Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her stunning physique in exquisite semi-transparent lace lingerie following outcry over unauthorized publication of nude photo

Emily Ratajkowski, renowned for her stunning looks, flaunted her jaw-dropping physique in alluring white lace lingerie through a captivating Instagram post on Monday morning. The 25-year-old mesmerized her 9.5 million devoted followers by capturing a mirror selfie. Accompanying the sultry snapshot was a concise caption of only one word: ‘Night’. This comes shortly after the model publicly criticized photographer Jonathan Leder for releasing previously unrevealed nude photographs of her.

'Night': Emily Ratajkowski displayed her incredible figure in a semi-sheer lace lingerie number after lashing out over nude photo being published

‘Night’: Emily Ratajkowski showcased her stunning physique in a partially transparent lace lingerie ensemble following her response to the unauthorized publication of a nude photo. Embracing a relaxed vibe, the brunette bombshell stood confidently in a luxurious hotel room, elegantly brushing her hair behind her ear while sporting a luscious peach-colored lipstick.

Known for her breakthrough role in Robin Thicke’s music video for “Blurred Lines” in 2013, Emily has since become a prominent actress and model. Prior to arriving at LAX airport on Thursday, she took to social media to express her stance on the matter, emphasizing the importance of autonomy over her own body by writing, “My body, my choice.”

Flying under the radar! Emily was covered head-to-toe as she arrived at the LAX airport on Thursday

Unnoticed in the crowd! Emily discreetly made her way into LAX airport on Thursday, completely concealed from head to toe.

'My body, my choice': The model took to Twitter on Thursday to rant about nude photos of her from 2012 being leaked

In a Twitter outburst that began on Wednesday and continued into Thursday, the beautiful brunette model expressed her frustration over the leak of nude photos from 2012. Taking to the social media platform, she boldly declared, “This book and the images within them are a violation,” denouncing the unauthorized dissemination of her intimate images.

The explicit photo shoot took place back in May 2012, and unfortunately, some of the pictures have since been widely circulated by various media outlets and magazines. Last week, news regarding the leaked photos made headlines, prompting Emily to explain her silence up until now. She admitted, “I’ve resisted speaking publicly about the recently released photos by Jonathan Leder to avoid giving him publicity. But I’ve reached my breaking point.”

Fashionable flyer: The 25-year-old model was spotted after she took to Twitter and slammed photographer Jonathan Leder for publishing previously unseen naked photos of her

Fashionable flyer: The 25-year-old model was spotted after she took to Twitter and slammed photographer Jonathan Leder for publishing previously unseen naked photos of her

Trendsetting flyer: A hip and stylish 25-year-old model recently caused a buzz on social media when she expressively voiced her dissatisfaction with renowned photographer Jonathan Leder. This bold move came after he decided to release a series of never-before-seen nude photographs of her.

Low-key look: The Blurred Lines beauty wore a loose-fitting black sweater which she teamed with light wash distressed denim jeans

Casual Appearance: The stunning model known for her role in “Blurred Lines” opted for a relaxed black sweater and paired it with distressed denim jeans in a light wash. She revealed that the Polaroids she had taken were meant for an artistic magazine feature, and she never intended for any of the unused ones to be made public without her consent. Taking to Twitter, she voiced her frustration about the unauthorized use of these photos, emphasizing that it goes against her belief in empowering women to control the narrative of their own sexuality and bodies. In another tweet, she clarified that she had not signed any release or received any payment for these images.

Natural beauty: Emily went makeup-free for her travels which featured her flawless complexion

Emily embraced her natural beauty during her travels, proudly displaying her flawless complexion sans makeup.

Details: The genetically-gifted stunner rounded out her low-key look was a pair of simple wire-framed glasses and dainty silver necklaces

To begin with, the stunning individual, who has been blessed with good genetics, completed her casual appearance by wearing a pair of unfussy wire-framed glasses and delicate silver necklaces. She emphasized, however, that the legal aspect of the situation remains confidential. She kindly requested that individuals refrain from forming opinions based on speculation or assumptions, instead choosing to wait for factual information. The cover girl of Vogue Germany arrived at the Los Angeles terminal wearing distressed denim jeans in a light wash style. Complementing her outfit, she sported a loose-fitting black sweater and paired it with suede ankle boots of the same color.

Outrage: While she's happy to flaunt her body for fame, the model insisted via Twitter on Wednesday that it's up to her when and how she chooses to show off her figure

Controversy: Despite willingly using her body to gain attention, the model took to Twitter yesterday to assert that she has full control over when and how she decides to showcase her physique.
Her smooth, dark brown hair was sleekly styled with a middle part, embracing a timeless appearance.
Emily opted for a natural look without any makeup during her journey, highlighting her impeccable skin and inherent beauty.
Completing her understated ensemble were delicate silver necklaces and a minimalistic pair of wire-framed glasses.

'The legal side of this is private': Emily explained that the Polaroids were taken for an artful magazine spread and she never intended for the unused ones to be published

Emily clarified that the legal aspect of the situation remains confidential. She revealed that the purpose behind capturing the Polaroids was for a captivating magazine feature, purely meant for artistry, with no intention whatsoever to publish the unused ones.

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