Emily Ratajkowski gleefully struts down the street, radiating style in a fashionable minidress that beautifully highlights her sculpted abs and legs

Emily Ratajkowski found herself in a dancing mood while strolling the streets of New York City. Capturing the joyful moment, the 31-year-old model shared a delightful video on her social media over the weekend. In the clip, which she uploaded on her Instagram account, the renowned Gone Girl star showcased her dance moves on the sidewalk. Rocking a charming red and white calico sleeveless minidress, she added a touch of asymmetrical flair with a gray panel running along her well-toned torso.

Dance: Emily Ratajkowski, 31, delighted her followers in a cute dance video that received millions of likes in the first two hours it was posted on social media

Emily Ratajkowski, age 31, brought joy to her fans with an adorable dance video that quickly earned millions of likes within just two hours of being shared on social media. Emrata, known for her long brown hair styled in relaxed waves and her natural-looking makeup, effortlessly showcased her dance moves in black cowboy boots. Dancing alongside her was a friend sporting a coordinated outfit consisting of gray pants, a yellow halter top, and white sneakers. The duo flawlessly executed a choreographed routine set to a captivating, sped-up rendition of Paramore’s popular track, “Hard Times,” which has been making waves on social media.

Calico: The iCarly actress donned a red and white calico sleeveless mini-dress with an asymmetrical gray panel along her toned torso. Her dancing shoes were black cowboy boots

Calico: The iCarly star sported a charming sleeveless mini-dress, featuring a combination of delightful red and white patterns. To accentuate her well-defined physique, she incorporated a stylish gray panel that elegantly draped across her torso. To complete her look, she chose to wear trendy black cowboy boots as her dancing shoes.

Friend: A friend in a coordinated outfit of gray pants, a yellow halter top and white sneakers

Choreography: The friends danced in a choreographed routine set to a sped up version of Paramore's Hard Times

Dance moves were on full display as a friend, sporting an impeccable matching outfit of gray pants, a yellow halter top, and white sneakers, joined our dancer in a synchronized routine. Set to an upbeat rendition of Paramore’s hit song “Hard Times,” the dynamic duo gracefully swayed their hips, executed smooth turns, and even nailed some impressive jumps. The I Feel Pretty actress, remaining silent within the post, simply expressed her love with a white heart emoji. This captivating dance routine marked the much-anticipated return of the actress to Instagram after a month-long hiatus. The post quickly gained popularity, amassing 2.2 million likes on TikTok and an additional 301 thousand likes on Instagram within the first two hours.

Social: The dance routine was the model's first post in Instagram in a month, although she's been a little more active on TikTok

Social: After a month-long hiatus, the model made her comeback on Instagram with a captivating dance routine. However, she has been relatively more active on TikTok during this period.

Fans: Emrata's fans seemed to love the video which received 2.2 million likes on TikTok

Likes: The video received 301 thousand likes in the first two hours on Instagram

Fans of Emrata were thrilled by a video she recently posted, which quickly gained popularity on both TikTok and Instagram. Within just two hours, the video received a staggering 2.2 million likes on TikTok and an additional 301 thousand likes on Instagram. It’s clear that her fans can’t get enough of her content.

Lately, Emrata has been more active on TikTok, where she engages with her followers through quirky and entertaining videos. Just a week ago, she shared a short clip featuring her beloved dog, Colombo. In the video, she affectionately referred to Colombo as her “son,” her “boyfriend,” and her “Bobo man.” To add a touch of humor, she even wrote, “The only man I want in my bed is this 90 lb boy.” It’s evident that her dog holds a special place in her heart.

Unfortunately, things haven’t been going so smoothly in Emrata’s personal life. About six weeks ago, she and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, decided to part ways. Though the exact reason for their separation remains unknown, rumors of infidelity have circled around. Both Emrata and Sebastian have chosen to remain silent about the details surrounding their breakup and their future plans, but it seems like they’re subtly communicating with each other through various sources.

According to InTouch magazine, one source claims that Sebastian is desperately pleading with Emily for a reunion, hoping to mend their broken relationship. Conversely, another source reveals that Emily is ready to move on from Sebastian and has no intention of looking back. She seems to have completely moved on from him and is focused on living her life to the fullest.

It’s clear that there is much speculation and intrigue surrounding Emrata’s personal life. As her fans continue to follow her journey, it remains to be seen how things will unfold for this popular model and actress.

Puppy love: Last week, the newly separated Emily posted a TikTok clip in which she's cuddled with her dog, Colombo, calling him, 'My son, my boyfriend, my Bobo man'

Romantic Pooch Affection: Just recently, Emily, who recently went through a separation, shared a delightful TikTok video featuring herself snuggling up with her beloved pooch named Colombo. In the clip, she lovingly referred to him as her cherished son, her special someone, and affectionately called him her “Bobo man.”

Bed: On the TikTok video the Gone Girl actress wrote, 'the only man I want in my bed is this 90 lb boy'

Colombo: The supermodel adopted the German shepherd-husky mix in May 2019

Bed: In a TikTok video, the talented actress from Gone Girl playfully mentioned that the only individual she desires to have in her cozy bed is her adorable 90 lb canine companion.

Emily Ratajkowski cheerfully danced on the sidewalk, showcasing her elegant short dress that highlighted her toned abs and legs.

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