Emily Ratajkowski Keeps the Summer Spirit Alive in a Stylish Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Los Angeles

Emily Ratajkowski once again flaunted her stunning physique and impeccable sense of style. The London-born supermodel was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend, sporting a striking midi dress with a captivating black print. Complementing her outfit, she rocked a pair of sleek leather boots that added a touch of chicness to her overall appearance.

Maintaining her signature effortless charm, the brunette beauty opted for a tousled hairstyle, allowing her famous locks to cascade gracefully. To enhance her modest yet captivating ensemble, Emily adorned herself with elegant silver jewelry, adding a touch of sophistication to her look.

Forever chic: Emily Ratajkowski showed off her fabulous body and fashion prowess in Los Angeles on Saturday

Emily Ratajkowski exhibited her impeccable fashion sense and stunning physique while in Los Angeles over the weekend. With an effortless beauty approach, she opted for a natural makeup look, showcasing her radiant complexion through the use of foundation and highlighter. To enhance her overall charm, she complemented her style with a nude lipstick and subtle black eye makeup. Taking to Instagram, the talented actress and model shared a captivating selfie, accompanied by the caption, “Puppy,” as she exuded charisma and allure.

Silky: The brunette beauty kept her famous locks natural in a tousled fashion as she added some silver jewelry to her modest look

Silky: The attractive brunette opted for an effortlessly tousled style, showcasing her famous natural locks. To enhance her modest appearance, she adorned herself with elegant silver accessories. Her photograph garnered immense appreciation from her extensive fan base of 8.4 million followers. Amongst the many positive comments, one follower expressed, “She exudes undeniable hotness.” Another enthusiastic fan conveyed their admiration, “You look absolutely stunning…I adore you tremendously!” While a third admirer simply stated, “Flawlessly perfect.” Apart from her successful modeling career, the multi-talented individual has various upcoming projects. Notably, she showcased her acting prowess in the 2016 movie Cruise alongside Spencer Boldman.

Looking good: The English-born model was seen around town in Los Angeles on Saturday wearing a black printed midi dress and chic leather boots

Looking good: The English-born model was seen around town in Los Angeles on Saturday wearing a black printed midi dress and chic leather boots

Appearing absolutely fabulous: The stunning British model turned heads in Los Angeles over the weekend donning a stylish black midi dress adorned with a unique print. Accompanying her fashionable ensemble were a pair of sleek leather boots that enhanced her overall chic appearance.

Taking us on a nostalgic ride back to the 1980s, this heartfelt tale of love unfolds against the backdrop of a young Italian-American gentleman hailing from a less privileged neighborhood who finds himself irresistibly drawn to a Jewish girl residing in Long Island.

Emily Ratajkowski is certainly no stranger to the thrilling genre, having previously captivated audiences in the gripping film Gone Girl. And the excitement continues as she is set to grace the silver screen in yet another exhilarating thriller titled In Darkness, slated for release in the coming year.

Hot hot: Her 8.4m fans seemed to enjoy the photo too with one followers commenting: 'She's a hottie hottie'

Sizzling: Embracing her sizzling appeal, the picture garnered immense appreciation from her substantial fanbase of 8.4 million followers. One enthusiastic follower even chimed in, calling her a stunning beauty.

The upcoming movie tells the intriguing tale of a visually impaired musician who becomes an unintended witness to a gruesome murder occurring in the neighboring apartment. This harrowing incident sets her off on a treacherous journey, immersing her in the dark and dangerous criminal underworld of London.

The cast for this exciting film includes renowned actors such as Natalie Dormer from the widely acclaimed series Game of Thrones, as well as Ed Skrein from the blockbuster movie Deadpool. Joining them is the talented Emily Ratajkowski, along with Joely Richardson, known for her role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

That top sure is lazy: Her bandeau did not cover her tummy and did nothing for her arms

Wow, that top is so laid back! It is evident that her bandeau fails to conceal her midsection and fails to flatter her arms in any way.

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