Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her svelte legs in a daring leather mini-skirt during an impromptu street session

She is always unafraid to make a bold fashion statement, and Emily Ratajkowski continued to do so on Tuesday by donning a revealing top while out in New York City. The 25-year-old brunette opted for a timeless cream and black ensemble, putting a contemporary spin on a 90s-inspired outfit.

Downtown girl: On Tuesday, Emily Ratajkowski, 25, was dressed in classic black and cream look during a day out in NYC

City girl chic: Emily Ratajkowski, aged 25, opted for a timeless black and cream outfit during her stroll in the bustling streets of New York City this Tuesday. The talented actress, known for her role in “In Darkness,” effortlessly tucked her elegant spaghetti strap top into a sassy leather mini skirt, accentuated by a stylish gold zippered belt. Adding a touch of sophistication to her downtown look, Emily threw on a cream blazer from Express’s ‘Edition’ Boyfriend collection. Complementing her attire, the stunning star adorned herself with a layering of a fashionable choker necklace and oversized hoop earrings. To complete her ensemble, she stepped into a pair of ankle strap heels with a chunky, stylish bottom.

Edgy look: The In Darkness actress tucked in her dressy, spaghetti strap top into a leather mini, complete with a gold zippered belt

Casual flair: The talented star of In Darkness effortlessly paired her stylish spaghetti strap top with a chic leather mini skirt, accentuated by a trendy gold zippered belt.

Her opinions: Recently, the former Blurred Lines star, who posed topless in the infamous music video, revealed her thoughts on female sexuality in an interview with Harper's Bazaar

In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the former Blurred Lines star, known for her daring topless appearance in the music video, openly shared her thoughts on female sexuality. The actress and model engaged in a candid conversation with feminist author Naomi Wolf, during which she bared it all – posing fully nude with carefully positioned hair and hands protecting her modesty. Reflecting on her own experience, she disclosed that she had matured earlier than her peers, making her more sexually aware during her teenage years.

No blurred lines: The 25-year-old brunette was dressed in classic cream and black for her modern-day take on a '90s-inspired look

Clear boundaries: The brunette, who is 25 years old, opted for a timeless combination of cream and black to create a contemporary interpretation of a 90s-inspired outfit. Furthermore, she conveyed several scenarios where she experienced discomfort, discussing both her own self-consciousness about her ample bosom and her friend’s attention-drawing posterior. “She would intentionally wear pocketless jeans that accentuated her curves, resulting in numerous disciplinary issues due to our school’s dress code. We endured verbal harassment, and gosh, that was the most distressing aspect,” she expressed.

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