Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in a Chic Ensemble, Revealing a Perfectly Toned Midriff as She Takes on the Streets of New York

On a sunny afternoon in New York City, Emily Ratajkowski radiated effortless style. The 31-year-old, who is also a proud mother, confidently showcased her toned physique in a chic ensemble. Sporting a gray skirt paired with a cropped blazer cinched at the waist, she tastefully revealed her enviable midriff. To complete her fashionable look, the host of The High Low With EmRata podcast donned a sleek blowout, enhancing her luscious brunette locks.

Fashion doll: Emily Ratajkowski was fiercely stylish as she took to the New York City streets on Wednesday

Fashion icon Emily Ratajkowski exuded effortless style as she confidently strolled through the bustling streets of New York City on a sunny Wednesday.

Her tresses gently swayed in the breeze, revealing her stylish gold hoop earrings that perfectly matched her outfit. To add a touch of allure, the supermodel opted for thigh-high black socks to partially cover her lengthy legs. Completing her ensemble, she slipped into a pair of white New Balance sneakers featuring a bouncy sole and vibrant red accents. With effortless elegance, she casually carried a black leather purse slung over her shoulder, effortlessly showcasing her fashion-forward sensibilities.

Hot mama: The 31-year-old mother flashed her toned tummy in a gray skirt and cropped blazer combination

Stylish mom: The 31-year-old mother proudly showed off her well-toned midriff in a chic ensemble consisting of a grey skirt and a cropped blazer. Adding to the charm was a sleek black belt that elegantly cinched the bottom of her short jacket, which she chose to button up. The mini skirt featured a wrap design held together by a dainty clasp on one side, creating an alluring asymmetrical slit. Not just a fashionista, she also sported a flawless warm-toned makeup look that accentuated her features. Embracing the pleasant weather on the east coast, she effortlessly carried her iPhone in one hand and a trendy pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses in the other.

Perfect hair: The High Low With EmRata podcast host modeled a fresh blowout on her rich brunette tresses

Impeccable Locks: EmRata, the delightful host of The High Low podcast, showcased a flawless blowout that effortlessly adorned her luscious brown locks.

Online: Emily also appeared on Instagram in the show-stopping look, keeping her followers entertained as she posted to her Stories

Emily also made an appearance on Instagram, captivating her followers with a stunning and eye-catching ensemble. She treated her fans to entertaining content through her Stories. One of the snippets she recorded showcased her standing in front of a large mirror, which perfectly captured her reflection from head to hips. In addition to this, she delighted her audience by sharing a selfie where she held her phone in front of her face, while extending one arm to add a playful touch. The excitement continued as Ratajkowski reposted a picture of herself donning a vibrant red bikini, originally shared on her iNAMORATA swimwear account.

Short clip: She recorded a brief snippet of herself standing in front of a big mirror that captured her reflection from head to hips

Her mini skirt had a wrap design that was secured with a small clasp on one side, creating a sexy off-center slit

Brief recording: She captured a quick snippet of herself positioned in front of a massive mirror that perfectly reflected her from head to hips.

Pretty woman: The bikini designer, who reportedly recently ended a fling with Pete Davidson, flaunted a face of warm-toned makeup

Gorgeous lady: The creator of stunning swimwear, who supposedly just concluded a brief romance with Pete Davidson, boasted a stunningly applied palette of sun-kissed cosmetics on her lovely face.

Sizzling: The content didn't stop there, as Ratajkowski also reposted an image of herself in a teeny red bikini that was shared on her iNAMORATA swimwear account

Steamy: The excitement didn’t end there, as Ratajkowski also shared a picture of herself in a tiny crimson swimsuit on her iNAMORATA swimwear profile.

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