Emily Ratajkowski Embraces Spring Style with Sylvester in NYC Amid Sebastian Bear-McClard Breakup

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in New York City, Emily Ratajkowski delighted paparazzi as she strolled through the streets with her adorable baby boy, Sylvester. The 31-year-old supermodel effortlessly showcased her unique sense of style with a casually chic outfit, baring just the right amount of skin. Taking some time for herself and her little one, Emily embraced the refreshing outdoor atmosphere.
It hasn’t been long since Emily, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, decided to part ways with her husband of four years and Sylvester’s father, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Doting mom: Emily Ratajkowski was pictured while taking her baby son Sylvester out for a walk in New York City on Saturday afternoon

Loving mother: Emily Ratajkowski was captured strolling through the streets of New York City on a Saturday afternoon, accompanied by her adorable baby boy Sylvester.
Maintaining a casual and effortless vibe, Ratajkowski chose a minimalist look by tucking a black t-shirt into a pair of denim shorts that showcased her slender thighs.
To inject some vibrancy into her ensemble, the model opted for a pair of pristine white Converse sneakers.
Enhancing her overall style, she adorned herself with hoop earrings and sported a trendy pair of sunglasses.
With her luscious dark brown locks gracefully flowing down her shoulders, Ratajkowski embraced motherhood to its fullest by taking her precious son out for a leisurely walk.

Staying comfortable: Ratajkowski kept it simple during her outing, as she tucked a black t-shirt into a pair of denim shorts that showed off her thighs

Staying cozy: Ratajkowski opted for a laid-back look on her outing, effortlessly styling a black t-shirt tucked into a stylish pair of denim shorts that perfectly highlighted her toned thighs.

Stylish: The runway regular accessorized with a pair of hoop earrings and a stylish set of sunglasses

Fashionable: The catwalk regular added a touch of glamour to her look with a pair of large hoop earrings and a trendy pair of sunglasses.
Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard had known each other for a long time before they officially became a couple in 2018.
Before that, the model had been in a committed relationship with musician Jeff Magid, but they ended their relationship in the same year.
The influential figure in social media surprised many when she announced that she and her now-separated husband had decided to get married after only a few weeks of dating.
They stayed together as a couple for another two years before she announced her pregnancy in October of 2020.

An inside look: Ratajkowski shared a video featuring her baby boy to her TikTok account and Instagram Storie

Taking you behind the scenes: Ratajkowski recently treated her followers to an exclusive glimpse of her adorable little one as she posted a heartwarming video on both her TikTok profile and Instagram Stories.

Happy: The model's baby boy appeared to be enjoying his mother's company as they relaxed in bed together

Ecstatic: The little bundle of joy seemed to be thoroughly relishing the precious moments spent with his doting mother, as they luxuriated in the coziness of their bed.

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