“Emily Ratajkowski’s Casual Day Out in NYC with Best Friend, Babs Jeanne, Amidst Rumored Romance with Stephane Bak”

On Thursday, Emily Ratajkowski opted for a casual outing with her longtime best friend Babs Jeanne, leaving her runway attire behind. The two enjoyed breakfast together, catching up after over a decade of friendship. Emily, who recently authored My Body, sported a laid-back look consisting of black sweatpants, a Joe’s Pizza hoodie, a New York Yankees baseball cap, sunglasses, and gold hoop earrings. Her beau, French actor Stephane Bak, wasn’t in tow. As for Babs, she kept it simple in relaxed-fit jeans, a black sweatshirt, and a black puffer vest.

Friends: Emily Ratajkowski put aside her runway look for a casual stroll with her best friend Babs Jeanne, 33, on Thursday

Emily Ratajkowski decided to ditch her runway attire for a more laid-back look during a leisurely walk with her longtime friend Babs Jeanne, aged 33, on Thursday. Babs often posts pictures of Emily, her son Sylvester, and their furry companion Colombo on her Instagram page, signifying their strong friendship. The pair has been sharing each other’s photos since they launched their Instagram accounts in 2011, and Babs has celebrated Emily’s birthday with touching messages over the years. In both 2017 and 2020, Babs expressed her love and admiration for Emily and how grateful she was for their unbreakable bond. Babs is always there for Emily through thick and thin, as evidenced by her supportive role during her friend’s separation from Sebastian Bear-McClard after four years of marriage.

Stroll: The My Body author, 32, was incognito in a pair of black sweatpants with a Joe's Pizza hoodie, New York Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses

Casual Walk: The writer of My Body, aged 32, was in disguise wearing black sweatpants, a Joe’s Pizza hoodie, New York Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses.

Party: The two women have been friends for a very long time

Event: The two ladies have been buddies for an extended period of time.

Bonded: The friends have been sharing photos of each other since they both first started their Instagram accounts in 2011

Connected: Since the inception of their Instagram profiles in 2011, these pals have been exchanging photos of one another.

Dancing queen: And like a true friend Babs shares the highs and lows of life with Emily

The queen of the dance floor, Babs, is a true friend to Emily. She is always there to celebrate the good times and support her through the tough times. They share a strong bond that can withstand any obstacle.

Support: When the iCarly alum split from her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard after four years of marriage, it was Babs who was there to support and lift her friend up

Assistance: Babs played a crucial role in comforting her friend from iCarly, who parted ways with her spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard after being married for four years. She was a pillar of support during those tough times and helped uplift her friend.

Celebrate: In fact, Babs often shares snaps of Emily, her son Sylvester, two, and her dog Colombo on her Instagram

Let’s party! Babs frequently posts pictures of her adorable family, including her daughter Emily, her two-year-old son Sylvester, and her furry companion Colombo on her Instagram account.

Pooches: Babs often shares images of the time she spends with Emily including ones of their dogs. In one cute snap she shared EmRata's dog Colombo poses next to her pug Boquerone

Babs loves spending time with Emily, and she often shares adorable pictures of their furry friends. One picture that stood out was of Colombo, EmRata’s dog, posing next to Babs’ pug, Boquerone. So cute!

Babs, Emily, and a few other friends planned a getaway in a remote farmhouse after news of Babs’ divorce broke out. Although the location was not mentioned, pictures reveal the group having a great time petting donkeys, lounging on a spacious porch, and frolicking in a vast field. Babs regularly shares pictures of her hangouts with Emily, often featuring their beloved pets. One adorable snap captured EmRata’s Colombo posing next to Babs’ pug, Boquerone.

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