“Emily Ratajkowski’s Birthday Bash: Sizzling Sheer Jumpsuit and Playful PDA with Female Pal”

Emily Ratajkowski had a great time celebrating her 27th birthday with her pals on Thursday evening. The model wore a sheer golden jumpsuit that hugged her curves and looked stunning. She even shared a smooch with one of her female friends at the party before having a blast with her newlywed husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. Notably, The Fat Jew from Instagram, who witnessed Emily’s surprise wedding in February, was also present at the lively gathering. Watch the video below to see more!

Party people: Emily Ratajkowski squeezes into sheer jumpsuit and kisses female friend as she celebrates 27th birthday with new husband and The Fat Jew, seen here

Emily Ratajkowski celebrated her 27th birthday in style with her new husband and famous personality, The Fat Jew. She wore a daringly sheer jumpsuit and was spotted kissing a female friend while partying the night away with her loved ones.

Emily flaunted her renowned figure by fitting into a see-through gold jumpsuit.

Birthday girl: The group certainly seemed to be having a good time, grinning and laughing as they partied for five hours

The birthday girl and her friends had a blast celebrating for five hours. They started with Indian food before hitting the party scene, laughing and smiling throughout. Emily showed affection to both her friend and her man, getting up close and personal with Bear-McClard in a passionate embrace. Her outfit included a sheer jumpsuit, revealing her black bra and boy-style panties, which she paired with white Nike sneakers for an unconventional look. She shared a fun Instagram video of herself dancing and thanked everyone for the birthday wishes.

Close pals: Emily was seen kissing a female friend 

Intimate friends: Emily was spotted locking lips with a woman companion.

Unconventional: Emily is not a fan of the Hollywood scene, and prefers venues with atmosphere to those with reputations

Emily has a unique taste when it comes to entertainment as she doesn’t find the glitz and glamour of Hollywood appealing. Instead, she enjoys places with a distinctive ambiance rather than those that are well-known.

Newlywed: This was Emily's first birthday since she married producer Bear-McClard in a surprise ceremony at New York's City Hall, wearing a Zara pantsuit

Emily celebrated her birthday as a newlywed this year, as she tied the knot with producer Bear-McClard in a spontaneous ceremony at City Hall in New York. She made waves with her unconventional wedding attire, opting for a stylish Zara pantsuit.

Aspirations: The model - who starred in Gone Girl - wants to be taken more seriously as an actress in Hollywood

Desires: The actress, known for her role in the movie Gone Girl, hopes to gain more recognition for her acting skills in Tinseltown.

Felling the love: Emily saved a kiss for new man - new husband Sebastian Bear-McClard

Experiencing true love: Emily kept a special kiss for her new partner and life partner, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Emily and her friends wrapped up their birthday celebration at the budget-friendly restaurant, Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant in New York around 2am. This occasion marked Emily’s first birthday since tying the knot with her boyfriend, producer Bear-McClard, in a surprise City Hall ceremony. The actress wore a Zara pantsuit on her wedding day, which took place a few weeks after they confirmed their relationship. However, Emily expressed her frustration about people not taking their marriage seriously, stating that women’s choices are often dismissed, especially when they do not conform to societal norms. She feels that her unique approach to getting married is constantly invalidated.

Watch out: Emily chose a cheap but cheerful venue for her birthday bash

Be careful: Emily opted for an affordable yet delightful location for her birthday celebration.

Long night: Emily's party was a five-hour celebration

Emily’s party lasted for a good five hours, making it a long night of festivities.

Sheer beauty: The brunette was thrust into the limelight when she starred in Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' music video in 2013

The stunning brunette rose to fame after her appearance in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ music video in 2013. Her beauty was truly captivating and caught the attention of many.

The actress, known for her role in the movie Gone Girl, has expressed her desire to be taken more seriously in the Hollywood industry. She spoke to Marie Claire magazine’s June issue, stating that she is very passionate about her work and might intimidate people at times by going into meetings with a strong attitude. Her goal is not only to prove her acting skills but also to show that her appearance is not the only defining factor of her talent. She first gained attention after her appearance in Robin Thicke’s music video “Blurred Lines” in 2013.

It's my party: The birthday girl is seen surrounded by her friends 

It’s the birthday bash of the year as the main celebrant is happily surrounded by her closest friends.

Backless beauty: Emily shows off her jumpsuit 

Emily flaunts her jumpsuit with a stunning backless design.

Looking bootyful! Emily gyrated in an Instagram video she posted

Emily showed off her moves in a recent Instagram video, with confidence and grace. Her impressive gyrations left viewers in awe of her beauty.

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