Emily Ratajkowski dazzles the runway at Tory Burch’s New York Fashion Week with a show-stopping sheer top and bra

At Tory Burch’s highly-anticipated New York Fashion Week show, Emily Ratajkowski made quite the daring statement with her runway appearance. The 31-year-old model confidently rocked a sheer, black long sleeve top paired with a transparent bra. This risqué ensemble left very little to the imagination, as Emily’s entire chest was unabashedly showcased. The lack of opacity in the top ensured that very little was left hidden from view.

Seeing right through: The 31-year-old model wore a sheer black long sleeve top to the event over an equally sheer bra

Full-display: The top's lack of opacity put Emily's entire chest on display, covering almost nothing from view

Letting it all hang loose: Emily Ratajkowski embraced boldness and turned heads as she strutted down the catwalk at the highly-anticipated Tory Burch New York Fashion Week extravaganza on Tuesday. With her enchanting appearance, the star left little to the imagination, effortlessly captivating the spectators.
Sporting radiant yellow flats, Emily added a mesmerizing touch to her ensemble by donning oversized earrings that bore a striking resemblance to delicate dreamcatchers. The larger-than-life earrings dangled gracefully, perfectly demonstrating her innate ability to accessorize with flair.
Positioned in the midst of a stunning cohort of models, all proudly showcasing Tory Burch’s mesmerizing Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Emily Ratajkowski effortlessly blended in while creatively making a powerful fashion statement.

Fun skirt: She added an ankle-length skirt to the event which started out brown from her waist to the top of her thigh but finished in a vibrant orange color

Stylish and vibrant, she decided to wear an ankle-length skirt to the occasion. The unique skirt began as a lovely shade of brown from her waist and seamlessly transitioned into a striking and lively orange hue, adding a touch of fun to her ensemble.

Interesting earrings: She walked in yellow flats and accessorized with huge earrings which resembled dreamcatchers

Fascinating earrings: With her confident stride, she sported sunny yellow flats and embellished her look with large dreamcatcher-inspired earrings.

One of many models: The star walked in the middle of a huge group of models, all showing off Tory Burch's hottest looks of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023 looks

One model among the crowd: A well-known star strolled confidently amidst a large gathering of models, each showcasing the latest fashion designs by Tory Burch for the upcoming Spring/Summer collection in 2023.
Prior to the event, Emily opted for a casual look, donning a pristine white bathrobe while expert stylists meticulously applied makeup and styled her hair.
The acclaimed fashion designer herself, Tory Burch, graced the occasion in a sophisticated manner, dressed in a stylish long-sleeved purple blouse that was neatly buttoned all the way up.
Complementing the blouse, she sported a pair of classic black trousers and elegant brown loafers.
With her short blonde hair gently grazing her shoulders, it danced gracefully in the gentle breeze of New York City.

Getting ready: Emily dressed down before the event in a white bathrobe while stylists applied make up to her face and styled her hair

Preparation time: Emily opted for a casual look, donning a pristine white bathrobe as professional stylists worked their magic on her, expertly applying makeup and effortlessly styling her hair.

Business casual: Designer Tory Burch, 56, attended the event in a long sleeve purple blouse, buttoned all the way up

Eye-catching: Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha wore a sparkly long sleeve black top and skinny dark green trousers

A sparkling evening: The event was graced by the presence of renowned designer Tory Burch and the stunning model Coco Rocha.

One of many events: The Tory Burch fashion show is just one of many events put on around New York City during New York Fashion Week

One among a multitude of happenings: The Tory Burch fashion show is merely one example of the numerous events hosted in the bustling city of New York during the exhilarating New York Fashion Week.
Donned in an exquisite long-sleeved black top and sleek dark green trousers, the Canadian fashion model, Coco Rocha, exuded glamour and charm. She confidently balanced herself on striking tall platform high heels, painted in a vibrant hot pink shade, gracefully raising one leg in the air as she captured the allure of the moment. Enhancing her striking appearance, the 34-year-old embellished her lips with a bold shade of red, while her lustrous black hair was flawlessly secured in a tight fashion.
New York Fashion Week commenced in the later part of last week and is anticipated to conclude on Wednesday, September 14. This grand affair encompasses over a hundred glamorous events, drawing in renowned figures from the realms of fashion, film, and television.

Almost over: NYFW began late last week and should end on Wednesday, September 14. More than 100 events bring out some of the biggest names in fashion, film and television

Coming to an end soon: The New York Fashion Week kicked off towards the end of last week and is scheduled to wrap up on Wednesday, September 14. With over 100 happenings, this grand event attracts renowned personalities from the realms of fashion, film, and television.

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