Emily Ratajkowski steals the spotlight in vibrant red pants during her leisurely walk in the streets of NYC following her presence at the Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted strolling through the streets of New York City after gracing the Forbes Power Women’s Summit at the Lincoln Center. The 31-year-old fashion icon exuded a remarkable sense of style as she maneuvered her way through the bustling city after the prestigious gathering. During the summit, Emily engaged in a captivating conversation with Tory Burch, discussing her thoughts on gender equality and fearlessly voicing her opinions.

Taking a stroll: Emily Ratajkowski was seen while stepping out after attending the Forbes Power Women's Summit, which was held at the Lincoln Center in New York City on Thursday

Fashionable: The 31-year-old fashion industry personality cut a seriously stylish figure while making her way along the Big Apple's sidewalks after the high-profile event

Going for a walk: Emily Ratajkowski was spotted taking a leisurely stroll after attending the Forbes Power Women’s Summit in New York City. Opting for a relaxed look, she rolled up the sleeves of her crisp white button-up shirt. Pairing it with vibrant red pants, she effortlessly pulled off a bold contrast. Adding a touch of glamour, the Gone Girl star wore eye-catching gold high-heeled shoes that added a pop of excitement to her outfit. To complete her stylish ensemble, she accessorized with a fashionable necklace and a sleek watch as she sat down for an interview.

Keeping it comfortable: Ratajkowski rolled up the sleeves of her stark white button-up shirt while she took a stroll

Staying cozy: Ratajkowski casually pushed up the sleeves of her crisp white button-down shirt as she leisurely walked around.

Standing out: The runway regular tucked her top into a pair of slightly wide-legged bright red pants that contrasted perfectly with her shirt

Standing out: The model who frequently appears on runways had a unique twist to her outfit. She tucked her top into a pair of slightly flared bright red pants, creating a perfect contrast with her shirt. As she walked the streets of New York City, Ratajkowski added a fashionable touch to her look by carrying a Louis Vuitton purse. Her dark brown hair flowed down her shoulders, adding a touch of darkness to her overall outfit. In a recent interview with Burch, the model shared her thoughts on gender inequality and sexism, talking about the importance of including men in these conversations. She emphasized that feminism should not be limited to just women talking amongst themselves, but should involve everyone.

Lovely locks: Her dark brunette hair cascaded onto her shoulders and provided an element of darkness to her outfit

Gorgeous tresses: Her luscious brown locks flowed gracefully down her shoulders, adding a touch of mystery to her ensemble.

Speaking her mind: During her interview with Burch, the model expressed her views about gender inequalities and sexism

Sharing her thoughts: While conversing with Burch, the fashion icon openly discussed her perspectives on disparities between genders and the prevalence of sexism.

Being open: She expressed that it was 'really crucial to include men in those conversations. I don't think feminism should be a word that means that we're just talking to ourselves'

In a relaxed manner, the speaker emphasized the importance of inclusivity in conversations about feminism, stating that it is not a word that should confine discussions to women only. She mentioned her book, My Body, and how she often pondered whether men in positions of power understood the dynamics they were contributing to. The speaker also expressed her desire for her one-year-old son, Sylvester, to be aware of the societal differences that affect both men and women. She acknowledged toxic masculinity as a significant issue, noting that it affects not only women but also men themselves. As a mother, she frequently contemplates this topic.

Concerned mother: Ratajkowski also expressed that she wanted her son Sylvester, aged one, to be aware of the differences in society that affect men and women alike

Worried mom: Ratajkowski also revealed her desire for her one-year-old son, Sylvester, to grow up understanding the societal disparities that impact both men and women. Sylvester is the child of the model and her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Their relationship began in early 2018, and their whirlwind marriage shortly after caught everyone off guard. Embracing the joy of motherhood, Ratajkowski announced her pregnancy in October 2020 and welcomed little Sylvester into the world in March of the following year.

Separated: The model shares her son with her now-estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard

They are no longer together: The model and her now-estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, share a son.
In July of this year, it became public knowledge that the model and her husband had decided to separate.
Multiple sources have claimed that the film producer’s infidelity played a role in the couple’s decision to separate.
Earlier this month, it was officially confirmed that Ratajkowski had taken the steps to file for divorce from Bear-McClard.

Splitting up: It was confirmed that Ratajkowski had officially filed for divorce from Bear-McClard earlier this month

Separation Announcement: It was officially revealed that Ratajkowski has taken legal steps to initiate divorce proceedings from Bear-McClard in recent weeks.

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