Emily Ratajkowski dazzles in her bedtime photo shoot: A glimpse of Met Gala prep with luxurious sheets and hair

Emily Ratajkowski, famous model and actress, recently took to social media to share a mesmerizing bedtime snap, giving her followers a glimpse into the process. preparing for her Met Gala. The sexy photo shows Ratajkowski in a nude-themed atmosphere, radiating elegance with carefully arranged sheets and elaborate hairstyle.

'Weave of my dreams!' Emily posed nude in a photo of her Met Gala preparation on Wednesday

As the Met Gala approaches, celebrities are preparing for the glamorous event and Emily Ratajkowski is no exception. The intimate photo she shared offers a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous preparation process that goes into creating a stunning look on the prestigious red carpet.

Met Gala glamour: Emily's Met Gala look didn't cover much more of the model, but still there's something extra spicy about her Instagram pic

In the photo, Ratajkowski easily combines sexiness with sophistication. Strategically placed sheets of paper add more than just one

Dare to bare: The I Feel Pretty actress wore a bracelet on her wrist, mascara on her lashes...and not much else

Emily Ratajkowski - 2019 Met Gala in NYC

Emily Ratajkowski - 2019 Met Gala in NYC

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