Emily Ratajkowski Dazzles in Revealing Sheer Gown as She Shines Among Celebrities at Swarovski Event in NYC… Amid Speculation of a Romance with Pete Davidson Fueled by Her “Exceptional Brilliance”

Emily Ratajkowski caused a sensation at a Swarovski event in New York City, defying the wintry atmosphere with her sizzling presence. The 31-year-old model confidently flaunted her enviable physique in a daring sheer black dress, choosing to forgo a bra for added allure. This appearance comes in the wake of rumors suggesting she is romantically involved with Pete Davidson, who is known for his past relationship with Kim Kardashian. Sources reveal that Davidson is particularly enamored by Ratajkowski’s intelligence. Alongside other notable figures such as Irina Shayk, Indya Moore, and Rachel Brosnahan, she joined in the celebration of the grand unveiling of a stunning gingerbread house facade at The Mark Hotel.

Stunner: Emily Ratajkowski set temperatures soaring despite all the wintry decorations as she arrived at a Swarovski event in New York City on Monday evening

Fit: The 31-year-old model rocked an edgy sheer black dress that showcased her stellar figure while opting to go bra-free

Stunner: Emily Ratajkowski brought the heat amidst the wintry decorations as she made her way to a Swarovski event in New York City on Monday night. The 31-year-old model showcased her amazing physique in a daring sheer black dress, choosing to forgo a bra.
Emily looked absolutely glamorous in her monochrome ensemble, featuring a low-cut neckline that added a touch of allure. On the red carpet, she turned heads with the backless design of the black halter dress, held together by a thin strap to maintain a snug fit.
The skirt of the Gone Girl actress’ dress gracefully grazed the ground, and it had a modest slit that tastefully highlighted her toned legs.
To complete her look, Emily added strappy black open-toe heels to add some height to her 5ft7in frame. She adorned herself with a sleek black handbag, effortlessly draped from her fingers.
With her dark tresses styled straight and parted in the middle, the brunette beauty exuded elegance as her long locks cascaded gracefully over her shoulders.

Back in black: Emily looked glamorous in her monochrome look, which featured a plunging neckline

Going dark and sophisticated: Emily exuded elegance with her black and white ensemble, flaunting a daring V-neckline.

Revealing: She turned on the red carpet to showcase the black halter dress' backless design, with just a thin strap to keep it tight

Legs for days: The Gone Girl actress' skirt reached down to the ground and included a modest slit to showcase her toned legs

Unveiling her glamour, she gracefully spun on the crimson carpet, unveiling the exquisite backless feature of her elegant black halter gown. Securely held by a delicate strap, the dress effortlessly hugged her figure. Flowing down to the floor, the skirt displayed a modest slit, offering a glimpse of her beautifully sculpted legs.

New beau? The outing comes after news broke that she's reportedly dating Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, who 'loves how intelligent she is' according to a source who spoke with Us Weekly

Could there be a new love interest in Emily’s life? Recent reports suggest that she may be dating Pete Davidson, who is known for his past relationship with Kim Kardashian, according to sources who spoke to Us Weekly. It seems that Emily had a stunning appearance during their outing, with a delicate smoky eye and perfectly styled hair. To complete her look, she chose to wear a sparkling jeweled necklace and a sleek bracelet.

According to insiders, Emily and Pete are still in the early stages of their relationship but seem to have a genuine liking for each other. They have been talking for a few months now, thanks to mutual friends who introduced them. One source mentioned that Pete is quite impressed by Emily’s intelligence, which he finds attractive. Furthermore, the comedian’s sense of humor seems to be a major plus point for the model, as Pete has been able to make her laugh.

Previously, Emily was romantically linked to DJ Orazio Rispo, as they were spotted sharing a passionate kiss in New York City last month. This came after her separation from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Long hair, don't care: The brunette beauty wore her dark hair styled pin straight with a middle part and long strands that cascaded elegantly over her shoulders

No worries about long hair: The attractive brunette flaunted her sleek, straight dark locks, parted in the middle, with luxurious strands gracefully flowing down her shoulders.

On point: She rocked a delicate smoky eye, and her hair perfectly framed her elegantly made-up visage. Emily completed her ensemble by accessorizing with a sparkling jeweled necklace and a sleek bracelet

In the spotlight: Emily effortlessly sported a soft and sultry smoky eye, while her meticulously styled hair beautifully framed her flawlessly made-up face. To complement her look, Emily elegantly accessorized with a dazzling jeweled necklace and a sleek bracelet.

But Emily wasn’t the only star gracing the red carpet that evening. Her dear friend, Irina Shayk, also made a stunning appearance at the Swarovski event.

Rumored to be seeking a reconciliation with her former partner, Bradley Cooper, the runway sensation exuded sophistication in her black and white ensemble. Irina opted for a unique twist by donning a loosely fitting white short-sleeve top, expertly tucked into a flowing, glossy black skirt.

She added an interesting touch to her outfit with long black gloves, effortlessly balancing the look by donning rugged black boots.

With her dark hair artfully parted at the center and elegantly swept back, Irina revealed a gleaming necklace that accentuated her overall appearance.

Chic: Emily wasn't the only model on the red carpet, as her friend Irina Shayk also made an appearance at the Swarovski event

Contrast: The runway star, who is rumored to be seeking a reconciliation with her former partner Bradley Cooper, looked chic in a black and white ensemble

Stylish: Emily wasn’t the sole model that graced the red carpet, as her companion, Irina Shayk, also marked her presence at the Swarovski gathering. This catwalk sensation, amidst speculations about her intent to mend fences with her ex-partner Bradley Cooper, exuded elegance donned in an exquisite black and white attire.

Mix and match: Irina wore an unusually baggy white short-sleeve top, which was tucked into a lustrous, flowing black skirt

Mix it up: Irina decided to go for a unique look by donning a loose-fitting white shirt with short sleeves, that she cleverly tucked into a stunning, elegant black skirt that flowed beautifully.

Eye catching: She added an interesting touch with long black gloves, and she dressed down the outfit with rugged black boots

Sparkler: The Russian model wore her dark hair parted at the center and swept back, revealing her gleaming necklace

Attention-grabbing: To add a unique flair, she opted for elegant long black gloves and paired the ensemble with rugged black boots. This Russian model effortlessly styled her dark hair to the center and swept it back, revealing her shining necklace.

Despite the chilly weather, Indya Moore, the star of the show “Pose,” fearlessly walked the red carpet wearing a braless top adorned with sparkling crystals that caught everyone’s attention. This intricate piece featured a bejeweled collar and was elegantly draped over her chest, showcasing some daring side cleavage.

As a transgender and nonbinary individual, Indya Moore embraces both she/her and they/them pronouns. They effortlessly rocked a delicate updo hairstyle that embodied a vintage allure, further enhanced by their choice of scarlet lipstick.

Accentuating her curves, Moore paired the stunning top with a black skirt that was intricately stitched in diamond patterns along the sides. Completing the ensemble with open-toe heels and a fluffy white coat gracefully draped over their arms, they exuded an air of sophistication.

Revealing: Pose star Indya Moore didn't let the chilly weather stop her from hitting the red carpet in an extremely revealing braless top covered in glittering crystals

Showing off: The delicate item featured a jeweled collar and was draped over her chest, revealing some significant side boob

Unveiling their bold fashion statement, the renowned celebrity of Pose, Indya Moore, fearlessly graced the red carpet despite the frosty temperatures. Their distinctive and dazzling ensemble showcased a top adorned with shimmering crystals, defying convention by opting to go braless. The intricately designed garment, complete with an embellished collar, gracefully enveloped their upper body, accentuating a striking glimpse of enticing side cleavage.

Classic style: The actor, who is transgender and nonbinary and uses she/her and they/them pronouns interchangeably, had their hair styled up in a delicate coiffure that gave them a touch of old-school glamour, which they accentuated with their scarlet lipstick

Casually elegant: The performer, who identifies as both transgender and nonbinary and goes by the pronouns she/her and they/them, had their hair expertly fashioned into an intricate updo that exuded a charming vintage charm. This was further enhanced by their choice of vibrant red lipstick, adding a hint of timeless glamour to their overall look.

Contrast: She highlighted her curves with a black skirt that was stitched together in diamond patterns over her sides, while she completed the look with open-toe heels and a furry white coat draped down over her arms

Contrasting the two looks, the first one is effortlessly elegant as she accentuates her curves with a black skirt intricately stitched in diamond patterns that flow along her sides. Complementing the skirt, she pairs it with open-toe heels and drapes a furry white coat over her arms, exuding a sense of glamorous sophistication.

On the other hand, Rachel Brosnahan adds a touch of vibrancy to the event by opting for a playful pink satin dress. The shimmering ensemble not only catches the eye but also features a small cutout that tastefully exposes her well-toned midriff. Furthermore, the outfit boasts a sky-high slit, which further enhances her slender legs, creating a captivating silhouette.

Freida Pinto, however, chooses to embrace bold and bright colors as well, appearing in a stunning canary yellow gown. The elongated dress envelops her figure, exuding an effortless elegance. With its baggy sleeves that gracefully cascade down to her forearms, the gown adds a touch of modesty. To complete the striking look, she accessorizes with a thick gold necklace and matching bracelets, adding a touch of opulence to the ensemble.

Pretty in pink: Rachel Brosnahan injected some color to the event with a playful pink satin dress

Leggy look: The shimmering outfit include a small cutout over her trim midriff and a sky-high slit to accentuate her trim legs

Looking radiant in pink, Rachel Brosnahan added a vibrant touch to the occasion by donning a delightful satin dress. The dress, adorned with a touch of shimmer, featured a dainty cutout at her waist to highlight her slender midsection, while a daring high slit showcased her perfectly toned legs.

Colorful: The actress Freida Pinto also favored bright colors and arrived in a canary yellow gown

Vibrant: The canary yellow gown was Freida Pinto’s preferred attire as she graced the occasion, radiating brightness and vivacity with her choice of vibrant colors.

Baggy: The long dress swallowed up her figure and featured puffy sleeves reaching down to her forearms

Sparkler: She accented the look with a thick gold necklace and matching bracelets

Baggy: Her slender figure was engulfed by the flowing dress, which had billowing sleeves that extended all the way to her forearms. To complete her ensemble, she accessorized with a bold gold necklace and coordinating bracelets.
Christine Quinn effortlessly matched the elegant aesthetic of the other guests.
The notorious character from Selling Sunset flaunted her plump lips, accentuated by a dazzling off-white satin gown that showcased her incredible physique.
With a sleeveless design, the dress drew attention to her well-toned arms, and she confidently stood tall in a pair of pointed heels.
Christine adorned her long, blonde locks in intricate curls, securing them in an elegant high bun.

Eye catching: Christine Quinn matched several of the other attendees with a classic glamorous look

Attention-grabbing: Christine Quinn stood out from the crowd by effortlessly embracing a timeless and glamorous appearance that echoed the style choices of her fellow attendees.

Curves ahead: The Selling Sunset villain showed off her plumpest pout with a shimmering off-white satin dress that hugged her stellar figure

Fit figure: Her sleeveless dress put the spotlight on her toned arms, and she stood tall in a pointy set of heels

Get ready for the curves ahead: The antagonist of Selling Sunset flaunted her fullest lips in a sparkling ivory satin gown that accentuated her impressive physique. Sporting a sleeveless attire, she effortlessly showcased her well-toned arms and confidently strutted in a pair of sharp stilettos.

Blond beauty: Christine wore her long locks styled in delicate swirls with a tall top knot

Christine looked stunning with her blonde hair styled in intricate swirls and a high top knot. Lucy Hale opted for a more understated look, finding a balance between the black and white outfits and the vibrant colors of other attendees. She wore a modest beige dress with interesting suspender-like straps, complementing it with a beautiful crystal necklace, matching bracelets, and a sleek gold clutch. Kat Graham was equally captivating in her off-the-shoulder white bodice adorned with sparkling studs, paired with a dramatic black skirt. She completed her ensemble with matching cuffs on her wrists and styled her black tresses in a chic bob. Hari Nef chose an off-the-shoulder black dress, accentuated with long sheer gloves and a striking red bob. Vanessa Hong, on the other hand, embraced a cozy and fashionable look, donning a furry brown coat and lustrous black pants.

Flesh colored: Lucy Hale managed to find a middle ground between some of the black and white ensembles and other attendees' more colorful looks with a modest beige dress

Glowing: The outfit featured intriguing suspender-like straps, and she spiced it up with a gorgeous crystal necklace and matching bracelets, along with a sleek gold clutch

In a sea of contrasting black and white outfits and vibrant hues at the event, Lucy Hale effortlessly discovered a delightful balance with her subtle flesh-colored dress. Captivating suspender-like straps added an intriguing touch to her ensemble, while she elevated her look with a stunning crystal necklace and coordinating bracelets. Completing her ensemble, Lucy carried a chic gold clutch that added a touch of sophistication.

Elegant: Kat Graham sizzled in an off-the-shoulder white bodice decorated with gleaming studs, along with a voluminous black skirt

Short hair, don't care: She wore cuffs around her wrist to match her top and wore her raven tresses swept back in a chic bob

Kat Graham looked stunning in a white bodice adorned with shiny studs, showcasing her shoulders in a stylish off-the-shoulder design. Complementing her ensemble, she paired it with a black skirt that added volume to her look. To complete the elegant ensemble, she wore wrist cuffs that perfectly matched her top, while her sleek black hair was beautifully styled in a chic bob, accentuating her overall allure.

Red hot: Hari Nef favored an off-the-shoulder black dress with long sheer gloves and a striking red bob.

Toasty: Vanessa Hong looked cozy in a furry brown coat with lustrous black pants

Spicy sensation: Hari Nef rocked an elegant black dress, showcasing her shoulders, along with the added glam of long transparent gloves and a fiery red bob. Vanessa Hong exuded comfort in a delightful furry brown coat, beautifully paired with sleek black pants.

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