Emily Ratajkowski showcases her generous décolletage in a stunning low-cut gown at Vogue’s soirée during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week… revealing challenges faced due to her voluptuous figure

During a recent open conversation with the media, she revealed that she has missed out on securing coveted roles in movies due to the size of her breasts. However, it seems that Emily Ratajkowski was not the least bit hesitant about flaunting her supposedly problematic assets at Vogue’s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week party. The 26-year-old charmed all onlookers with her stunning entrance in a black dress that featured a deep neckline, showcasing her generous cleavage. Not only that, but the outfit also revealed her torso through a tasteful peephole slit, held together with delicate metallic bars.

We like to party: Emily Ratajkowski was spotted at Vogue's Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week party, held at Palais Galliera on Tuesday night

We enjoy a good time: Vogue’s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week party at Palais Galliera was graced with the presence of Emily Ratajkowski on Tuesday night. The London-born brunette continued to flaunt her bold fashion choices with a figure-hugging dress featuring daring thigh-high slits on both sides. Showcasing her shapely legs, Emily looked stunning with her voluminous chestnut brown hair styled in a bun and nude pink lipstick adding the finishing touch to her overall look for the night. Towering in black strappy heels, the Gone Girl actress mingled with fellow celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne. Emily gained widespread recognition after appearing topless in Robin Thicke’s chart-topping 2013 hit, Blurred Lines.

Eye eye: The brunette beauty put on quite the eye-popping display in her plunging black dress

Eye eye: The dark-haired stunner made a sizzling statement with her captivating appearance in a revealing black gown.

The thigh's the limit: The London-born brunette kept the daring display going, with thigh-high slits on either side of the figure-hugging number helping her show off her shapely legs

No boundaries for those legs: Maintaining her fearless fashion choices, the brunette beauty born in London continued to impress by wearing a figure-hugging dress adorned with thigh-high slits on both sides, perfectly accentuating her well-shaped legs.

Through the peephole: She gave a glimpse of her torso through a peephole slit that was held together with a series of small metallic bars

Taking a peek: A small opening on the door revealed a glimpse of her upper body, with a narrow gap held in place by a collection of small metallic bars.
Emily recently made a stylish public appearance, but she shared that she has experienced setbacks in her career due to her “ample” features.
In an interview with Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Emily spoke about the frustrating stereotype she has encountered: that she is “too sexy”.
She expressed her frustration, saying, “It’s like there’s something wrong with being a woman who embraces her sexuality. Some people have hesitated to work with me because of my voluptuous figure.”
Emily’s strong stance on the matter is clear: she believes that there is nothing wrong with having a curvaceous shape. She emphasized, “Why should the size of my breasts be an issue? They are a beautiful and feminine aspect of who I am, and they should be celebrated, regardless of their size. Let’s not make it a problem.”

Sign of the times: As the California-raised star arrived, she signed autographs for fans

Symbol of the era: Upon her arrival, the beloved celebrity from California graciously autographed memorabilia for her dedicated fans.

Tall: She stood tall in a pair of stylish strappy heels as she made her way into the exclusive bash

Height: With grace, she confidently walked into the extravagant party wearing a pair of fashionable, elegant strappy heels.

Selfie: As she made her way into the venue, she also posed for selfies with her excited fans

Taking a moment to capture the excitement, she happily stopped to snap some selfies with her enthusiastic fans as they all entered the venue together.

Exciting Night Out: Rocking a sophisticated updo and flaunting her natural beauty, the talented actress from Gone Girl effortlessly enhanced her stunning appearance with a touch of nude pink lipstick for her thrilling evening activity. Additionally, the actress bravely addressed the issue of sexism prevalent in her industry. Expressing her frustration, she pointed out the common narrative that portrays her as both a sexual icon and knowledgeable about politics, emphasizing the inherent sexism in such stereotypes. She further revealed her inclination towards rejecting numerous movie roles that only objectify her as a bikini-clad beauty in mainstream productions. Instead, she prioritizes collaborating with unconventional and visionary directors on intriguing projects. While she actively turns down several opportunities, she remains determined to fight for the truly meaningful ones.

Strike a pose: The evening before she practically brought traffic to a standstill as she entered the Palais Galliera for VOGUE's Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week party in a plunging black dress

Strike a fabulous pose: Emily, a world traveler who had just jetted in from the bustling city of London, couldn’t help but capture and share a stunning snapshot of herself, immersed in the festive atmosphere of the party, on her Instagram feed.

Smouldering snaps: Emily regularly treats her Instagram followers to scintillating snaps

Captivating captures: Emily frequently delights her Instagram followers with alluring photographs. Emily also called out the unfair standards in the realm of fame, where women are criticized for embracing their sensuality while men are adored. She noted, “Just take a look at pop culture: Mick Jagger is 73 and occasionally flaunts his open-shirted gyrations on stage. We accept that this is part of his performance and artistic image. However, when Madonna, who is 58 and a trailblazer in expressing artistic sensuality, wears a transparent dress to the Met Gala, critics label her as a ‘hot mess’ or ‘desperate’.”

Cheeky: The 26-year-old recently claimed that being 'too sexy' stopped her from getting roles

Cheeky: In a recent revelation, the 26-year-old boldly stated that her immense sex appeal has actually hindered her from landing acting gigs.

No holding back: The star also slammed double standards and sexism in the industry

No inhibitions: The celebrity also strongly criticized the unfairness and gender bias prevalent in the entertainment industry.

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