“Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Toned Midsection in Cozy Cropped Top and Relaxed Pants on NYC Stroll with Two-Year-Old son Sly, Amidst Buzz of Harry Styles Connection”

Emily Ratajkowski displayed her well-toned physique while sporting a fashionable outfit during an outing with her son, Sly, in New York City on Monday. The 31-year-old supermodel, who recently addressed her romantic encounter with Harry Styles in Tokyo, was later joined by a friend for a refreshing walk. For her casual look, the former Nickelodeon actress wore a revealing, long-sleeved cropped knit top layered over a dark gray sports bra. She showcased her toned abs with a pair of loose-fitting dark navy trousers, complete with a black belt featuring a gold buckle. To add a cute touch, she matched her tan boots with her two-year-old’s shoes.

So stylish: Emily Ratajkowski, 31, showed off her toned frame sporting a stylish ensemble as she stepped out for an outing with her son, Sly, in New York City on Monday

Looking effortlessly fashionable, Emily Ratajkowski, aged 31, proudly flaunted her well-defined physique while embarking on a leisurely stroll with her adorable son, Sly, in the bustling streets of New York City this Monday.

Keeping it casual: The former Nickelodeon actress donned a skimpy, long-sleeved knit cropped top which she layered on top of a gray sports bra

Staying laid-back: The ex-Nickelodeon star sported a revealing, cozy long-sleeved cropped top that she casually paired with a grey sports bra.

With a massive following of nearly 30 million on Instagram, the media personality gracefully draped a sleek black Loewe purse across her right shoulder, carrying her daily essentials. Her luscious brown hair, neatly parted in the middle, cascaded effortlessly down her shoulders in its natural glory. Keeping her ensemble subtle yet chic, she adorned her ears with delicate gold-hooped earrings. To add a touch of style and shield her eyes from the dazzling sun, she sported a pair of elegant black sunglasses. Throughout her outing, she quenched her thirst with a refreshing, oversized iced coffee, providing an energizing boost for her modeling ventures. Joined by her young son, Sly, whom she shares with her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, the actress opted for a relaxed and comfortable look for their stroll together. As a film producer, Bear-McClard has recently faced allegations of sexual misconduct from several women. Sly, a delightful two-year-old, radiated joy in his fashion-forward attire: a vibrant orange shirt beneath a charming blue printed sweatshirt. With a fuzzy backpack snugly fastened to his back, he excitedly held his mother’s hand as they savored the invigorating outdoor walk. Eventually, Emily lovingly scooped up her little one into her arms, cherishing their precious bond.

Mother son duo: She flaunted her toned abs by slipping into a pair of dark navy, loose-fitting trousers which were secured with a black belt that contained a gold buckle on the front

Mother and son twosome: Showing off her well-defined abs, she effortlessly rocked a chic ensemble consisting of loose-fitting, deep navy trousers paired with a black belt featuring a striking gold buckle at the front.

Matching: The beauty additionally donned a pair of tan boots with chunky soles, which perfectly coordinated with her two-year-old's shoes for a cute flare

The lovely lady also sported a stylish set of tan boots with thick soles, which flawlessly complemented her toddler’s adorable footwear, adding an extra touch of charm.

Beautiful: Her long brunette locks were parted in the middle, and effortlessly flowed down naturally past her shoulders

Gorgeous: The lustrous cascade of her chestnut-brown tresses was artfully divided in the center, cascading down her back with an enchanting ease.

The peaceful stroll happened shortly after the supermodel finally opened up about the passionate kiss she shared with former member of One Direction, Harry Styles, towards the end of last month in Tokyo’s streets. In an article published by the Los Angeles Times last week, the celebrity addressed the viral kiss, stating, “There are countless crazy and inaccurate things said about my relationships.” She went on to say, “I am definitely not currently thinking about guys,” but added, “Although, yeah. Sometimes things just happen.” Immediately following the kiss, an insider reported to The Sun, affirming that “they aren’t hiding anything” and that the two are “enjoying getting to know each other.” The source also mentioned, “Being filmed kissing in Tokyo and having that footage shared with the world was unexpected for both of them, but they have nothing to hide.” Back in March, Emily hinted at a potential romance with the talented British singer during her appearance on the Going Mental With Eileen Kelly podcast. While she didn’t reveal his identity, she shared, “I have just started dating someone who is really amazing. It’s a different feeling.” During her interview with the Los Angeles Times, the star also delved into deeper subjects and expressed her decision to stop attending networking parties due to the presence of “disgusting” middle-aged men.

Staying refreshed: During the outing, Emily was seen sipping a large, iced coffee to give the model a boost of energy

Staying rejuvenated: While out and about, Emily was spotted enjoying a refreshing, oversized iced coffee to invigorate the model with a much-needed burst of vitality.

Speaking out: The relaxing stroll comes shortly after the supermodel finally broke her silence on the passionate kiss she shared with former One Direction member, Harry Styles, late last month on the streets of Tokyo

Chattering away: The leisurely walk happens right after the supermodel recently spoke up about the affectionate smooch she exchanged with ex-One Directioner, Harry Styles, towards the end of the previous month in the bustling streets of Tokyo.

A helping hand: The Gone Girl actress was seen crouching down to help her son readjust his backpack that was slung over his shoulders

Providing a helping hand: The actress from the famous movie Gone Girl was spotted crouching down to assist her son in readjusting his backpack, which was hanging from his shoulders. The well-known supermodel, who bravely shared her experience of being raped at the age of 15 in her best-selling essay collection titled “My Body,” revealed that she decided to stop attending certain gatherings three years ago. She went on to compare those who referred to themselves as “party promoters” at these events to “sex traffickers.” In an interview with the LA Times, she described the unsettling nature of these parties, stating, “Disgusting, middle-aged men would show up in black cars. The true nature of what was being exchanged was never directly explained, which is why it felt incredibly eerie.” She further questioned the authenticity of these so-called “party promoters” by asking, “Are they truly just organizing parties or are they involved in illicit activities like sex trafficking?” Emily, who is currently dating while raising her two-year-old son, Sylvester, from her previous marriage to a film producer, shared that she initially attended these gatherings when she first started her modeling career. According to her LA Times profile, she would be invited to these events after developing a friendship with a slightly older model at a casting session. The invitation would typically be for a dinner at a trendy restaurant. Upon arrival, she would notice a group of young women, like herself, wearing revealing outfits and uncertainly glancing at each other. Soon after, carloads of men would arrive. Nowadays, the profile mentions that Emily primarily surrounds herself with queer and femme-presenting individuals during her modeling jobs as she finds it creates a safer environment for her.

Opening up: Earlier in March, Emily had hinted at a possible romance with the British-born singer, although she did not disclose his name, when stopping by the Going Mental With Eileen Kelly podcast

Introduction: In March, Emily dropped some hints about a potential romantic connection without revealing the identity of the British singer during her appearance on the Going Mental With Eileen Kelly podcast.

The industry: While talking to the LA Times, the star expressed that she stopped going to networking parties as they were filled with 'disgusting' middle-aged men

The industry: During her conversation with the LA Times, the actress expressed her decision to avoid networking parties due to the presence of inappropriate middle-aged men. Emily also delved into her dating experiences on the recent episode of the popular Forbidden Fruits With Julia Fox and Niki Takesh podcast, which was aired last Friday. Since her breakup with Sebastian last summer, Ratajkowski has been romantically linked to various celebrities, including Pete Davidson, comedian Eric Andre, and most recently, Harry Styles. ‘I attended a party where numerous famous individuals were present, and I decided not to wear my engagement ring. By the end of the night, word had spread and I had an incredible time,’ she shared. However, Emily also acknowledged the challenges that come with being in the public eye, particularly when it comes to her love life. ‘I went to a basketball game with my girlfriend who happens to be friends with someone who had an extra seat. During halftime, we switched seats, and suddenly there were countless pictures circulating, claiming I was on a date with that person. Can I please catch a break?’ she recalled, frustrated.

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