Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Inamorata Body Collection While Posing on Kitchen Counter in a Fiery Red Ensemble

Last week, Emily Ratajkowski introduced her latest collection, Inamorata Body, through her Instagram account. The 27-year-old model continues to promote the new line, as seen on Wednesday where she was spotted posing in a seductive red outfit while climbing onto a kitchen counter inside a lavish white mansion.

Hanging in the balance: Emily Ratajkowski balances precariously on the edge of a kitchen counter in an Instagram post from May 3

Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram post from May 3 shows her perched precariously on the edge of a kitchen counter, striking a balance. Her clothing line, Inamorata Woman, features comfortable pieces like bralettes, cropped tank tops, bodysuits, biker shorts, and ribbed skirts. In an Instagram caption, she expressed excitement about introducing the new category, BODY, which goes beyond lingerie. She hopes that her fans will love it as much as she does. The mansion where the photo was taken looks like a place where Tony Montana from Scarface would live.

Not the best place to rest: Here the leggy wonder was seen taking a break

This spot isn’t ideal for relaxation: The tall and slender individual was spotted pausing here.

Feet on the counter: The actress broke all the rules for this photo shoot

The actress defied all norms for her photo session by kicking back with her feet up on the counter.

Sitting pretty: There were no chairs in sight, so Ratajkowski made one out of the kitchen counter

Looking comfortable: As there were no seats around, Ratajkowski ingeniously transformed her kitchen counter into a makeshift chair.

Hogging the corner: The Blurred Lines star bends over the corner of the counter to show off her new line

Taking the corner: Blurred Lines sensation bends down on the counter to display her fresh collection. The items are titled after popular streets in New York City, including Bowery, Ludlow, and Canal, and come with a price tag of $55 or less. In the photo series, she is also featured in a topless shot, sporting peach-colored biker shorts matched with black heeled boots that reach over the knee – while embracing a column?

Mega mansion: The carpeted stairs in this bathroom are giving us a mega 70's vibe

This lavish mansion has a bathroom with stairs covered in soft carpet, which gives off a strong 70’s style.

In a different location, she is captured striking a pose in a bathroom, positioned on her hands and knees on a carpeted staircase. The background showcases two sinks, a bathtub, and gold cherub candleholders. The actress of the famed movie “Gone Girl,” who garnered attention for her topless appearance in Robin Thicke’s music video “Blurred Lines” in 2013, dons a red ensemble with a tube top, miniskirt, peach boots, and purposely tousled hair.

No shirt, no issue: The 27-year-old model is seen in many of the pieces as she poses in a white mega mansion. In some shots she is fairly covered and in others, the Vogue favorite is topless

Wearing no shirt is not a problem for this 27-year-old model who flaunts her physique in various pieces while posing inside a lavish white mansion. Some of the images show her modestly dressed, while others showcase her as a topless model, a favorite of Vogue magazine.

Lumiere: Ratajkowski contorted her body to match the twisted frame of one of those luxurious golden candlesticks

Lumiere: EmRata twisted her physique to mimic the contorted design of a lavish golden candle holder.

The model didn’t just strike a pose on the stairs leading to the bathroom; she also hopped onto the edge of the bathtub to showcase her new collection. She had to twist her body to match the elegant and twisted frame of the golden candlesticks. In another shot, Ratajkowski can be seen crouching in front of a door wearing a black crop top and a long skirt. It’s unclear what look the actress was trying to achieve, but she effortlessly makes almost anything look good in any way.

Hunchback of Notre Dame? Ratajkowski poses while hunched over in front of a door with a black crop top and a long skirt on

Did you see the picture of Ratajkowski posing in front of a door while hunching over? She was wearing a stylish black crop top and a long skirt. It reminded me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

It’s possible that the reason she was lying on the counter is because she doesn’t have her own comfortable place to sleep. Earlier this year, the model was involved in a dispute over rent. She and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, reside together in a NYC apartment and reportedly don’t pay rent due to a law aimed at assisting struggling artists. The couple earns millions of dollars annually, but the model claims that her spouse is a freelance filmmaker. Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard have been married for just over a year, and they have faced criticism for his apartment in New York City. According to a report in the New York Post, he owed more than $120,000 in unpaid rent on a loft located on Bleecker Street.

The individual who has been subletting the space since 2013 is a filmmaker named Sebastian. Although his lease ended in 2017, he has not yet left the property. It is uncertain whether he and Emily are currently residing in the unit, or if they have been renting it out to others while evading their own rent of $4,900 per month. Emily recently took to Twitter on March 25th to support her spouse. She stated that despite popular belief, Sebastian is not wealthy since he is an independent movie producer. Additionally, she mentioned that he grew up in the neighborhood where he presently resides, and his parents were artists who were forced to leave their homes due to high costs in downtown New York. According to court documents obtained by the post, the couple has sublet their residence since 2018, which indicates that they may be benefiting from a space for which they are not paying any rent.

New York is for lovers: 'He's an independent movie producer so people thinking he’s rich is real nice but not based in fact,' Emily wrote

According to Emily’s words, New York is a place where love flourishes. She mentioned that her partner is an independent movie producer but clarified that he is not as wealthy as people might assume.

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, the famous Blurred Lines model has a personal net worth of approximately $6 million. Her partner, Sebastian, has made a name for himself as a writer, director, and producer in the film industry. He has worked on a few short films, but he is best known for producing the critically acclaimed indie movies Heaven Knows What and Good Time, which stars Robert Pattinson. Although those films were well-received by movie critics, they did not do very well at the box office. Sebastian and Emily divide their time between their $2 million home in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and New York. Despite Emily’s statement regarding her partner’s net worth, it is believed that Sebastian’s personal wealth is closer to $12 million.

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