Emily Ratajkowski Stuns in a Timeless Black Dress for Glamour Magazine Spread, Opens Up About Shifting Away from Stereotypical Roles and Embracing Her Sexual Identity

In the film Gone Girl, Emily Ratajkowski took on the role of a seductive femme fatale who enticed a married man, and in We Are Your Friends, she became the love interest of Zac Efron’s character. However, Ratajkowski has recently expressed her desire to break away from the typecast “bathing suit girl” roles in movies. Despite this, she appreciates the fact that she can still rely on her successful modeling career to financially support herself as she pursues her acting ambitions. In a candid interview with Glamour magazine for their August issue, the 26-year-old actress emphasized that she refuses to be criticized for embracing her sensuality and being comfortable in her own skin.

Candid: Emily Ratajkowski has revealed her determination to move away from the 'bathing suit girl' role in films, during a cover interview with Glamour magazine for their August issue

Emily Ratajkowski has expressed her desire to distance herself from the stereotypical ‘bathing suit girl’ persona in films during an interview with Glamour magazine. In an effort to become a more versatile actress, she has outlined her strategy to explore other ventures and not solely rely on the ‘hot girl’ archetype. Emily acknowledges the importance of having other sources of income, as it grants her the freedom to avoid being typecast into the same role. She recognizes the industry’s demand for individuals to constantly prove themselves, and she eagerly welcomes this challenge. Emily emphasizes that it takes time to showcase her multifaceted abilities and to break free from the narrow perception people have of her.

Beach babe: The 26-year-old actress added that she refused to be 'attacked' for being a 'sexual being', which she says should be 'celebrated'

Sun-kissed beauty: In her own words, the talented 26-year-old performer expressed her firm stance against facing criticism for embracing her sexuality, asserting that it is something worth commemorating.

Honest: The brunette beauty, who was catapulted to fame after starring in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video in 2013, added that she believes a women's sexuality is a 'wonderful thing'

Authentic: The stunning dark-haired beauty, who rose to stardom after appearing in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video in 2013, expressed her belief in the magnificence of a woman’s sexuality. She strongly disagreed with the notion that feminism should be limited to certain individuals, stating that it is absurd to suggest that some people need a license to embrace this movement. Furthermore, she referenced Emma Watson’s empowering message about feminism, emphasizing that it is about granting women the freedom to choose. In a similar vein, the talented actress Emma Watson bravely defended herself against online criticism when she posed braless for a glamorous photoshoot in Vanity Fair earlier this year.

Solidarity: The model also supported Emma Watson's comments in March that feminism isn't 'stick with which to beat other women'

Unity: The concept further backed Emma Watson’s remarks in March that feminism should not be used as a tool to criticize or harm other women.

Outspoken: 'To start saying that certain people need to have a license to be feminist is insane,' she said

Speaking openly, she described the notion of requiring a license to be a feminist as ridiculous. The 26-year-old actress, also known as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, admitted to being completely taken aback by the controversy surrounding her. In response to those who accused her of hypocrisy, she explained that her decision to appear topless does not undermine her beliefs. In an interview with the BBC, she emphasized that feminism is not a tool to criticize or judge other women, but rather a movement focused on freedom, liberation, and equality. Expressing bewilderment, she questioned the connection between her breasts and feminism, stating that she always feels quietly shocked. Recounting the incident to her co-star from Beauty And The Beast, Dan Stevens, she mentioned that some individuals claimed she couldn’t be a feminist while having breasts.

Social media queen: Emily also admitted that she projects a 'version of reality' that isn't fully real in her expertly filtered snaps to her 13.7million Instagram followers

Social media sensation: Emily also confessed that she portrays a ‘perception of reality’ in her carefully curated photos to her massive following of 13.7 million on Instagram.

Real talk: 'It's not real, it's a version of reality, and as a visual person who loves art, photographs, fashion, I'm kind of interested in fantasy,' she said

Let’s be honest: “It’s not genuine, it’s a portrayal of reality, and as someone who appreciates the visual arts like paintings, pictures, and fashion, I have a fascination with fantasy,” she expressed. In agreement, Emily echoed the actress’ thoughts, stating, “Furthermore, I strongly believe in embracing our sexuality. I view it as a beautiful aspect of who we are, and I encourage women to recognize and embrace their own sexuality without being confined by the male-dominated view. We are the essence of sexual beings, and instead of being criticized, it should be celebrated.”

See the full shoot and interview in British Glamour's August issue on sale Thursday 6th July

Discover the complete photoshoot and interview exclusively in the August edition of British Glamour magazine, available for purchase on Thursday 6th July. In this feature, the renowned model shares her thoughts on attending high-profile events, such as the Met Ball, and how she overcame her initial fears. She reflects on the sense of community she now feels among her peers, highlighting her friendship with Amy Schumer as an example. Furthermore, Emily discusses her approach to social media, acknowledging that her carefully curated Instagram feed presents a selective version of reality. She emphasizes the importance of recognizing the distinction between fantasy and reality and believes that it is essential to show both the glamorous and authentic aspects of one’s life to followers. Don’t miss out on this revealing interview and stunning photoshoot in British Glamour’s August release.

Temptress: Emily played a femme fatale who seduced married man Ben Affleck in the Rosamund Pike thriller Gone Girl

Seductress: Emily took on the role of a captivating and mysterious woman in the suspenseful film Gone Girl, where she enticed Ben Affleck, a married man.

Stealing the limelight: She later played the object of Zac Efron's affections in the party flick We Are Your Friends

Snatching the spotlight: Subsequently, she portrayed the love interest of Zac Efron’s character in the lively and vibrant film, We Are Your Friends.

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