Emily Ratajkowski Radiates Joy at NYC Gathering While Embracing Fresh Love with DJ Orazio Rispo – While Sebastian Bear McClard, her Estranged Husband, Takes Their Son for an Outing.

Emily Ratajkowski appeared joyful as she made an appearance at an event in New York City on Monday, just a few days after publicly revealing her new relationship with DJ Orazio Rispo. The 31-year-old model looked absolutely stunning in a stylish dove grey blouse, subtly showing off her cleavage, and complemented her outfit with a striking gold necklace. She was interviewed at the New Era in Audio event during Advertising Week in the bustling city. In contrast, Emily’s estranged husband Sebastian McClard seemed quite serious as he went out with their 19-month-old son Sylvester on Wednesday.

Lots to smile about: Emily looked giddy as she attended an event in New York City on Wednesday, days after debuting her new romance with DJ Orazio Rispo

Emily Ratajkowski was seen looking extremely happy as she attended an event in New York City on Monday. This appearance follows her recent debut of a new romantic relationship with DJ Orazio Rispo. The sighting of Emily at the event occurred just three days after she was spotted engaging in a passionate kiss with 35-year-old Orazio during a date night. Orazio, like Emily’s ex-boyfriend Sebastian, was born and raised in New York. With a DJ career spanning two decades, Orazio also previously owned and operated a record shop in Brooklyn, known as Halcyon Record Shop, until its closure in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile: Her giddy appearance was in stark contrast to her estranged husband Sebastian Bear¿McClard's somber demeanor as he stepped out with the former couple's son Sylvester, 19 months on Wednesday

In the meantime, Emily exuded an infectious sense of excitement, which stood in stark contrast to the somber disposition of her estranged husband, Sebastian McClard. They both emerged in public, accompanied by their adorable 19-month-old son, Sylvester.

Lip lock: The event comes after the model was recently seen packing on some PDA with new love interest DJ Orazio Rispo

Smooch situation: Last Friday, the stunning model was caught engrossed in passionate public displays of affection with the attractive disc jockey.

In her element: She appeared to be in her element as she spoke to attendees on Wednesday

Grin: The celebrity proudly flashed her brilliant smile while settling into her chair.

Lots to talk about: Emily couldn't stop smiling as she took to the stage

So much to discuss: Emily’s face lit up with a beaming smile as she confidently stepped onto the stage.

Post split: Sebastian, 41, wrapped up in a tan jacket tee and joggers as held Sylvester on his shoulders while chatting to a friend

Sebastian, a 41-year-old man clad in a comfortable tan jacket, T-shirt, and joggers, had Sylvester perched on his shoulders while engaging in a casual conversation with a companion.

Look over there! Sebastian pointed something out to Sylvester

Check it out! Sebastian directed Sylvester’s attention towards something.

Smile: Sebastian was taking his mind off the split as he spent time with his son

Cute moment: The star smiled as he walked around the city with his son

Grin: Sebastian found solace in bonding with his son to distract himself from the breakup.

Dad time: Sebastian was every inch the doting dad as he stepped out amid ex Emily's new romance

Quality Time with Dad: Sebastian Showcases His Parental Devotion while Venturing Out amidst Emily’s Blossoming Relationship

Wow: Emily looked radiant as she was seen walking down the street on Monday

Impressive: Emily appeared absolutely stunning as she walked down the street on Monday. Following her breakup with her spouse, she seemed even happier than before as she indulged in some public displays of affection with Orazio on Friday night. The couple was spotted giggling, kissing, gazing into each other’s eyes, and sharing a sweet embrace while taking a romantic stroll through Manhattan after a lovely dinner in the open air. Looking stylish in an off-the-shoulder black top, matching trousers, and vibrant red boots, the mother-of-one engaged in a conversation with her companion before hopping onto his motorcycle and riding off together. Orazio happens to be the son of Giampiero Rispo, a realtor and the founder/president of the esteemed residential brokerage, Domus Realty, recognized for dealing in luxurious properties in New York City.

Glow: The model showed off her radiant complexion

Shine: The beautiful girl flaunted her glowing face.

Business chic: She paired this with black trousers and boosted her height with stiletto heels

Glow; The star wore her tresses in soft waves and sported a light palette of make-up

Fashionable professionalism: She combined this stylish piece with sleek black pants, enhancing her stature with elegant stiletto heels.

Stunning: Emily looked as radiant as ever as she strolled in the Big Applke

Breathtaking: Emily appeared as resplendent as always while leisurely walking in the Concrete Jungle.

New romance: Emily looked as chic as ever as she walked

down the street, her outfit perfectly put together. With each step, her confidence and beauty radiated. It was no wonder that heads turned as she passed by. She truly had a knack for effortlessly capturing attention with her sense of style.

Cheeky: Emily posed in a thong bikini in some snaps from her Inamorata range on Wednesday

Peachy: The star showed off her enviable frame

Emily grabbed attention with her cheeky poses in a thong bikini, showcasing her range from Inamorata on a sunny Wednesday. Giampiero, the founder of Domus since 1986, has built a reputation for being a man of integrity, creativity, and an artful negotiator. His LinkedIn bio states that he serves as both a wealth manager and an expert real estate advisor at Domus. With a strong background in finance, business, and real estate, Giampiero’s main focus is to strategically invest and manage his clients’ assets in the real estate market, aiming for the most rewarding and hassle-free experience. He particularly excels in dealing with celebrities and foreign buyers and investors, often securing off-market properties for clients who value privacy and have high standards.

Multiple sources have confirmed Orazio's identity to DailyMail.com

Multiple sources have verified Orazio’s identity to DailyMail.com. On his website, he currently has listings for several properties, including a luxurious apartment building worth $7.6 million in the upper east side, featuring 12 units. Additionally, he is selling a stylish two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in Soho for $6.5 million.

Interestingly, Orazio’s father serves as the director of a renowned undergarment company called BANDEBRA. This brand specializes in providing individuals with natural, organic, comfortable, and appealing alternatives to traditional bras.

There have been reports suggesting that Orazio is actually a cousin of the esteemed GCDS designer, Giuliano Calza. Giuliano boasts an impressive circle of celebrity friends that includes the likes of Dua Lipa, Nicola Beckham-Peltz, and Elsa Hosk. In fact, Orazio officiated the September wedding of his brother, which Giuliano attended.

When it comes to Orazio’s personal beliefs, he is a registered democrat and has studied political science at Columbia University. This background undoubtedly shapes his perspectives and influences his artistic pursuits.

During a recent outing with Emily, Orazio was seen sporting a vibrant green jacket layered over a cheerful yellow tee. He effortlessly paired this with loose, gray jeans and sleek black sneakers, exuding an effortlessly cool and relaxed style.

The blossoming couple was spotted enjoying a delightful evening at an outdoor restaurant. Laughter and smiles filled the air as they savored their delicious food and indulged in refreshing cocktails. In a touching moment captured on camera, Emily tenderly touched Orazio’s face, showcasing their affection for each other during their romantic date night.

Ex: Emily split from husband Sebastian in July - the pair are pictured with son Sylvester

The details surrounding the initial connection between Emily and Orazio remain unknown, but there are indications that they have been acquainted for some time. Reports emerged that they were spotted together enjoying a meal during Milan Fashion Week in September of the previous year.

In our efforts to gather more information, DailyMail.com has reached out to Emily’s representatives for a statement on the matter.

The news of Emily’s separation from her spouse of four years, Sebastian, broke online. During that time, it was disclosed that the model had decided to part ways with her husband, a 41-year-old film producer, due to allegations of infidelity. A source informed Page Six, “It’s repugnant. He’s unfaithful.”

Further insight came from comedian and social media influencer Claudia Oshry, who discussed the situation on an episode of The Morning Toast podcast. Claudia claimed that Sebastian’s extramarital affairs were an open secret within the industry.

Like Emily's ex Sebastian, Orazio was born and raised in New York

Like Emily's ex Sebastian, Orazio was born and raised in New York

Similar to Sebastian, Emily’s former partner, Orazio was born and raised in New York City. It is common knowledge that Sebastian has been unfaithful to Emily, and they are in the process of getting a divorce. When they officially announce their separation, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone.

In September, Emily, who has a one-year-old son named Sylvester Apollo Bear with Sebastian, filed for divorce. During her divorce proceedings, there were rumors that Emily was romantically involved with Brad. However, she seemed to dispel these rumors by openly displaying affection with Orazio.

In late August, OK magazine reported that Brad and Emily were growing closer. A source explained that Brad had asked her out, and she had accepted. Emily has always found Brad attractive, so she thought it was worth giving it a try. However, a different source recently stated that while Brad and Emily were enjoying each other’s company, their relationship was not serious.

The source revealed that the divorce was incredibly difficult for Emily. It was unexpected and devastating for her. At this moment, having Brad Pitt by her side is the perfect way to uplift her spirits.

He has worked as a DJ for two decades

He has worked as a DJ for two decades

He has been working as a DJ for a period of twenty years. Emily and Sebastian, renowned for producing movies such as Uncut Gems, Good Time, and Funny Pages, were initially connected on Valentine’s Day in February 2018, following the information circulating on the internet about Emily’s separation from her boyfriend Jeff Magid after being together for three years. During that time, they were seen displaying affection in Los Angeles, California. The manner in which they met remains uncertain, but a source revealed to Us Weekly that they had known each other for a considerable amount of time. Shortly after their first public sighting, it was announced that they had married in a courthouse in New York City on February 23, 2018. Emily herself confirmed the news through Instagram, stating, ‘So, I have an unexpected surprise, I got married today.’

Orazio (pictured) is the son of realtor Giampiero Rispo, who serves as the founder and president of residential brokerage Domus Realty - which specializes in selling 'luxury real estate in New York City'

Orazio (pictured) is the son of real estate agent Giampiero Rispo, who is the founder and president of Domus Realty, a company specializing in selling luxurious properties in New York City.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Emily revealed that it took her only 30 seconds to decide she wanted to marry Sebastian, the producer.

Their relationship timeline is quite eventful:

– In February 2018, Emily and Sebastian made their first public appearance as a couple after being friends for years.
– Just two weeks later, they got married in a civil ceremony.
– In March 2018, they enjoyed a delayed honeymoon in Canyon Point, Utah.
– Emily shared their proposal story in April 2018, where Sebastian proposed to her at Minetta Tavern using a paper clip from their bill.
– To celebrate their one-year anniversary in February 2019, Emily showed off her two-stone engagement ring and wedding band.
– Sebastian faced a real estate scandal in March 2019, with his landlord claiming he owed $120,000 in rent, and Emily defended him.
– In May 2019, they became proud dog parents to a Husky-German Shepherd named Colombo.
– They announced in October 2020 that they were expecting their first child together.
– In March 2021, Emily gave birth to their son, Sylvester Apollo Bear.
– They attended a star-studded wedding together in May 2022.
– Their last sighting as a couple was in June 2022, enjoying the beach in Porto Ercole, Italy.

Their red carpet debut was at the 33rd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards, and they appeared truly happy together. Despite facing criticism for their quick marriage, Emily defended their decision, stating that their relationship had been building for a long time.

Recently, Emily was seen moving her belongings out of their shared New York City apartment, including furniture, artwork, clothing, and a plant.

Emily and Sebastian’s relationship began in February 2018, shortly after her split from her previous boyfriend. They had known each other for quite some time, and their marriage was not as impulsive as it seemed.

There has been no public statement from Emily or Sebastian regarding the status of their marriage. They were last seen together in mid-June during their vacation in Italy, appearing happy and relaxed on Porto Ercole beach.

They also attended the wedding of Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger in St. Tropez in May, along with other celebrities.

In July, breakup rumors started circulating when Emily was spotted without her wedding ring while taking a walk with their son in New York.

Emily was seen moving her belongings out of their shared New York City apartment last month, with movers handling her furniture, artwork, clothing, and a plant.

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