Blurred Lines in a tailored black gown which featured a pleated skirt with a circle embellishment

The brunette beauty covered up the body made famous by Blurred Lines in a tailored black gown which featured a pleated skirt with a circle embellishment

Gorgeous: The dark-haired stunner concealed her well-known figure from the Blurred Lines era in a sleek black dress that showcased a pleated skirt adorned with a circular detail.

Wow: Emily oozed elegance in the black number, which she teamed with stilettos

Wow, Emily exuded a sense of effortless grace in her chic black ensemble, perfectly paired with a sleek pair of stilettos.

Girls girls girls: She then stopped for a chat with French 'It' girl Jeanne Damas, who also sported a black dress

Girls girls girls: Afterwards, she had a casual conversation with French icon Jeanne Damas, who was also dressed in black.

Even though she is known for her enviable figure, she showed that she still enjoyed indulging in food as she enjoyed a slice of pizza on Sunday.

Before that, she had confidently showcased her well-known curves by opting to not wear a bra under a delicate white dress with embroidery, as she fulfilled her modeling commitments in the city.

In the revealing outfit, Emily gracefully displayed her slender physique, with sheer panels at her waist drawing attention to her tiny waistline.

Cosy: The women also sported a slick of scarlet lipstick to plump out their pouts

Cozy: The ladies also flaunted a touch of vibrant red lipstick to enhance their lips.

Cosy: The pair looked close as they posed up a storm for the cameras

Cozy: The pair appeared to be very close as they confidently posed for the cameras. The dress had multiple tiers that elegantly cascaded to the floor, while its backless design showcased her well-toned back and shoulders. The model effortlessly styled her brown locks into loose waves, and her makeup had a peachy hue that accentuated her radiant complexion and natural beauty. Demonstrating that she doesn’t have to put in much effort to maintain her slim figure, Emily happily posed with her pizza before indulging in a bite. The celebrity, who rose to fame after her revealing appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video in 2013, has been in a relationship with musician and producer Jeff Magid for almost three years. Despite her busy schedule, Emily is slated to co-star in four upcoming films in the following months.

Great time: She later joined the designer Simon Porte Jacquemus

Awesome experience: Eventually, she became a part of the renowned fashion designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Style maven: He wore a caramel coloured Timberland sweater which he teamed with beige trousers

Fashion influencer: He chose a Timberland sweater in a delightful caramel hue, pairing it effortlessly with beige trousers.
The talented actress is set to star alongside Natalie Dormer in the thrilling film In Darkness, as well as taking the lead in the romantic movie Cruise. Release dates for both films are yet to be announced.
Next year, audiences can look forward to seeing her in the comedy I Feel Pretty, where she will be joining forces with Amy Schumer and Michelle Williams. Mark your calendars for June 29, 2018!
Furthermore, Emily will be sharing the screen with Aaron Paul in the chilling film Welcome Home. This gripping tale follows a couple’s romantic getaway to an idyllic cottage in the beautiful Italian countryside, which takes a sinister turn. Release date for this film is also expected for next year.

Good company: They enjoyed each other's charming company at the star-studded event

Great group: They delighted in one another’s enchanting presence at the glamorous gathering.

Together: The pair joined the great and the good of the fashion world at the Fashion Week bash

In unison: The duo united with the eminent figures of the fashion industry at the extravagant celebration during Fashion Week.

Fash pack: The evening out comes after Emily enjoyed a week in Italy for Milan Fashion Week

Fashion squad: The night on the town follows Emily’s delightful adventure in Italy during Milan Fashion Week.

Emily Ratajkowski, 26, showed that even she is partial to a slice of pizza from time to time, as she posted a photo on her Instagram story of herself devouring the carby meal in Italy

In a surprising Instagram story, the 26-year-old model, Emily Ratajkowski, gave a glimpse of her love for pizza by sharing a photo of herself indulging in a mouth-watering slice during her visit to Italy. It seems that even glamorous celebrities can’t resist the temptation of a delicious, carb-loaded meal every now and then.

Beauty: The model styled her brunette tresses in loose waves, and sported peachy make-up to bring out her glowing complexion and radiant natural beauty

Appearance: The attractive model effortlessly arranged her brown locks into relaxed waves, complemented by a peachy cosmetic palette that enhanced her luminous complexion and innate radiance.

Lithe: Emily displayed her lithe figure in the skimpy number, which featured sheer panelling at her midriff to draw attention to her tiny waist

Agile: Emily flaunted her nimble physique in the revealing outfit, which had transparent panels around her midsection, accentuating her slender waist.

Toned: The dress' skirt fell in tiers to the floor, and the backless design exposed her toned back and shoulders

Casually: The skirt of the dress cascaded in layers all the way down to the ground, while the backless style elegantly showcased her well-defined back and shoulders.

Success story: The star, who burst onto the scene when she appeared nude in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines music video in 2013, has been dating musician and producer Jeff Magid for almost three years

A tale of triumph: This celebrity, who skyrocketed to fame with her daring appearance in Robin Thicke’s music video for Blurred Lines in 2013, has been in a committed relationship with musician and producer Jeff Magid for nearly three years.

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