Emily Ratajkowski takes a bold fashion risk with her daring double denim ensemble, fearlessly flaunting her abs

Emily Ratajkowski, renowned for her successful career in modeling, has always been known for taking fashion risks. The latest instance of this was her appearance in London on Friday, where she made a stop at the famous Chiltern Firehouse. The 26-year-old brunette truly captivated onlookers in her daring double denim ensemble. What stood out was her bold choice of wearing a jacket off her shoulders, securing it with just one button below her bust. Her fashion-forward approach certainly made a statement, proving that she is unafraid of potential wardrobe mishaps, all in the name of style. For a closer look, check out the video below.

Brazen design: The day before, Emily wasn't afraid to run the risk of a wardrobe mishap all in the name of fashion as she headed to the Chiltern Firehouse once again

Bold fashion choice: Emily Ratajkowski, a 26-year-old, appeared absolutely stunning as she visited Chiltern Firehouse in London on Friday donning a unique double denim look. Without wearing a bra, she confidently sported a denim jacket that hung loosely on her frame. To maintain her modesty, she pulled the jacket down past her shoulders to rest on her upper arm, sneakily revealing a glimpse of her cleavage. Emily effortlessly turned heads by pairing the jacket with form-fitting jeans that perfectly hugged her figure. These jeans showcased her incredibly toned abs, as she proudly showcased her enviable physique while arriving at the Marylebone venue. Emily added a touch of elegance by accessorizing with a layered gold pendant necklace and gracefully strutted through the capital city in a pair of barely-there printed heels.

Daring: She wasn't afraid to run the risk of a wardrobe mishap, as her denim jacket appeared to hang perilously around her frame, stealing a look at her cleavage underneath

Brave: Without any fear of a potential fashion mishap, she confidently sported a denim jacket that seemed to precariously dangle around her body, providing a sneak peek of her alluring cleavage.

Risque: She did well not to reveal more than she had hoped a she struck up a sultry pose in her latest attire to share with her Instagram followers

Daring: To avoid revealing more than she intended, she confidently struck a seductive pose in her latest outfit to share with her Instagram followers. Adding a bold touch, she carried a scarlet red handbag that surely held her necessities for the day. The actress left her chestnut-colored hair straight and sleek, complemented by subtle makeup and a nude lipstick. Recently, she expressed her desire to become a more versatile actor, wanting to distance herself from the “bathing suit girl” roles in films. In an interview with Glamour magazine, she acknowledged the need to prove herself in the industry and welcomed the challenge.

Aspirations: The model's appearance in London comes after she revealed her desire to become a more 'versatile' actor

Ambitions: The fashion icon’s presence in London follows her recent declaration of yearning to expand her acting skills and become a more versatile performer.

Acting: Emily explained she wants to move away from the 'bathing suit girl' role in films

Actress Emily shared her desire to move away from being typecast as the ‘bathing suit girl’ in movies. She expressed that it takes a considerable amount of time to not only prove oneself but also to show a more multifaceted side beyond the limited perception others have. However, Emily also believes that women’s sexuality is something to be celebrated. She commented that it is a remarkable aspect of being a woman and hopes that women can embrace and understand their own sexuality beyond the narrow perspective of a patriarchal male gaze. Emily emphasized that women are at the core of their own sexual beings, and this should be acknowledged and honored instead of being criticized or condemned.

Speaking to Glamour in a recent interview, she said: 'It takes a really long time to not only prove yourself, but also prove that you're more dynamic than just this one part of you that they see'

During a recent conversation with Glamour, she shared her perspective, emphasizing the arduous journey required to establish oneself and demonstrate a multi-faceted identity beyond mere surface perceptions.

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