Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her chiseled core in a stylish crop top while effortlessly rocking a double denim look during a laid-back coffee outing in Los Angeles

Emily Ratajkowski effortlessly maintained her glamorous image even on a casual coffee run in Los Angeles. The stunning model confidently flaunted her enviable figure, looking like she stepped right off the catwalk. Donning a trendy crop top that revealed her toned abs, she skillfully pulled off the challenging double denim look. Watch the video below to see her in action.

Double denim: Emily Ratajkowski looked incredible on a coffee run on Thursday afternoon, showing off her stomach in a crop top

Emily Ratajkowski nailed the double denim look as she made a stylish coffee run on a sunny Thursday afternoon. Rocking a crop top, she confidently flaunted her toned stomach, effortlessly exuding confidence. Her outfit of choice included a pair of skinny jeans from McGuire Denim, expertly cut off at the ankles for a trendy look. To complement the ensemble, she opted for delicate nude sandals and a vibrant red handbag casually swinging from her shoulder.

Emily casually left her whitewash jacket unbuttoned, revealing a glimpse of her rock-solid abs through a sporty-style vest top that teasingly ended just below her bra. Even when confronted with a gust of wind, the brunette beauty managed to turn it into a stylish moment, effortlessly smoldering with her tousled hair.

Toned: She left her whitewashed jacket open with her stomach flashing beneath

Rephrased: With her whitewashed jacket unbuttoned, she revealed a glimpse of her stomach, stylishly daring.

Double denim: The star paired dark denim jeans by McGuire Denim with a retro light denim jacket

Double denim: The star paired dark denim jeans by McGuire Denim with a retro light denim jacket

Double denim: The celebrity effortlessly combined a pair of McGuire Denim’s dark wash jeans with a vintage light wash denim jacket.
The famous icon, initially recognized from the iconic Blurred Lines video, recently discussed her relaxed approach towards sexuality.
In the current issue of Glamour magazine, she appears alongside Nick Jonas, expressing, “I choose to groom my underarms and wear cosmetics.
These practices may stem from societal expectations, but I am reclaiming them. Women deserve to be in charge, whether they are partially clothed or expressing their sexuality.”

Looking leggy: She got her strut on in nude sandals and cropped jeans

Looking fabulously confident, she confidently walked down the street in a pair of chic nude sandals, paired effortlessly with cropped jeans.

Effortless: She needed a caffeine boost as she flew solo in the city

Effortlessly: In the bustling city, she found herself in need of a little pick-me-up in the form of a dose of caffeine. As of late, the dark-haired woman had been enjoying some quality time with the famous personality Kim Kardashian, baring it all and relishing in their shared experiences. She openly shared how social media had played a pivotal role in connecting her with many other women in the industry, weaving a web of friendships. She excitedly recounted the time she reached out to Lena Dunham with a somewhat embarrassing selfie, accompanied by a friendly wave. To her delight, this seemingly insignificant gesture sparked a remarkable bond between the two. It was through this connection that she found herself contributing to Lenny, an accomplishment she holds dear. Additionally, she reminisced about the time she stood up for Kim Kardashian West’s nude selfie on Twitter, an act that eventually led to spending quality time with the reality star herself.

Parting her hair: Emily was confronted with a serious wind, but she made it look flawless

Arranging her hair: Emily braved a strong gust, yet she effortlessly maintained perfection.

Racy: She smouldered into the lens, after recently talking about how comfortable she is with sexuality

Sultry: She gazed sensually into the camera, having recently expressed her ease and confidence when it comes to embracing her sexuality.

Teaming up: Emily spoke to Glamour mag about how she came to meet up with Kim Kardashian for a topless shoot

Joining forces: In an interview with Glamour magazine, Emily shared the story behind her collaboration with Kim Kardashian on a daring photoshoot.

Breast friends: She said that she had also struck up close bond with Lena Dunham on social media

Bosom buddies: According to her, she had formed a strong connection with Lena Dunham through social media as well.

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