Emily Ratajkowski shines in an edgy leather ensemble, leading a dazzling parade of models to the glamorous L’Oreal Paris Fashion Week soirée

Dubbed as the fashion world’s social butterfly, Emily Ratajkowski radiated glamour and sophistication as she graced various front rows around the globe. Her magnetic presence made her one of the most recognizable faces at this year’s prestigious Paris Fashion Week. Despite her jet-setting lifestyle, Emily showed no signs of exhaustion as she shone bright at the star-studded L’Oreal PFW dinner on a Sunday evening. Rocking her signature style, the talented actress effortlessly pulled off a fashionable ensemble consisting of a sleek black leather skirt adorned with an intricate white laser-cut belt, exuding her usual fashion-forwardness.

Fashion star: Emily Ratajkowski, 25, looked stunning in a leather skirt and a casual tank top as she led a bevy of models into the L'Oreal Paris Dinner on Sunday night

Fashion sensation Emily Ratajkowski, at the age of 25, commanded attention as she arrived at the L’Oreal Paris Dinner on Sunday evening, effortlessly showcasing her impeccable style. The stunning model and actress opted for a leather skirt paired with a laid-back tank top, skillfully highlighting her enviable arms that had been kissed by the sun. Adding to her standout look, Emily accessorized with a beautiful laser-cut white leather handbag that perfectly complemented her belt, while completing the ensemble with stylish black high heel mules. As always, her makeup was flawlessly applied, with a touch of bronzed eye-shadow delicately lining her eyes, expertly contoured cheeks, and a subtle nude gloss applying a finishing touch to her lips.

Sun-kissed: Emily flaunted her bronzed skin in the tank top and toted a delicate white leather bag which featured a laser-cut detail as she made her way into the star-studded party

Radiant from the sun’s embrace, Emily confidently showed off her beautifully tanned complexion in a casual tank top as she gracefully entered the glamorous party. A touch of elegance accompanied her, as she carried a chic white leather bag, embellished with intricate laser-cut designs.

Blown away: Emily's brunette locks were whipped by the Parisian wind as she climbed out of her car

Astounded: The Parisian breeze tousled Emily’s brown hair as she stepped out of her vehicle.

Composed: The beauty quickly slicked her hair back and returned to posing

Written: The stunning beauty swiftly brushed her hair away from her face and resumed striking elegant poses.

Eye-catching: The actress ensured all eyes were on her at the glitzy fashion function

Attention-grabbing: The dazzling fashion event became the center of attention as the actress effortlessly commanded the spotlight.

Silver screen beauty: Emily showed off the perfectly symmetrical face that landed her a role in Gone Girl

Gorgeous on the big screen: Emily displayed her flawlessly balanced facial features that earned her a part in the acclaimed movie Gone Girl. Her dark and lustrous hair cascaded in effortless waves, reaching past her shoulders. Keeping up with Emily’s fashion sense, up-and-coming model Lottie Moss confidently flaunted her well-toned legs in a chic black minidress. Accentuating her outfit, the 19-year-old model, who happens to be Kate Moss’s half-sibling, stylishly layered her dress with a bold statement jacket.

The beautiful people: Models including Doutzen Kroes, Soo Joo Park, Alexina Graham and Lara Stone posed at the exclusive L'Oreal event with hostess Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore

A gathering of stunning individuals took place at the exclusive L’Oreal event, where renowned models like Doutzen Kroes, Soo Joo Park, Alexina Graham, and Lara Stone graced the occasion. Playing the role of the perfect hostess was none other than the talented Oscar-winning actress, Julianne Moore.

Sultry star: Inside the event, Emily lounged on a leather sofa, showing off her tanned legs

Seductive celebrity: At the gathering, Emily elegantly reclined on a plush leather couch, gracefully displaying her sun-kissed and toned legs.

No tiredness here! The jetsetter has a punishing global schedule but revealed no signs of fatigue

No signs of weariness detected here! The globetrotter’s hectic international agenda seems to have no effect on their energy levels.

Style stakes: Lottie Moss, 19, arrived at the party in a statement jacket with a pattern of red roses and green leaves and a shaggy fur trim

Fashion Forward: Lottie Moss, a youthful 19-year-old, made quite an entrance at the party donning a striking jacket adorned with a delightful print of vibrant red roses and verdant leaves. Adding an extra touch of chicness, the jacket was enlivened by a shaggy fur trim.

Kate's little sister: Lottie flaunted her legs in a minidress and wore her long blonde tresses loose and poker straight. She swept rose gold eye shadow across her lids and added lip gloss

Lottie, the younger sister of Kate, confidently showcased her legs in a stylish minidress while allowing her long, flowing blonde hair to cascade effortlessly down. With a touch of elegance, she applied a hint of rose gold eye shadow on her eyelids and completed her look with a glossy lip.

Fashion week stalwart: Lottie has attended London, Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks this year

Lottie, a frequent attendee of fashion weeks in London, Milan, New York, and Paris, has been a steadfast supporter of the fashion world this year. Sporting a stylish jacket adorned with a beautiful red rose and green leaf design, she added a touch of elegance to her ensemble with a shaggy black fur trim. Her long, straight, blonde hair was flawlessly styled with a sleek central part for the glamorous occasion. Enhancing her eyes, Lottie applied a delicate dusting of rose gold eyeshadow to her lids and added a hint of pink lip gloss to her lips, creating a subtle yet alluring finish.

Strike a pose: Lottie has been partying up a storm at fashion events in the last three weeks

Striking a pose: Lottie has been relentlessly enjoying the vibrant fashion scene at various dazzling events throughout the past three weeks.

On trend: Lottie pouted at the L'Oreal event and showed off her toned legs

Current fashion statement: Lottie sported a pout while attending the L’Oreal gathering, accentuating her well-defined legs.

Hostess with the mostest: Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore, 56, looked incredible in a floor length, floral patterned, spring green gown. She hosted the L'Oreal Paris Dinner

The epitome of a charismatic host: Julianne Moore, the talented 56-year-old actress who even snagged an Oscar, mesmerized onlookers in a splendid spring green gown adorned with a charming floral pattern that gracefully cascaded down to the floor. It was an evening to remember as she took charge of the L’Oreal Paris Dinner, leaving everyone completely in awe.

Age-defying beauty: The redhead actress looked beautiful in the gauzy number with frill detail

Youthful beauty that defies time: The stunning red-haired actress appeared absolutely gorgeous in the ethereal dress adorned with delicate frills.

Film friends: Julianne wrapped her arm around Isabelle Huppert, who had just missed out on the Best Actress Oscar for her role in Elle to Emma Stone

Movie buddies: Julianne playfully embraced Isabelle Huppert, who, in a bittersweet twist of fate, had narrowly lost the prestigious Best Actress Oscar to Emma Stone for her captivating performance in Elle.

Dutch beauty: Lara Stone, 33, beamed as she arrived at the glitzy event in a minuscule white long-sleeved dress and a pair of gold strappy stilettos

Lara Stone, a stunning Dutch beauty, arrived at the glamorous event with a radiant smile on her face. She turned heads in a minuscule white dress with long sleeves, perfectly highlighting her toned legs. The dress, adorned with a zip detail and studded holes, added a touch of edginess to her look. Her blonde locks were styled with a side parting, allowing soft curls to cascade down her shoulder. Opting for a more natural makeup look, Lara chose to accentuate her eyes with a touch of dramatic eyeliner and kept her lips hydrated with a pat of lip balm.

Glitzy: Lara looked like she was used to the glitz of fashion events as she pouted knowingly

Dazzling: With an air of familiarity, Lara effortlessly flaunted her fashion event expertise as she knowingly wore a captivating pout.

Strike a pose: The beauty, who used to be married to comedian David Walliams, happily posed for pictures

Lara skillfully styled her hair, creating cascading curls that elegantly fell over her shoulder.
The L’Oreal dinner, organized by the renowned Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore, attracted a considerable crowd of models, as expected.
Lily Donaldson, a thirty-year-old British model, looked effortlessly chic in a white silk slip dress paired with a timeless black blazer.
Completing her ensemble, she opted for stilettos adorned with delicate ankle straps and carried a sleek metallic box clutch.
Lily’s complexion radiated a natural glow, and her luscious blonde tresses had recently received a professional blowout, resulting in a glamorous voluminous wavy hairstyle.

It's not only models! Lewis Hamilton also attended the event. The 32-year-old racing driver looked fashion-forward in a textured coat, plaid shirt and black trousers

It’s not just about the models! Lewis Hamilton made an appearance at the event too. The renowned 32-year-old racer displayed his fashion sense with a stylish textured coat, complemented by a trendy plaid shirt and sleek black trousers.

Fashionable guests: Lewis grinned as he posed with Ethiopia-born model Liya Kebede

Stylish attendees: Lewis flashed a smile while capturing a moment with the elegant Liya Kebede, a renowned model originating from Ethiopia.

New look: The star debuted a tight-curl hairstyle at the exclusive party

Fresh appearance: The celebrity showcased a stunningly coiled hairdo at the private event.

A Brit of alright: Beautiful English model Lily Donaldson sported a white silk slip underneath a timeless black blazer

A Brit who’s got it together: The stunning English model, Lily Donaldson, rocked a classic black blazer over a white silk slip, creating a chic and timeless ensemble.

Fashion fun: The 30-year-old model looked keen to get inside and catch up with the likes of Lara Stone, Lottie Moss and Emily Ratajkowski

Fashion excitement: With great eagerness, the 30-year-old model seemed determined to enter the venue and reunite with fellow fashion icons such as Lara Stone, Lottie Moss, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Back to the 90s! Lily looked like she was channelling the 90s in her silk slip

Taking a trip down memory lane, Lily was exuding major 90s vibes with her silk slip dress. The gust of wind outside the party caught redhead model Alexina Graham off guard, resulting in her auburn curls gracefully dancing alongside the breeze. With her captivating presence, the British model donned a daring semi-sheer halter neck dress adorned with sparkling details that showcased her immaculate pale skin, particularly at the back where it plunged seductively. Completing her ensemble, she elegantly carried a timeless Chanel quilted leather clutch as she made her entrance into the venue.

Redhead stunner: Model Alexina Graham looked incredible in a racy semi-sheer sparkling halterneck which was cut low to reveal her toned back

Gorgeous ginger beauty: Model Alexina Graham was an absolute vision in a daring, partially-transparent halterneck dress that shimmered with sparkle. The low-cut design showcased her impeccably toned back, leaving everyone in awe of her stunning figure.

Flyaway: Alexina's auburn curls rippled in the Parisian wind as she arrived at the party

Flyaway: As Alexina made her way to the soirée, her auburn curls danced and flowed in sync with the breeze of the magical city of Paris.

Pure class: Alexina looked like she could be in a luxury advert as she posed on the leather sofa

Exuding elegance: Alexina exuded an air of luxury, resembling a model straight out of a high-end advertisement as she confidently posed on the luxurious leather sofa. Not to be outdone, Italian beauty Bianca Balti added an extra touch of glamour by draping herself in a sumptuous fur coat. Keeping in line with her Dolce And Gabbana roots, the 32-year-old model flaunted her sun-kissed legs in a sleek black sheath dress, impeccably paired with glamorous open-toe sandals boasting a golden hue and towering heels. With her luscious brunette locks elegantly tied up in a chic high bun, she effortlessly showcased her enviable cheekbones while offering a playful pout to the camera lenses capturing her every move.

Fashionista: The Dolce   Gabbana model pushed her hair into a high bun and showed off some serious cheekbones

Italian model Bianca Balti strutted her stuff at the photographers, exuding confidence as she entered the venue in a chic short black dress, complemented by a glamorous fur coat and stylish gold sandals with an open-toe design.

The L’Oreal dinner wouldn’t have been complete without the presence of Dutch model Doutzen Kroes, who has been an ambassador and spokesperson for the renowned cosmetic brand for over five years. Doutzen, at 32 years old, opted for a more laid-back and comfortable look compared to the other stunning models in attendance.

Rocking a cozy cream woolen jumper, she showcased her fashion-forward style with a black coat, cropped trousers, and a pair of casual and comfortable loafers. Her blonde locks cascaded down in a sleek straight style, highlighting her natural beauty enhanced by a simple touch of mascara.

Brand ambassador: Doutzen Kroes was an expected guest at the cosmetic giant's PFW party as the Dutch model has been the company's ambassador and spokesperson for five years

Celebrity icon Doutzen Kroes, well-known for her dazzling beauty, was delightfully anticipated to grace the glamorous Paris Fashion Week soirée hosted by the renowned cosmetic powerhouse. The Dutch supermodel, who has impeccably represented and voiced the brand for an impressive five-year tenure, effortlessly exudes elegance and sophistication.

Casual look: Doutzen kept it casual in a thick cream jumper, cropped trousers and comfortable loafers. She wrapped up warm in a black coat

Informal attire: Doutzen opted for a relaxed and cozy look, wearing a thick cream sweater, cropped pants, and comfy loafers. To keep herself warm, she added a black coat to the ensemble.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld, a fashion influencer and the daughter of the renowned former editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld, also made an appearance at the event. She confidently showcased her sun-kissed cleavage in a black silk dress. With her shiny brunette hair styled with a middle parting, she carried a charming heart-shaped clutch bag. Her makeup included striking black eyeliner, and she completed the look with a pair of sky-high heels.

Fashion royalty: Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the daughter of legendary former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, looked glamorous at the event

Fashion celebrity Julia Restoin Roitfeld, renowned as the offspring of the iconic former editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, exuded a captivating allure as she graced the splendid affair with her exquisite and stylish presence.

Chic: The 36-year-old model bared her cleavage in a cleverly cut black gown

Stylish: The elegant model, at the age of 36, confidently showcased her décolletage in a sophisticated black dress, cleverly designed to highlight her assets. On the other hand, the young and talented American actress and singer, Madison Beer, opted for a more minimalistic approach at the Paris event, donning a simple yet classy white silk shirt. To complete her androgynous look, the 17-year-old star paired her shirt with over-the-knee boots and embellished it with two necklaces. Her luscious brunette locks were styled in playful curls, perfectly accentuating her smoky eye makeup and glossy tinted lips.

Brunette curls: The beautiful singer teased her glossy locks into flowing curls

Meet Madison Beer, the beloved teenager who captured the hearts of Americans. At the young age of 17, she skyrocketed to stardom after Justin Bieber publicly declared his admiration for her. Recently, this rising star made a bold fashion statement by donning a unique and androgynous outfit. The ensemble consisted of a crisp white shirt paired with stylish thigh-high boots. Madison Beer continues to leave a lasting impression with her iconic style choices.

Is she just 17? Madison looked older than her 17 years at the Paris shindig

Is she really only 17 years old? Madison appeared older than her actual age of 17 during the lively event in Paris.

Dark-haired beauty: Madison's complexion glowed with health

Madison radiated with vitality, showcasing her healthy and glowing complexion.
Prominent figures from the fashion industry arrived at the prestigious L’Oreal dinner.
Following his triumphant runway show on Thursday, Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing appeared impeccably elegant in a well-fitted suit.
Oliver’s renowned meticulousness was on full display as he confidently wore a suit embellished with satin lapels, gold buttons, and crisp white silk cuffs expertly folded.

VIP: Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing looked dapper in a suit at the L'Oreal function

VIP: At the L’Oreal event, the Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing appeared effortlessly stylish in a sleek suit. In contrast, fashion enthusiast Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis opted for a unique ensemble. He confidently sported a mustard-colored suit beneath his long black overcoat, cleverly concealing his bold fashion choice. Known for his penchant for front row appearances, Gabriel showcased his neck tattoo and effortlessly styled his disheveled hair into a sophisticated wet-look do. Eager to join the fashionable crowd, the son of Oscar Winner Daniel seemed excited to immerse himself in the festivities alongside a bevvy of stunning models.

Like father, like son: Gabriel Day-Lewis looked startlingly like his famous father Daniel as he attended the bash in a mustard suit and a black overcoat

Gabriel Day-Lewis made quite the impression at the event, bearing a striking resemblance to his renowned father Daniel. Dressed in a mustard suit and complementing black overcoat, he exuded charm and style. Meanwhile, Barbara Palvin, the Hungarian model and former Victoria’s Secret star, graced the occasion with her radiant presence. With a beaming smile, she confidently showcased her impeccable figure in a sheer shirt, leaving it unbuttoned. Enhancing her flawless appearance, she elegantly tied her long locks into a ponytail, while adding a touch of glamour with a bold red lip.

Like an angel: Hungarian model Barbara Palvin grinned with glee as she made her way inside

With joy radiating from her smile, Hungarian beauty Barbara Palvin glided gracefully into the venue, resembling a heavenly apparition. Following suit, the charming Russian model Natasha Poly couldn’t suppress her contentment, playfully breaking into an impromptu dance routine for the cameramen’s pleasure. Making a bold statement, the stunning Versace model kicked up her legs, showcasing her impeccable grace as she graced the party in a sleek black tuxedo. Her golden locks flowed seamlessly in a flawlessly straight fashion, while her eyes were expertly accentuated with smoky black kohl, adding an enchanting allure to her already captivating presence.

Do a little dance: Natasha Poly can't hide her delight as she arrives at the Paris Fashion Week party

Bust a move: Natasha Poly is positively beaming as she makes a grand entrance at the celebratory bash of Paris Fashion Week.

All-in-black: South Korean model Soo Joo Park looked uber glam in a black halterneck dress which she paired with a fluffy shrug

Dressed entirely in black, the elegant South Korean model, Soo Joo Park, exuded glamour as she donned a halterneck dress coupled with a plush shrug.

Legs-eleven! Soo Joo showed off her endless legs as she climbed out of her car

Legs-eleven! Soo Joo flaunted her never-ending limbs while gracefully exiting her vehicle.

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