Emily Ratajkowski’s Fashionable NYC Stroll: A Chic Leather Trench Coat Adventure, Spiced with Intimate Sneak Peek and Pete Davidson Connection

Emily Ratajkowski, the renowned supermodel, showed off her fabulous fashion sense in New York City on Tuesday evening. Despite the chilly late autumn weather, she effortlessly carried a motorcycle helmet in her left hand as she strutted through the city. In a recent Instagram post, the talented model even dared to bare, sharing a topless photo from a recent photo shoot. Beyond her modeling career, Emily Ratajkowski has also made a name for herself as a successful author. In a recent episode of her High Low podcast, she openly spoke about her past experiences with weight loss, describing them as “scary.” This candid conversation gives fans a glimpse into the more personal side of the renowned fashion icon.

Fashionable: Emily Ratajkowski, 31, dressed to impress as she stepped out in New York City earlier Tuesday evening

Trendy: Emily Ratajkowski, 31, looked absolutely stunning as she ventured out in New York City earlier this Tuesday evening. The stylish mother of one made quite the fashion statement during her brief late-night outing in the bustling city. She elegantly sported a floor-length black leather coat that gracefully reached her ankles, accentuated by a matching belt cinched around her waist. To complement her overall monochromatic ensemble, Emily slipped into a pair of sleek black high-heeled boots. Her beautiful brunette tresses were styled with a middle part, gently cascading past her shoulders in the cool breeze of the night. While preparing to cross a bustling city street, the Gone Girl star was spotted briefly glancing at her phone, all the while casually holding a large white helmet in her other hand.

So chic! The supermodel donned a belted leather jacket and matching heeled boots for her stylish look for the evening

How fashionable! The supermodel looked stylish for the evening in a belted leather jacket and matching heeled boots. To complete her chic outfit, Emily carried a black cross-body purse on her shoulder, keeping her accessories minimal by omitting any flashy jewelry.

In addition, the beauty treated her fans to a sultry behind-the-scenes reel on her TikTok and Instagram accounts. The reel showcased the supermodel’s stunning poses against a plain, white wall, where she confidently flaunted her toned physique. She effortlessly rocked a pair of high-waisted jeans and a cropped, brown jacket adorned with green tassel embellishments. Alluringly, Emily chose to go topless under the jacket as she posed for various fashionable shots.

With her brown tresses cascading in natural waves, her bangs gently resting on her forehead, Emily exuded a laid-back beauty. In the caption of the post, which she shared with her extensive following of 29.6 million, the star gave credit only to her talented hair and make-up stylists.

Stunning: The actress recently shared a reel onto her TikTok and Instagram pages earlier on Wednesday

Impressive: Earlier this Wednesday, the actress delighted her fans by posting a captivating video on both her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Poses: Emily showcased a number of her favorite poses in the clip

Revealing outfit: The model donned high-waisted jeans and an open, cropped blazer with no top underneath

Emily wore a trendy ensemble consisting of high-waisted jeans and a cropped blazer, leaving her topless underneath. The video captured her flaunting various poses, highlighting her preferred fashion choices.

Close-up: Her brunette hair effortlessly fell down in natural waves, allowing her bangs to gently rest on her forehead

In a recent episode of her podcast, The High Low, Emily shared her journey of significant weight loss. She candidly admitted to her guest, Mia Khalifa, that during times of illness, she tends to lose a significant amount of weight. Emily disclosed that she had recently dropped down to 100 pounds, an experience that deeply frightened her. She went on to explain that she believes trauma can reside within the body, and this weight loss was a manifestation of her emotional struggles. However, Emily reassured her listeners and Mia that she has since gained weight and expressed that this has had a positive impact on her overall happiness. While she didn’t directly address the cause behind her weight loss, it’s worth noting that she filed for divorce from her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in September amidst allegations of infidelity. The couple, who are parents to one-year-old Sylvester, are currently navigating the challenges of co-parenting.

Opening up: On her latest High Low podcast episode, the mother of one revealed her recent weight loss scare to her listeners

Getting Personal: During her latest episode of the High Low podcast, the host, who is also a proud mother, openly shared a recent and alarming experience related to her weight loss journey.

'Scary': Emily explained to her guest, Mia Khalifa, that, 'I was down to 100 pounds recently, and it was really, really scary'

Emily shared with her visitor, Mia Khalifa, the alarming experience she recently encountered, stating, “It was absolutely terrifying when I reached a weight of only 100 pounds.”

Happy mother: Emily shares her son, Sylvester, with Sebastian Bear-McClard, whom she filed for divorce from earlier this year in September

Delighted mom, Emily, has opened up about her shared custody of her son, Sylvester, with her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, whom she officially filed for divorce from in September this year. Adding to her recent publicity, Emily has been romantically linked to actor and Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson.

Rumors of their relationship began circulating earlier this month, and the couple recently made their first public appearance at an NBA game between the New York Knicks and the Memphis Grizzlies. They also celebrated Friendsgiving together over the recent holiday weekend.

According to an insider, Pete and Emily have a great connection and enjoy each other’s company. The source also mentioned that Pete, who recently ended his relationship with Kim Kardashian, is drawn to the challenge that Emily presents intellectually.

Another source revealed that Emily is currently in a positive mindset and focusing on being a single mother. Despite their casual relationship, she is attracted to Pete’s charisma, humor, and sees him as a good rebound. Emily appreciates their comfortable dynamic and the fun they have together.

New romance: Emily and Saturday Night Live star, Pete Davidson, are reportedly dating, with a source telling Us Weekly that the two have 'a lot of fun' together; seen on Sunday at Madison Square Garden

Emily and Pete Davidson are said to be embarking on a fresh and exciting romantic journey. According to insiders, the couple is enjoying each other’s company and having a blast together. Recently spotted at Madison Square Garden, their relationship seems to be blossoming beautifully.

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