Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Fit Abs in a Stylish Crop Top and Loose-Fit Denim while Exploring the Streets of NYC

Famous for her stunning fashion choices on high-fashion runways worldwide, Emily Ratajkowski brought her impeccable style to the busy streets of New York City on Friday. The 31-year-old model effortlessly flaunted a relaxed yet trendy look, donning a cropped black t-shirt that playfully showcased her well-toned midriff.

On and off the runway: On Friday, Emily Ratajkowski took her style prowess to the streets as she navigated around bustling New York City

Off and on the catwalk: Last Friday, Emily Ratajkowski showcased her remarkable sense of style while exploring the vibrant streets of New York City. Tying together her ensemble, the fashion icon effortlessly combined a baby tee with a trendy pair of loose-fitting, low-rise jeans. Embracing a touch of luminosity, she complemented her attire with a striking pair of pure white sneakers. To complete her effortless and relaxed look, Emily allowed her rich, voluminous brunette hair to flow down her chest in graceful loose waves.

Casual-cool: The 31-year-old model slipped into a casual-cool ensemble that consisted of a cropped black tee that gave a peek at her toned midriff

Laid-back and effortlessly stylish, the 31-year-old model effortlessly sported a relaxed yet trendy outfit. Her ensemble featured a trendy cropped black tee, subtly showcasing her well-toned midriff.

Trendy: The fashion industry personality paired her baby tee with a set of baggy low-rise jeans

Fashion-forward: The fashion industry influencer effortlessly combined her trendy baby tee with a stylish pair of loose-fitting low-rise jeans. Recently, Ratajkowski delighted her followers by sharing a captivating photo on her Instagram Story. In the snapshot, she confidently flaunted a bit more of her flawless skin, donning a vibrant orange bikini top with a mesmerizing pattern that accentuated her generous bust. To complete her beach-ready ensemble, the fashion-savvy personality adorned herself with a pair of earrings, effortlessly swept her hair up using a chic claw clip.

Sultry snap: Ratajkowski showed off a bit more skin in a photo that was shared to her Instagram Story on Friday. Posing in front of a mirror, the model posed in a patterned orange bikini top that showcased her ample chest

In a sultry capture, Ratajkowski flaunted a touch more skin in a photo shared on her Instagram Story. Standing in front of a mirror, the model confidently showcased her ample chest in a vibrant orange bikini top adorned with a pattern. Known for her passion for swimwear, Ratajkowski introduced her own line of bikinis and more under her brand, Inamorata, which was launched in 2017. Originally centered around swimwear, the line has since expanded to include dresses, footwear, and accessories. With her active involvement in brand promotion, the model herself often features in the promotional materials for Inamorata.

Designer: Ratajkowski has long been a lover and wearer of bikinis, and she offers many through her personal swimwear brand, Inamorata

Fashion enthusiast Emily Ratajkowski has always had a deep appreciation for bikinis, which led her to launch her own swimwear brand called Inamorata. In a recent interview with Fashion Week Daily, Ratajkowski revealed her passion for brainstorming unique designs for her brand.
“I take inspiration from various sources and then pour my creative ideas into my designs. I have a personal notebook where I sketch out the looks and collaborate with factories to bring my visions to life. It’s a collaborative process that allows us to continuously evolve,” she explained.
Embracing the challenges and rewards of being a business owner, Ratajkowski shared her unique perspective as both an actress and a model. Unlike her previous experiences where she was hired for specific roles, running Inamorata allows her to have complete creative control from start to finish.
“This venture has given me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in every aspect of the business. It’s a deeply gratifying experience to see my vision come to life and be in charge of every decision,” she added.

Doing well: The model then remarked that she had learned to embrace the ups and downs of running a business

Emily Ratajkowski proudly showed off her toned abs in a stylish crop top and baggy jeans while enjoying a day out in New York City. The model’s outing came shortly after her separation from her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The couple, who got married in 2018 and have a one-year-old son named Sylvester, is reportedly planning to divorce following allegations of infidelity against the producer. Despite the challenges she is facing, Ratajkowski remains positive and focused on her son, as she continues to embrace the highs and lows of running her own business.

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