Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her sculpted abs in a stylish crop top and velvet suit during a London outing, revealing the impact of her ‘unconventional sex appeal’ on her career opportunities.

In a recent statement, she expressed her belief that she has missed out on acting opportunities because of her undeniable sexiness. However, Emily Ratajkowski, aged 26, proved that nobody can extinguish her alluring charm as she captivated everyone with her breathtaking presence in London on Monday. The stunning model, famous for the Blurred Lines music video, looked absolutely sensational during her visit to the bustling city, showcasing her incredibly toned abs in a form-fitting lycra crop-top.

Ab-tastic: Emily Ratajkowski, 26, showed she wasn't letting anyone dampen her smouldering sex appeal as she made a jaw-dropping display in London on Monday, and flashed her toned abs

Emily Ratajkowski, 26, showcased her undeniable sex appeal in London on Monday, proving that nothing could diminish her stunning figure. She confidently revealed her well-defined abs while wearing a form-fitting top that also accentuated her perky assets. With the top highlighting her slender waist and beautifully tanned midriff, Emily added a sophisticated touch by pairing it with an elegant emerald velvet pantsuit that perfectly hugged her slim curves. This stylish ensemble provided a striking contrast against her glossy chestnut hair. As she stepped out of her car in stiletto boots, the Gone Girl actress exuded confidence and beauty. Emily’s makeup was kept natural, complemented by a touch of bronzer, smoky eyes, and delightful pink lips.

Toned; The confident star even made getting out of a car seem glamorous as she arrived in London

With an air of confidence, the dazzling celebrity effortlessly exuded glamour while elegantly stepping out of her car upon arriving in the vibrant city of London.

Putting a demure twist on her ensemble, Emily paired the top with an elegant emerald velvet pantsuit that hugged her slender figure and beautifully contrasted with her lustrous chestnut locks. Opting for minimal accessories, she adorned herself with delicate golden hoops and a medallion necklace. Emily’s arrival in the UK coincided with her candid admission that she has missed out on certain roles in her career due to her ample bosom. In an interview with Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine for the August issue, she shared her frustration, stating that she has been labeled as “too sexy” and believes this bias reflects an underlying anti-woman sentiment in the industry.

Six pack anyone? The Gone Girl actress looked confident and beautiful as she strode out of her waiting car in stiletto boots

Looking for a six-pack, anyone? The actress from Gone Girl appeared self-assured and stunning as she confidently stepped out of her car, sporting stiletto boots.

“What’s the issue with boobs? They should be celebrated as a beautiful, feminine aspect. Size doesn’t matter, so why should it be a problem?” she exclaimed.

Furthermore, the actress didn’t shy away from addressing the sexism she has faced in the industry.

She expressed, “Every profile about me tends to focus on my sexuality and portrayal as a sex symbol, alongside the surprise of my knowledge about politics. This, in itself, is sexist. Why can’t I be both?”

Emily also revealed that she has frequently declined movie roles that solely require her to look attractive in a bikini, as she prefers to work on unique and intriguing projects with unconventional and talented directors.

She elaborated, “I find myself much more drawn to collaborating with unexpected and innovative filmmakers on fascinating ventures rather than being a part of a mainstream studio film where my only requirement is to look good in swimwear.”

Smouldering snaps: Emily regularly treats her Instagram followers to scintillating snaps

Emily is no stranger to sharing sizzling photos on her Instagram account, delighting her followers with glimpses of her revealing moments.

Cheeky: The 26-year-old recently claimed that being 'too sexy' stopped her from getting roles

Playful: The celebrity exudes confidence in her own skin, but admits that being “too sexy” has hindered her from landing certain roles. “I’m quite selective when it comes to movie offers, but I always have to fight for the roles I truly desire.” Emily also takes a swipe at the double standards prevalent in the entertainment industry, where women are judged for embracing their sexuality while men are celebrated. “Let’s take a moment to examine pop culture: Mick Jagger, at the age of 73, still occasionally rocks an open shirt and performs with sensuality on stage. It’s widely accepted and appreciated as part of his performance and artistic persona. However, when Madonna, a pioneering force in artistic sexuality at the age of 58, wears a see-through dress to the Met Gala, critics label her as a ‘hot mess’ and ‘desperate’.”

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