Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her stunning physique in a captivating series of poses for the launch of her chic handbag line

In December, she unveiled her latest collection of handbags for the Spring Summer 18 season. However, just recently, Emily Ratajkowski’s much-anticipated collaboration with renowned French fashion brand The Kooples released the official campaign advertisements. In these captivating photos, the 26-year-old model fearlessly showcases her stunning purses while teasing a glimpse of her flawless skin.

Hot purses: Emily Ratakowski stars in a new campaign for her collection of handbags designed in partnership with French fashion house The Kooples

Trendy handbags: Emily Ratakowski takes the spotlight in an exciting campaign promoting her latest line of purses crafted in collaboration with renowned French fashion brand The Kooples. One captivating campaign image showcases Ratajkowski sitting atop a classic car, exuding confidence and revealing a touch of allure. She effortlessly dons a stunning red floral-print dress, flaunting a daring neckline that beautifully complements her choice of hefty black cowboy boots adorned with bold buckles. While striking a pose, Ratajkowski strategically places a vibrant yellow mock crocodile purse in front of her elegantly cloaked midsection.

Bringing the heat: The 26-year-old shot the campaign in the California desert town of Palm Springs adding to the exotic nature of the shoot

Spicing things up: This young adult of 26 years old captured the essence of the campaign in the charming desert town of Palm Springs, California, enhancing the allure and uniqueness of the photoshoot.

Sexy: The brunette, who found fame by stripping off for RobinThicke's Blurred Lines video, naturally made sure to flash plenty of skin as she promoted her handbags

Seductress: The attractive woman, who gained recognition by baring it all in Robin Thicke’s provocative Blurred Lines music video, ensured that she showcased ample skin while endorsing her designer handbags. Furthermore, she confidently flaunted her beautifully long legs by holding up her dress while being photographed poolside with the same purse. This captivating photo session took place in Palm Springs, California, where the scorching desert scenery added an extra level of sizzling allure to the campaign. In another captivating image, she is captured from a low angle, perched at the edge of a swimming pool, elegantly donning a pink mock crocodile handbag on a stylish shoulder strap. To top it off, she strikingly poses with the same handbag at dusk, standing in front of a charming single-story home and a pair of majestic palm trees.

Promotional endeavor: Ratajkowski joined forces with The Kooples for an official launch of her collection in Hollywood in December

Marketing collaboration: Ratajkowski teamed up with The Kooples to host a grand debut of her fashion line in the glamorous city of Hollywood, slated for December.

Posed: She looked lovely in a red floral print frock at dusk with one of her mock croc handbags

Paraphrased: As the sun was setting, she appeared absolutely stunning in a beautiful crimson dress adorned with an intricate floral pattern. Accompanying her outfit was one of her trendy mock crocodile handbags.

Stunner: The leggy beauty posed on boulders at sunset with the desert town in the background and mountains in the distance

Breathtaking: The slender and graceful beauty gracefully positioned herself on the rocks during the enchanting sunset, with the scenic desert town and majestic mountains serving as the perfect backdrop.

Designer vibes: Ratajkowski has designed 17 'Emily Bags' in various colors

Designer inspiration: Ratajkowski unveils her latest collection, featuring 17 unique and stylish ‘Emily Bags’ available in an array of vibrant colors. Adding to the allure, she effortlessly poses against the backdrop of a breathtaking desert town, perched on boulders as the sun sets, and picture-perfect mountains adorn the distant horizon. Adding a touch of elegance, Ratajkowski adorns herself with a captivating emerald mock croc handbag. Complementing her ensemble, she dons a stunning dark green dress embellished with charming cherry motifs, uplifting her look. Playfully, she allows the skirt to hitch up, showcasing her impeccable sense of style. Apart from its fashionable appeal, the handbag cleverly doubles as a modesty protector. As she leans against a slightly ajar French door, revealing a glimpse of her silky smooth derriere, the accessory serves as a tasteful accessory, enhancing her allure.

Saucy: For her emerald mock croc handbag, she wears a dark green dress decorated with cherry motifs with the skirt hitched up to the hip and the purse strategically placed

Cheeky: With a mischievous flair, she flaunts an emerald imitation crocodile handbag, perfectly matched with a stylish dark green dress adorned with delightful cherry patterns. Adding a touch of allure, she playfully lifts the skirt up to her hip, while her strategically placed purse effortlessly accentuates her ensemble.

Newlywed: Meanwhile, as the ad campaign ramps up, Ratajkowski is holed up at an exclusive resort in Utah with her new husband Sebastian Bear-McClard

Newly married: While the advertising campaign gains momentum, Ratajkowski finds herself secluded at a luxurious Utah retreat alongside her recently wedded spouse, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

New talents: It's the latest fashion venture for the model who also launched a line of swimwear late last year

Fresh talents: This is the most recent fashion endeavor for the model who also introduced a collection of swimwear towards the end of the previous year.

The Kooples, comprised of the Elicha brothers, Raphael, Alexandre, and Laurent, collaborated with Emily Ratajkowski to curate a collection of exclusive ‘Emily Bags’. Their partnership was officially unveiled at a glamorous event held in Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont in December. Meanwhile, Ratajkowski is currently residing at a luxurious resort in Utah, enjoying her time with her newlywed husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The couple surprised their fans by tying the knot in a spontaneous courthouse ceremony in New York City, following a whirlwind romance. This unexpected wedding came as a surprise to many, as it was only recently revealed that Ratajkowski had moved on from her previous relationship with Jeff Magid, who she was last seen with in November. Bear-McClard, known for his work as an actor and producer in the 2017 film Good Time, alongside Robert Pattinson.

Loved up: Ratajkowski surprised fans last month when she married the film producer at a courthouse in New York City after a whirlwind romance

A Match Made in Unexpected Bliss: Ratajkowski Astonishes Fans by Tying the Knot with her Film Producer Beau in an Intimate New York City Courthouse Ceremony after an Electrifying Romance.

Collaborators: The Kooples - Hasidic brothers Raphael, Alexandre and Laurent Elicha -joined Ratajkowski for the collection's official launch at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood in December

Co-creators of the fashion brand, The Kooples, Raphael, Alexandre, and Laurent Elicha, who happen to be Hasidic brothers, came together with Emily Ratajkowski for the highly anticipated debut of their new collection at the iconic Chateau Marmont in Hollywood last December.

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