Emily Ratajkowski showcases Megan Fox’s face on a Jennifer Body’s T-shirt while enjoying a morning dance party with her son Sylvester and stroller.

On Thursday, Emily Ratajkowski, aged 31, enjoyed some quality time with her adorable two-year-old son, Sylvester Apollo Bear. Despite her busy schedule as a model and a mother, Emily made sure to step out in style, donning a stunning brown puffer coat, a black t-shirt featuring a graphic from the movie Jennifer’s Body, which starred Megan Fox, and comfy light grey sweatpants. To complete her look, she styled her long brown hair with a middle part and curtain bangs, and added a pair of fashionable large-framed sunglasses to her face. During their outing, the Gone Girl actress, who is currently dating Harry Styles, effortlessly pushed her little one in a stroller. Sylvester was dressed in adorable blue and white printed pants, along with an olive green jacket and purple rain boots. Emily was also accompanied by her furry companion, as well as a friend who had their own furry friend in tow.

Bundled up: Emily Ratajkowski, 31, spent time with her son Sylvester Apollo Bear, two, on Thursday

All wrapped up: Emily Ratajkowski, aged 31, enjoyed some quality time with her adorable two-year-old son, Sylvester Apollo Bear, on a lovely Thursday.

Walking the dog: The busy model and mom was spotted out in a brown puffer coat, black t-shirt with a graphic from Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox on the front and light grey sweatpants

Strolling with her canine companion, the fashionable mother and model was seen donning a cozy brown puffer jacket, a black t-shirt featuring the iconic Jennifer’s Body movie graphic of Megan Fox, and effortlessly chic light grey sweatpants.

Prior to embarking on a leisurely walk, the actress from “I Feel Pretty” treated her fans to some delightful snapshots of herself and her adorable son dancing on a stylish green marble coffee table. Sipping from a coffee mug, Emily showcased her toned midriff while grooving to the beat, with her little one clinging onto her legs and moving his feet in sync with the music. In a recent podcast, she spilled the beans about her blossoming romance with the 29-year-old heartthrob, Harry Styles. Contrary to previous murmurs, it turns out that their relationship had actually begun in early February, a month before they were seen sharing a passionate kiss in Japan. During the podcast conversation, Emily couldn’t help but express her hope for a long-lasting connection with Harry, and she affectionately praised his amazing qualities. Reflecting on her past dating experiences, she confessed that her opinion of someone could change in the blink of an eye, but with Harry, everything feels different.

Meet up: She wore her long brown hair parted in the middle with curtain bangs and put a pair of large framed sunglasses on her face

Meeting: With her hair cascading down in a split down the center and stylish bangs framing her face, she adorned her features with oversized sunglasses.

What qualities do I seek in a partner? I find independence to be a vital trait that attracts me. This aspect holds great significance for me as I lead a fulfilling and busy life. In previous discussions, Emily acknowledged that the fear of being caught on camera is a constant worry for both her and the individuals she is romantically involved with. Prior to being captured kissing Harry, she expressed concerns about being in the public eye. Following her break-up, she has been linked romantically to comedian Pete Davidson and actor Brad Pitt. Furthermore, there were reports of her going on a Valentine’s date with comedian Eric André, but she later hinted on social media that the relationship had concluded. Additionally, during the podcast, she shared her struggles with ignoring online commentary. Whether it’s reading comments on Twitter or receiving remarks from people on the set, it becomes challenging to engage in casual dating due to the inevitable exposure.

Dance party: Before the duo headed out for a stroll, the I Feel Pretty star shared some adorable photos dancing on a green marble coffee table

Dancing bash: Prior to embarking on their leisurely walk, the beloved actress from I Feel Pretty decided to capture some precious moments by sharing charming photographs of herself dancing on a vibrant green coffee table made of marble.

Rocking out: Emily held a coffee mug as she rocked out with her son, who held onto her lower legs as he moved his feet to the music

Engaging in musical bliss, Emily savored her morning brew while grooving with her son. He clung to her lower limbs, mirroring her rhythmic moves as the tunes filled the air.

The beat goes on: The mother and son duo adorably danced together in a candid moment at home

The rhythm continues: A heartwarming scene unfolded as a mother and her son showcased their dance moves in a spontaneous and endearing moment within the comforts of their home.

One Direction: It is unknown if the duo was dancing to Emily's reported boyfriend Harry Styles' music

One Direction: It remains a mystery whether the pair was grooving to the tunes of Emily’s rumored beau, Harry Styles.

Whenever I find myself in a photo with someone, it never fails to surprise me, especially if I haven’t spent much time with them. It can get quite awkward when I’m dating multiple people simultaneously, and they suddenly realize that we’ve only been together for a couple of days. It’s not like I’m overly concerned about their reactions, but it does add a layer of complexity and causes me a fair amount of anxiety. Nevertheless, in spite of these challenges, I must admit that overall, it’s been an enjoyable experience. I often find myself agreeing to go out for dinner, thinking, “Why not? It could be fun!”

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