Emily Ratajkowski steals the spotlight in a mesmerizing pink gown, taking the lead at the dazzling Moet and Chandon Holiday Celebration in New York City

Emily Ratajkowski graced the Moet and Chandon’s Holiday Season Celebration in New York City with her presence, radiating elegance in a delightful shade of pink. The talented 31-year-old model and writer mesmerized onlookers as she flaunted her stunning figure in a mesmerizing plunging satin dress. The graceful ensemble, featuring a combination of pink and burgundy tones, showcased her alluring cleavage and revealed a tasteful backless design. Alongside Emily, the event saw the attendance of esteemed celebrities including the esteemed Oscar winner Jessica Chastain, the talented actress Sienna Miller, and the renowned Daniel Kaluuya.

Pretty in pink: Emily Ratajkowski looked glamorous at Moet and Chandon's Holiday Season Celebration in New York City on Monday evening

Gorgeous: The 31-year-old model and writer stunned in a plunging pink-and-burgundy satin dress that showcased her cleavage and featured a backless design

Radiant in rosy hues, Emily Ratajkowski exuded elegance as she attended the Moet and Chandon’s Holiday Season Celebration in New York City. The 31-year-old model and writer captivated onlookers in a satin dress that beautifully combined shades of pink and burgundy. Embracing her glamorous side, she showcased her cleavage with a plunging neckline, while the daring backless design added a touch of allure.

The top half of Emily’s dress, adorned with delicate jewels, featured a pale pink hue, visually connected to a slender necklace delicately adorning her throat. Below her bust, the fabric cascaded gracefully in loosely draped folds, creating a sense of effortless chic. Adding a hint of whimsy, the dress was embellished with enchanting gold floral motifs that glistened in the ambient light.

Transitioning into a deeper shade of red as it neared the knee-length skirt, the dress exuded sophistication and complemented Emily’s radiant complexion. Overall, her stunning attire turned heads and cemented her status as a fashion icon.

Halter style: Emily's dress featured a pale pink top half that was held up by thick jeweled straps that appeared to connect to a thin necklace around her throat

Halter Design: Emily opted for a dress that exuded elegance, with a delicate pale pink upper half supported by a set of dazzling jewel-embellished straps that seemed to seamlessly merge with a slender necklace encircling her neck.

Gleaming: The outfit had a plunging neckline that was draped loosely in folds below her bust, and the dress was decorated with lovely gold floral designs that shimmered in the light

Shining brightly, the dress featured a low-cut neckline gracefully cascading below the chest. Adorned with exquisite golden floral patterns, the gown sparkled and danced in the radiant glow.

Colorful: The dress darkened to a deeper shade of red closer to the skirt, which ended at her knees

Vibrant: The dress transformed into a richer shade of crimson as it neared the hemline, which gracefully reached her knees. The actress from Gone Girl showcased her toned legs adorned with intersecting silver straps that elegantly wrapped around her open-toe stiletto heels.
Her luxurious, dark tresses were neatly parted down the center, with stylishly-cut bangs framing her flawlessly applied makeup on her face, while the rest of her luscious locks gracefully flowed down her back.
Ahead of her appearance on the red carpet, Emily was spotted stepping out and making her way to a waiting SUV, en route to the celebration held at Lincoln Center.
Despite spending ample time lately with the former cast member of Saturday Night Live, Pete Davidson, who is renowned for his comedic talents, he did not accompany her for the evening.

Legs for days: The Gone Girl actress' toned legs were enlivened with crisscrossing silver straps from her open-toe stiletto heels

Endless legs: The actress from “Gone Girl” showcased her well-toned limbs, adorned with sleek silver straps that crisscrossed around her open-toe stiletto heels.

On the move: Prior to hitting the red carpet, Emily as spotted stepping out and heading to a waiting SUV on her way to the celebration at Lincoln Center

Solo: The catwalk star has been spending plenty of time lately with the former Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, but the comedian didn't appear to have joined her for the evening

On the go: Prior to walking the red carpet, Emily was seen stepping out and getting into a waiting SUV on her way to the celebration at Lincoln Center. Lately, the supermodel has been spending a lot of time with Pete Davidson, the former cast member of Saturday Night Live, but he didn’t seem to accompany her for the evening.
Nevertheless, there was no shortage of star power at the Moet and Chandon event, especially when Jessica Chastain arrived in a stunning silver-and-purple ensemble that caught everyone’s attention.
The actress famous for her role in The Tree of Life showcased her cleavage in a mini dress embellished with swirling violet and silver sequins, forming an entrancing pattern.
To complete the look, she wore a matching sequined jacket with thick black peaked lapels and added a playful touch by rolling up the sleeves, revealing a pop of purple lining.
With a radiant smile, the acclaimed actress accentuated her 5ft4in height with a pair of timeless black pumps.

Glowing: Jessica Chastain had all eyes on her as she arrived in a silver-and-purple outfit. The Tree Of Life star highlighted her cleavage in a low-cut mini dress decorated with swirling violet and silver sequins that formed a hypnotizing pattern

Radiant: Jessica Chastain captivated everyone’s attention as she graced the occasion in a magnificent ensemble of silver and purple hues. The prominent actress, renowned for her role in The Tree Of Life, elegantly accentuated her d├ęcolletage with a captivating minidress adorned with mesmerizing swirls of violet and silver sequins, producing an enchanting visual effect.

On point: The screen star paired the dress with a matching sequined jacket with thick black peaked lapels, though she added a playful air by rolling up the purple-lined sleeves

The actress opted for a stylish ensemble, combining a matching sequined jacket with a black off-the-shoulder dress. To add a playful touch, she rolled up the sleeves, revealing a pop of purple lining. Sienna Miller cleverly highlighted her slim waist by wearing a dress with a round cut-out and semi-detached cups. Completing the look, she wore black stockings with intricate designs on one leg. The renowned model, Chanel Iman, exuded glamour in a sleek black satin dress, complemented by a furry black shawl. Jillian Hervey, daughter of Vanessa Williams and one half of Lionbabe, also embraced the all-black trend. She confidently showcased her figure in sheer tights adorned with sparkling studs, pairing them with a black sweater top and a stylish black-and-silver bustier.

Back in black: Sienna Miller highlighted her trim midriff with a black off-the-shoulder dress

Revealing: It featured a round cut-out and semi-detached cups

Sienna Miller flaunted her slender waist in a chic off-the-shoulder black dress that beautifully showcased her midriff. The dress boasted a unique round cut-out detail and partially detached cups, adding an element of sophistication to her overall look.

Contrast: She paired the mini dress with black stockings, though one leg had extra eye-catching designs

Difference: She decided to complement the mini dress by styling it with ebony stockings; however, one of her legs featured additional eye-catching patterns.

Elegant: The Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman looked glamorous in a black satin dress with a furry black shawl

Stunning: Jillian Hervey of the music duo Lionbabe also favored black. The daughter of Vanessa Williams put on a racy display in sheer tights decorated with sparkling studs, along with a black sweater top and a black-and-silver bustier

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Exquisite: Chanel Iman, the renowned Victoria’s Secret model, exuded glamour in an alluring black satin dress accompanied by a plush black shawl. Jillian Hervey, one-half of the musical duo Lionbabe, also opted for the elegance of the color black. Vanessa Williams’ daughter, she captivated onlookers with sheer stockings adorned with shimmering studs, donning a black sweater top and a stunning black-and-silver bustier.

AnnaSophia Robb radiated timeless allure when she graced the red carpet in an enchanting sheer black gown. The off-the-shoulder ensemble boasted a delightful ruffled skirt, accented effortlessly with a scarf meticulously tied around her neck. With her blonde locks fashioned into a sophisticated bob, the actress emanated grace and poise.

Soccer sensation Megan Rapinoe was a picture of love and contentment alongside her partner, WNBA player Sue Bird, as they made their red carpet appearance. Megan sported a relaxed burgundy button-up shirt left untucked, paired fashionably with black slacks. Sue, on the other hand, chose a striking blue leather shirt in combination with black leather pants.

Anne Vyalitsyna, the esteemed model, stood out from the crowd with her choice of attire – an orange ribbed dress boasting long sleeves. Complementing the vibrant dress, she completed her ensemble with tall beige boots and a boxy handbag in a matching shade.

Timeless: AnnaSophia Robb channeled classic glamour when she hit the red carpet in a lovely sheer black dress

Elegant: The off-the-shoulder item featured a ruffled, diagonal skirt, and she complemented the dress with a scarf tied around her throat

Eternally chic: AnnaSophia Robb exuded timeless elegance as she graced the red carpet donning a beautiful translucent black gown. The off-the-shoulder piece showcased a cascading skirt with delicate ruffles, perfectly harmonized with a unique scarf elegantly tied around her neck.

Short hair, don't care: The actress wore her blonde hair in a chic bob

No worries about having short hair: The actress confidently sported a stylish bob with her blonde locks.

Matching: Megan looked casual in an untucked burgundy button-up shirt with black slacks, while Sue favored a blue leather shirt with black leather pants

Megan appeared effortlessly laid-back, donning an unbuttoned burgundy shirt and combining it with sleek black slacks. In contrast, Sue opted for a more edgy ensemble, rocking a striking blue leather shirt and pairing it with stylish black leather pants.

Striking: The model Anne Vyalitsyna stood out in an orange ribbed dress with long sleeves

Standing tall: She paired it with tall beige boots and a boxy handbag in the same shade

Noteworthy: Anne Vyalitsyna, the famous model, caught everyone’s attention when she stepped out in a vibrant orange ribbed dress. The dress boasted long sleeves that perfectly complemented her tall beige boots. To add to her trendy look, she carried a boxy handbag in the same shade.

Daniel Kaluuya, on the other hand, effortlessly showcased his impeccable style in a fashion-forward ensemble. He wore a captivating gray-blue corduroy shirt that effortlessly paired with his dark pants. A white turtleneck added a touch of elegance, while black sunglasses completed his chic look.

Vic Mensa, the talented rapper, certainly went for an attention-grabbing attire. He confidently sported a dazzling gold jacket and matching loose-fitting pants that deliberately embraced wrinkles. To contrast the brightness of his outfit, he opted for chunky black boots. His dark hair, cut short, added an edgy touch to his overall appearance.

Fashion designer Prabal Gurang demonstrated his distinct taste as he impeccably donned a double-breasted green twill suit. The vibrant color of his suit was beautifully juxtaposed with a pink turtleneck, adding a playful element to his ensemble. To tone down the formal look, he opted for black-and-white sneakers, striking a balance between style and comfort.

Looking cool: Daniel Kaluuya put on a stylish display in a gray┬┐blue corduroy shirt with dark pants and a white turtleneck, along with black sunglasses

Suited up: The rapper Vic Mensa opted for an eye-catching look with a shining gold jacket and matching pants that hung loosely on him and was covered in wrinkles

Sporting a chic ensemble, Daniel Kaluuya effortlessly exuded style. He effortlessly rocked a fashionable gray-blue corduroy shirt paired with sleek dark pants and a crisp white turtleneck. Completing his cool look, he donned a pair of black sunglasses. In a bold fashion choice, rapper Vic Mensa commanded attention with his dazzling attire. He donned a shimmering gold jacket, accompanied by matching pants that loosely draped on his frame, creating a delightful display of wrinkles.

Seeing green: The fashion designer Prabal Gurang was dressed stylishly in a double-breasted green twill suit with a pink turtleneck and black-and-white sneakers

Observing the alluring sight: Prabal Gurang, the renowned fashion maestro, appeared dapper in his impeccably tailored, dual-buttoned suit crafted from lustrous green twill fabric. To complement this fashionable ensemble, he opted for a delightful touch of vibrancy by pairing it with a chic pink turtleneck. Not straying from his signature daringness, Gurang added a playful twist to his outfit with trendy black-and-white sneakers.

Onstage: Mariah Carey performed at the event as a pair of helpers fixed up her gown

Live on stage, Mariah Carey dazzled the audience with her mesmerizing performance, all while a dedicated team of helpers diligently attended to her wardrobe mishap. As she confidently belted out notes, the crew skillfully fixed the strap over her right shoulder, ensuring her gown stayed in place. Mariah even shared another delightful clip, playfully discussing her close call with a potential wardrobe malfunction. With a lighthearted tone, she exclaimed, “It was a hair’s breadth away from becoming a scandal, but we managed to pull it off!” She mischievously pointed out the specific areas on her dress that had given way during the exhilarating performance. The near-slip of her dress, which had the potential to reveal more than intended, would have certainly given the audience a unforgettable surprise!

Needing some help: She belted out notes as some of the crew fixed the strap over the right shoulder

In need of assistance: With the crew adjusting the strap on her right shoulder, she confidently unleashed a cascade of melodious tones.

Close: 'It was very, very close to being a fall on scandal, but we made it work,' she joking shouted out before pointing out which parts on her dress broke

Barely hanging on: The dress nearly slipped off her chest while performing which would've given the audience way more than they paid for

Additional video: She also shared another clip discussing a close call with a potential wardrobe mishap.

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