Emily Ratajkowski shines in a vibrant purple dress while shooting for Versace’s latest ad campaign, expressing gratitude for the amazing opportunity

Emily Ratajkowski has been chosen as the fresh face of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, bringing her stunning allure to the forefront. In the promotional images, the 31-year-old beauty exudes confidence as she gracefully dons a mesmerizing purple lace corset, accompanied by a matching skirt and veil. The Italian fashion powerhouse captures the essence of elegance and exquisiteness through Emily’s captivating presence. Expressing her gratitude, the supermodel took to social media, proudly sharing the news and expressing her heartfelt appreciation to the legendary Donatella Versace for bestowing upon her this extraordinary honor. The anticipation for the SS23 collection grows as the fashion world eagerly awaits the masterpiece that Versace is set to deliver once again.

Pretty in purple: Emily Ratajkowski stunned in a revealing purple dress as she filmed for the 2023 Versace ad campaign on Tuesday

Emily Ratajkowski looked absolutely stunning in a daring purple dress while shooting for the 2023 Versace ad campaign. She couldn’t believe her luck to be the face of such a prestigious brand and had to constantly remind herself that it was real. Donatella Versace, the famous Italian fashion designer and artistic director, expressed her admiration for Emily in the comments section, calling her flawless and expressing her love for her. Shooting the campaign together was an amazing experience for both of them. In addition to the campaign, Emily was also featured in Versace print ads. In one shot, she flaunted her toned midriff as she stood in a store window, sporting a small crop top underneath a black blazer. Other models could be seen walking outside behind her, adding to the dynamic atmosphere. To complete her moto-inspired look, Emily wore coordinated denim and leather pants and carried a stylish black and gold Versace handbag. Her sleek dark hair was styled straight with a center part, and she opted for a nude lip and full makeup to enhance her beauty. She struck poses for the camera with her signature pouty face, exuding confidence and allure.

Purple power: The beauty modeled a flowing purple dress with a veil over her face and a long lacy train

In a stunning display of elegance and grace, the gorgeous model donned a magnificent flowing gown in a captivating shade of purple. Completing the ethereal look, a delicate veil gracefully veiled her face, emanating an air of mystery and allure. To add an extra touch of enchantment, a long and intricate lace train cascaded behind her, casting a spellbinding aura all around.

The beauty styled her sleek dark hair straight with a center part and opted for a nude lip and full makeup as she posed in a few different looks

The stunning individual decided to style her elegant and dark locks in a sleek, straight manner, parting them perfectly in the middle. She also chose to enhance her features with a full face of makeup, including a nude lip, to achieve a flawless look. Throughout the photoshoot, she showcased various outfits and styles. In one of the carousel shots, she rocked a similar outfit in a vibrant purple hue, which she paired with a classic black blazer. To complete the look, she accessorized with a luxurious handbag, adorned with Versace’s iconic gold hardware, in a matching purple shade. For another set of pictures, the talented actress exuded bridal vibes as she posed in a flowing and ethereal purple dress. To add an element of mystery and romance, she gracefully draped a veil over her face, creating an enchanting atmosphere. In a more daring ensemble, she confidently flaunted her flawless figure, with a high slit revealing a glimpse of her long leg and an exposed upper chest. The outfit also featured a majestic train that elegantly trailed behind her, adding a touch of drama and sophistication to her overall appearance.

Standing out: Countless models wearing dark glasses and leather outfits walked around Emily like robotic Matrix characters as the camera followed her on a large boom

Emily found herself surrounded by numerous models, all sporting sunglasses and adorned in leather attire. They moved around her like characters from the iconic Matrix film, their movements synchronized as the camera captured every moment on a towering boom.

Va-va-voom Versace: Her long brunette locks effortlessly cascaded past her shoulders in natural waves as crew members positioned lights and fans for a high-fashion effect

The fabulousness of Versace: With ease, her luscious brown hair flowed down her shoulders, forming natural waves, while the crew members strategically placed lights and fans to create a stunning fashion display. In the following scene, Emily takes the spotlight as she gracefully moves through a group of background models adorned in leather outfits and stylish dark glasses, reminiscent of robotic Matrix characters. In yet another frame, Ratajkowski captivates the camera, concealing her eyes behind a captivating purple veil that she slowly lifts. Effortlessly, her luxurious brown locks cascade down her shoulders in a natural wave, as the crew members meticulously arrange the lights and fans to achieve a glamorous high-fashion effect.

Behind-the-scenes: Another shot showed Ratajkowski playing with her veil as the characters dressed in black walked around her

Behind the Scenes: In another photo, Ratajkowski can be seen playfully engaging with her veil while black-clad characters circled around her.

Keeping her options open: The 31-year-old mother-of-one has been dating multiple men since she split with her husband

Remaining open to possibilities: Ever since she ended her marriage, the 31-year-old woman, who is a mother of one, has been exploring romantic relationships with multiple men.

Looking good: The Gone Girl actress put her taut midriff on display as she stood in a store window wearing a tiny crop top under a black blazer with other models walking outside behind her

Looking fabulous: Emphasizing her toned abs, the talented actress from Gone Girl confidently showcased her midriff while striking a pose in a shop window. Sporting a sleek black blazer and a stylish crop top, she captivated the attention of onlookers as fellow models paraded behind her. While diligently pursuing her thriving career, this model has also made it a top priority to raise her one-year-old son, Sylvester. Wanting to include him in her world, she brought him along to a photoshoot with the renowned brand Versace. During the shoot, the iconic Donatella Versace herself lovingly cradled the precious little boy, surrounded by an array of adorned handbags, ensuring he felt right at home as he observed his talented mother in action. Since her separation from her husband, Sebastian Bear-McCloud, Ratajkowski has been embracing the joys of singlehood, relishing in her newfound freedom and independence.

She brought her son to the shoot: The mother-of-one brought her adorable little boy, Sylvester to the photoshoot. Sly looked so cute dressed in vibrant Versace gear

The mother decided to bring her son, Sylvester, along for the photoshoot. It was heartwarming to see him dressed in vibrant Versace clothing, adding an extra touch of cuteness to the occasion.

Legend: Donatella showed off her youthful complexion as she posed with Emily's son Sylvester

Story: Donatella’s Radiant Glow Shines in Candid Snapshot with Emily’s Son Sylvester In a charming and heartwarming snapshot, Donatella effortlessly flaunted her timeless beauty while striking a pose alongside Sylvester, the beloved son of her close friend Emily. The photograph vividly captured Donatella’s youthful complexion, radiating a glow that seemed to defy the hands of time. With an air of elegance and grace, Donatella exuded a relaxed and confident demeanor, showcasing her natural and unblemished beauty. Her vibrant charm was palpable as she effortlessly captivated the lens, effortlessly displaying the secrets to her enviable radiance. The genuine camaraderie between Donatella and Sylvester was evident from the photograph, capturing a precious moment that encapsulated their special bond. It was a heartwarming reminder that age is just a number and true beauty shines from within, reflecting the genuine connections and relationships that enrich our lives. This snapshot serves as a delightful testament to Donatella’s timeless allure, while also highlighting the joy and warmth that can be found in moments shared with loved ones.

Choochie face: Ratajkowski's one-year-old son stole the show as she smiled from ear to ear surrounded by all the clothing and studded handbags from the campaign

Choochie face: Ratajkowski’s adorable one-year-old son stole the spotlight as she beamed with joy while surrounded by a plethora of stylish clothing and studded handbags featured in the campaign. Prior to this, the model was romantically linked to comedian Pete Davidson, aged 29, over the past few months; however, she has been recently spotted going on dates with other potential suitors. In November, Emily and Pete sparked speculation about their relationship after they shared a Friendsgiving meal together and were spotted attending a New York Knicks game as a pair. During a recent episode of her High Low podcast, she revealed that she is currently undergoing therapy to work on changing her ‘attachment style’ in relationships, following a challenging emotional split from her husband earlier this year. The star officially initiated divorce proceedings in September of last year, citing allegations of infidelity.

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