Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Her Daring Leopard Print Thong Swimsuit, Introducing an Exciting Podcast Exploring “Feminism and Sensuality”

Emily Ratajkowski delighted her Instagram followers with a breathtaking photo on Wednesday, captivating everyone’s attention with her stunning posterior. The 31-year-old star was effortlessly showcasing a striking leopard print swimsuit from her very own Inamorata brand, which featured a daring thong back.

Just the day before, the brunette beauty treated her fans to a series of captivating snapshots, enticingly promoting the latest additions to her Inamorata line – a collection of leopard print undergarments including bras, panties, and an alluring dress.

Coinciding with these exciting updates, Emily announced the much-anticipated launch of her brand new podcast, aptly titled “High Low with Em Rata.” With her undeniable charm and unique perspective, fans can expect intriguing discussions and compelling conversations from the talented influencer on her upcoming podcast episodes.

In the swim: Emily Ratajkowski shared a stunning new image to Instagram on Wednesday where her bottom was the focus. The star, 31, was modeling a new leopard print swimsuit with a thong back from her Inamorata brand

Emily Ratajkowski delighted her Instagram followers with a captivating photo on Wednesday, showcasing her latest swimwear creation. The 31-year-old model and entrepreneur flaunted a leopard print swimsuit from her own Inamorata brand, drawing all attention to her stunning bottom.

Exciting news accompanied the picture as Ratajkowski revealed her debut podcast, aptly named “HIGH LOW.” The star expressed her enthusiasm in the caption, stating, “That’s right, I finally have a podcast!” She eagerly disclosed the podcast’s format, promising listeners two episodes per week.

Each Tuesday, Ratajkowski plans to engage in intimate conversations with an array of remarkable guests, including celebrities, esteemed authors, close friends, and individuals she deeply admires. These discussions are bound to delve into various captivating topics that intrigue her.

Moreover, every Thursday, the model-turned-podcaster will treat her audience to monologue episodes. In these episodes, she intends to dissect themes and raise thought-provoking questions, exploring a wide range of subjects such as politics, feminism, sex, and even the viral sensation, TikTok.

Ratajkowski’s podcast venture is set to be a thrilling blend of engaging conversations and insightful monologues, offering her audience an opportunity to delve into captivating topics through her unique perspective.

Listen up: This post comes just as she announced the launch of her new podcast called High Low with Em Rata. 'That's right, I finally have a podcast,' the star wrote in her caption

My pals are joining me: 'Now introducing: HIGH LOW! Two episodes each week: every Tuesday, I¿ll host an intimate conversation with a special guest, including celebrities, incredible authors, close friends'

Attention everyone, I have some exciting news to share! Recently, she made a big announcement about her brand new podcast called High Low with Em Rata. In her caption, she expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “That’s right, I finally have a podcast!” She went on to reveal that there will be two episodes every week, with each Tuesday featuring an intimate conversation with a special guest, including celebrities, talented authors, and close friends. The podcast is set to launch on November 1st, and the star couldn’t be more thrilled.
Meanwhile, the actress, who is currently going through a divorce from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and has been romantically linked to Brad Pitt, has also been capturing attention with her stunning photos for a leopard print line. In one recent set of pictures, she looked effortlessly sensual, her dark hair cascading over her bare shoulders.

All good:  Ratajkowski has released a new collection for her lingerie and swimwear line Inamorata just in time for autumn

Everything is going well for Ratajkowski as she unveils her latest collection for her lingerie and swimwear brand, Inamorata, just in time for the autumn season. Among the new images, she can be seen wearing a push-up bra paired with low-rise briefs that sit beautifully on her hips. Additionally, she effortlessly stuns in a sheer dress, accentuating her slender waistline and hips, with a matching bra worn underneath. Recently, Emily was spotted in her new apartment, donning a leopard print bra and panties that perfectly matched, a bold choice after parting ways with Sebastian amidst allegations of infidelity.

She has a bustling career: The pinup is a top model and runs her own company Inamorata, which came out with new leopard print designs on Tuesday

A model pout: She hawked the new leopard print underthings that included a bra, panties and dress

With an active and thriving profession, the 31-year-old dark-haired beauty showcased her latest collection on Instagram. The vibrant snapshots displayed her promoting the fresh line of leopard-patterned lingerie, consisting of a bra, panties, and a stunning dress.

Sheer brilliance: In this image Emily is showing off the sheer dress over her leopard print bra

Impressive Brilliance: Emily flaunts her leopard print bra under a stunning sheer dress in this photo. In an intriguing TikTok response, Ratajkowski hints at her bisexuality. The 31-year-old model, who is currently going through a divorce from Bear-McClard, subtly acknowledges her bisexuality by showing off her green velvet couch. This revelation sparks a flood of congratulatory messages from fans who applaud her for being attracted to both men and women, hailing it as another victory for the women. Emily’s potential bisexual admission aligns with other celebrities like Madonna and Shay Mitchell who seemed to hint at their LGBT+ identities prior to ‘National Coming Out Day’ on October 11th. Adding fuel to the fire, rumors of Emily dating 58-year-old Brad Pitt have emerged, as they have reportedly been spending a significant amount of time together.

Posed: Inamorata is a brand designed by Ratajkowski that launched as a swimwear line. In 2017, Harper's Bazaar UK published a story about Ratajkowski's impending release of her own swimwear brand after Emrata Holdings LLC acquired the trademark to Inamorata in August 2017

Rephrased: Inamorata, a brand created by Ratajkowski, made its debut as a swimwear collection. Back in 2017, a story was featured in Harper’s Bazaar UK, revealing the exciting news about Ratajkowski’s upcoming launch of her personal swimwear brand. This was made possible after Emrata Holdings LLC acquired the trademark rights to Inamorata in August of the same year.

New from Em Rat: On Tuesday the siren debuted her leopard print collection for her company Inamorata, which she founded and runs

Her own best model: She posed in the new offerings as well

Fresh from Em Rat: The famous celebrity, whose alleged romance with Brad Pitt is causing a buzz amid her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard, flaunted a sultry look by leaving her luscious dark locks cascading down her exposed shoulders.

She will never go out of style: Emily has a timeless beauty in line with Audrey Hepburn and Ali MacGraw

Emily possesses a timeless beauty that can be compared to icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Ali MacGraw. According to a source, it is uncertain if Emily’s current relationship is serious as there is no formal dating aspect to it. In September, Emily officially filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian amidst rumors of infidelity. The filing took place at Manhattan’s Supreme Court, marking the end of their four-year marriage. Reports surfaced in July suggesting that Sebastian, a film producer, had been unfaithful multiple times, leading to their initial split. A close source to Emily confirmed the split in July and emphasized her commitment to parenting. The insider stated that Emily made the decision to end the relationship and is doing well. She remains strong and focused on her role as a mother. Neither Emily nor Sebastian have commented publicly about the current state of their relationship.

Another look: Last week Emily wore a bra and panties with the same leopard print design while in her new apartment which she secured after leaving Sebastian amid claims he had cheated

A different perspective: Recently, Emily adorned herself in a matching leopard print bra and panties while in her brand-new apartment. This was a significant change for her, as she had just left Sebastian due to allegations of infidelity. On February 23, 2018, they tied the knot in a New York court, and Emily ecstatically shared the news on Instagram, surprising her followers. Interestingly, she mentioned that it took her only half a minute to decide that she wanted to marry her partner, who happens to be the producer of the film Uncut Gems.

Later in October 2020, Emily and Sebastian excitedly announced that they were going to have a baby together. However, Emily emphasized that pregnancy is an experience that a woman goes through alone, regardless of her circumstances. Despite having a supportive partner and female friends willing to share their own pregnancy experiences, Emily feels the physical changes and sensations in her body without anyone else truly understanding them. The unexpected sharp pains in her lower abdomen while watching a movie or the heavy weight of her breasts greeting her each morning serve as constant reminders of her unique journey. Meanwhile, Sebastian, being a man, does not experience any physical symptoms during their shared pregnancy, highlighting the inherent differences between male and female life experiences.

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