Emily Ratajkowski Turns Heads in Blossom Dress at A-List Gathering for Miu Miu Show’s After-Party in Paris Fashion Week

Emily Ratajkowski exuded a captivating presence as she made her way to the Miu Miu after-show celebration during Paris Fashion Week. Rocking a chic shirt-dress that accentuated her figure, the 26-year-old model confidently posed for the cameras, holding a drink in her hand. With her stunningly long legs stealing the spotlight, Emily flaunted her style in an alluring ensemble adorned with delicate grey and pale yellow floral designs adorning a charcoal backdrop. Enjoy the visual experience by watching the accompanying video.

Bombshell: Emily Ratajkowski smoldered in a tiny shirt-dress while attending the Miu Miu after-show party on Tuesday for Paris Fashion Week

Breaking News: Emily Ratajkowski looked absolutely stunning in a stylish shirt-dress as she made her appearance at the exclusive Miu Miu after-show party during Paris Fashion Week. The British-born beauty, known for her sensational Instagram presence and acting skills showcased in Gone Girl, was captured exchanging affectionate greetings with a female friend at the glamorous event. The venue for this star-studded soirée was Boum Boum, a trendy nightclub located near the iconic Champs-Élysées in the 8th arrondissement. Not to be outdone, Pamela Anderson also dazzled the crowd with her enviable legs, donning a chic and petite mini-dress that featured a classy white and burgundy print collar.

Location, location, location: Boum Boum, a newly opened nightclub over in the 8th arrondissement near the Champs-Élysées, was the venue for the event

In terms of placement, Boum Boum, a recently established club situated in the 8th arrondissement just a stone’s throw away from the renowned Champs-Élysées, provided the perfect setting for the occasion.

Emily in the 8th: Drink in hand, the 26-year-old model glanced over her shoulder at a camera

Emily, an eighth grader, casually sipped on her refreshing beverage as she nonchalantly shifted her gaze towards the camera capturing her every move.

Convivial: The Westminster-born Instagram sensation, who's also acted in Gone Girl, was spotted affectionately greeting a female pal while at the fête

Intimate: The popular Instagram celebrity from Westminster, who is also known for her role in Gone Girl, was seen warmly greeting a female friend at the event. She effortlessly draped her distinct platinum blonde hair over her shoulders, and her dress boasted delicate white patterns against a rich pine green backdrop. Her nails were adorned in a vibrant crimson shade, perfectly complementing her open-toed heels adorned with lively and vivid designs. At the celebration, the renowned 50-year-old Baywatch star confidently directed a seductive gaze towards the camera, elegantly tucking her hair behind her right ear.

Swank: Chrissy Teigen, who recently announced she's given up drink, turned up to the party as well alongside her hunky Academy Award-winning husband John Legend

Fancy: Chrissy Teigen, who made headlines by revealing her decision to abstain from alcohol, also made an appearance at the event, accompanied by her attractive and accomplished spouse, John Legend, who happens to be an Academy Award winner.

Dapper Dan: John's chic blazer featured charcoal shoulders and a camel-colored breast pocket, but was a dark shade of green everywhere else

Dashing Dan: John sported a sleek blazer that exuded style, with charcoal accents on the shoulders, a dapper camel-colored breast pocket, and an overall sophisticated dark shade of green.

Aglow: Meanwhile, Chrissy was French maid chic at the Parisian party, sizzling in a black mini-dress with lacy white cuffs matching a lacy white collar

Radiant: Meanwhile, Chrissy dazzled with her French maid-inspired elegance at the lively Parisian soiree, emanating glamour and allure in a captivating black mini-dress adorned with delicate white lace cuffs, perfectly complemented by an exquisite lacy white collar.

Beaming: John and Chrissy beamed for the camera as they sat next to each other, she crossing her knockout legs and he placing a hand affectionately on his wife's thigh

Radiantly smiling, John and Chrissy posed graciously for the camera, showcasing their undeniable chemistry. Chrissy, known for her stunning beauty, elegantly crossed her legs, while John showed his affection by gently placing his hand on her thigh. Joining the festivities was Chrissy Teigen, who made headlines for her recent decision to abstain from alcohol. She arrived with her handsome partner, the Academy Award-winning musician John Legend. John exuded style in his fashion-forward blazer, featuring charcoal shoulders and a camel-colored breast pocket, beautifully contrasting with the overall dark green hue. He paired it with charcoal trousers that were expertly pressed, complementing his immaculate burgundy, pink, tan, and white print dress shirt.

Showing what she's got: Pamela Anderson was similarly leggy at the evening's revelries, having slid into a teeny-tiny mini-dress with a neat white and burgundy print collar

Showing what she's got: Pamela Anderson was similarly leggy at the evening's revelries, having slid into a teeny-tiny mini-dress with a neat white and burgundy print collar

Displaying her assets: Pamela Anderson also flaunted her long legs at the festivities, donning a petite dress adorned with an elegant white and burgundy patterned collar.

So chic; Letting her trademark platinum blonde hair tumble over her shoulders, the sex tape starlet's dress featured tiny white designs on a pine green background

Looking incredibly stylish, the famous celebrity with trademark platinum blonde hair let her cascading locks frame her shoulders. She effortlessly rocked a gorgeous dress adorned with delicate white patterns against a lush pine green backdrop.

Party pose: While at the bash, the 50-year-old Baywatch icon gave the camera her best smoldering stare, her hair tucked behind her ear at the right side

Party Look: While enjoying the event, the famous Baywatch star, who is now 50-years-old, confidently posed for the camera with a smoldering gaze. Her hair was elegantly tucked behind her right ear.
Meanwhile, Chrissy appeared stunning in her French maid-inspired outfit at the Parisian-themed party. She wore a fashionable black mini-dress with delicate white lace cuffs that perfectly matched the collar. To highlight her enviable figure, she cinched her waist with a shiny metallic buckle.
The buckle not only complemented her outfit but also matched her gleaming silver Miu Miu purse, which hung gracefully from her left shoulder. Continuing the stylish theme, she adorned her feet with ankle-strap stilettos.
Seated next to each other, John and Chrissy radiated happiness as they posed for the camera. Chrissy confidently crossed her stunning legs while John affectionately placed his hand on her thigh, showcasing their love and bonding.

Sister act: It was quite the party for family duos - 19-year-old Elle Fanning (right) and 23-year-old Dakota Fanning (left) stood for photos together as well

Sibling celebration: An unforgettable bash unfolded as 19-year-old Elle Fanning (on the right) and her 23-year-old sister, Dakota Fanning (on the left), posed side by side for some delightful snapshots.

Out of an evening: Elle had got on a strapless jumpsuit with tiny white splotches over a midnight blue field, shoving her hands into the white bordered pockets

For a night out: Elle slipped into a captivating strapless jumpsuit adorned with delicate white marks scattered across a deep midnight blue backdrop, playfully tucking her hands into the pockets adorned with white borders.

Family resemblance: Dakota, meanwhile, had pulled on a shimmering blue dress that featured a multicolored spray of embroidery just below her left shoulder

Family resemblance: On the occasion, Dakota had chosen a stunning blue dress that shimmered with intricate embroidery near her left shoulder, adding a vibrant touch to her overall look.
The event celebrated the bond between two famous sisters, Elle Fanning, a 19-year-old and her older sister Dakota Fanning, aged 23. Both actresses posed together for photographs, showcasing their striking resemblance and shared blonde hair.
Elle, on the other hand, opted for a strapless jumpsuit adorned with small white speckles on a deep midnight blue background. She confidently slipped her hands into the pockets, which were bordered in white. To add a pop of color, she boldly carried a green purse on her left shoulder, creating a stylish contrast. As for footwear, Elle sported a pair of shoes that resembled Pamela’s, further accentuating her fashion-forward choice.

Star-studded: Barbara Palvin (left) had also dressed in blue, whilst Naomie Harris (center) was a showstopper in a spruced-up LBD and Maggie Gyllenhaal a black cocktail dress (right)

Star-studded: Barbara Palvin (left) had also dressed in blue, whilst Naomie Harris (center) was a showstopper in a spruced-up LBD and Maggie Gyllenhaal a black cocktail dress (right)

Star-studded: Barbara Palvin (left) had also dressed in blue, whilst Naomie Harris (center) was a showstopper in a spruced-up LBD and Maggie Gyllenhaal a black cocktail dress (right)

Celebrity glamour was in full display at the star-studded event as the attendees showcased their impeccable fashion choices. Barbara Palvin stood out in a stunning blue ensemble, exuding elegance and grace. Naomie Harris commanded attention in a stylishly revamped little black dress, radiating confidence. Maggie Gyllenhaal opted for a classic black cocktail dress, adding a vibrant touch with a bright orange scarf. Completing her ensemble was a cream coat with a possibly faux fur collar. The spotlight also fell upon Dakota, who dazzled in a shimmering blue dress adorned with a beautiful array of embroidered colors near her left shoulder. She accessorized with a pink, purple, and silver Miu Miu purse, while teetering on platform heels. In a heartwarming display, Dakota and her sister shared a sisterly arm-in-arm pose.

Glamorous: Maggie had garnished the dress with a bright orange scarf, throwing over the whole ensemble a cream coat with a fur collar that may or may not have been faux

Elegant: Maggie adorned her outfit with a vibrant orange scarf, draping a cream coat with a fur collar, the authenticity of which remained unknown.

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