Emily Ratajkowski’s Halloween Twerk: A Sexy Cavewoman Tribute to Raquel Welch

Both Emily Ratajkowski and Raquel Welch are stunning women, each representing beauty in their own era. Recently, Emily channeled Raquel’s iconic look from the film One Million Years B.C. at Travis Scott’s Halloween event, where she was seen performing a sultry dance. She wore a faux animal skin bikini that accentuated her cleavage, paying homage to the classic film from 1966.

Cave girl: Emily Ratajkowski channelled iconic actress Raquel Welch for Travis Scott's Halloween At The Weekend Unlimited Delilah Take Over event on Wednesday night

Emily Ratajkowski took inspiration from the legendary Raquel Welch for Travis Scott’s Halloween party at the Weekend Unlimited Delilah Take Over event. The model dressed up as a cave girl for the occasion.

Iconic look: The costume was a not to Raquel's appearance in the classic 1966 film One Million Years B.C. 

The outfit had a distinctive style, paying homage to Raquel’s appearance in the timeless movie from 1966, One Million Years B.C.

The actress from Gone Girl flaunted her voluptuous bust in a leather and fur outfit, which highlighted her stunning figure, slim waist, and toned abs. The two-piece outfit featured a miniskirt wrap and a grey fur trim on the leather top. She paired it with matching leather boots and carried a snakeskin handbag for a complete look.

Saucy! She showed off her peachy posterior while twerking later on in  the night 

Cheeky! At a later point in the evening, she displayed her shapely backside while engaging in some twerking.

Seeing double: Emily looked incredible in her skin-flashing ensemble as she partied the night away, looking uncannily like screen siren Raquel

Emily’s skin-revealing outfit complemented her stunning appearance as she enjoyed a night of partying. Surprisingly, she bore a striking resemblance to the iconic actress Raquel Welch.

Wow: The Gone Girl actress made the most of her eye-popping bust in the leather and fur garment

The actress from Gone Girl flaunted her ample bust in a stunning leather and fur outfit, leaving everyone impressed.

Hear her roar! She showed off her incredible figure, tiny waist and perfectly flat stomach in the skimpy two-piece

Wow, she’s a force to be reckoned with! Her stunning physique was on full display as she confidently rocked a skimpy two-piece, revealing her enviable waist and flawlessly toned stomach.

Looking good: Emily exuded sultry confidence as she partied the night away at the star-studded event

Looking good: Emily exuded sultry confidence as she partied the night away at the star-studded event

Emily was oozing with sultry confidence as she enjoyed herself at the glamorous event filled with famous celebrities. Her luscious wavy hair was styled similarly to Welch’s iconic look in her adventure film, but with a darker hue. Ratajkowski also took a more dramatic approach to her makeup, opting for heavier eyeliner than Welch did during her heyday in the 60s.

Ahem! She left nothing to the imagination while busting some moves

Uh-oh! She didn’t leave much to our imaginations as she showed off her dance skills.

Getting into the Halloween spirit: The beauty ensured all eyes were on her in the ensemble

Embracing the Halloween vibe: The gorgeous lady made sure that everyone’s attention was on her with her spooky attire.

All eyes on her: The star accessoried with a snakeskin print bag and coordinating boots

She was the center of attention, adorned with a chic snakeskin-print bag and matching boots. Everyone’s gaze was fixed on her.

Wild child: Emily certainly got into the spirit of the holiday, cutting loose at the fun-filled bash

Emily was a true wild child at the party, fully embracing the festive atmosphere and letting loose with all the fun activities.

Toned and tanned: The starlet put her long legs on display in the tiny outfit

Toned and tanned: The starlet put her long legs on display in the tiny outfit

The actress flaunted her sun-kissed skin and well-defined muscles as she confidently showcased her lengthy legs in a revealing ensemble.

Emily made a guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show earlier today. The well-known model flaunted a vintage style when she travelled to the Los Angeles studio. She wore a white jacket dress that accentuated her slender figure, while her leather bikini peeked out from underneath. Emily is renowned for her role in the popular music video, Blurred Lines.

Commanding attention: Emily ensured she was the centre of attention as she partied in style

Emily grabbed everyone’s focus and became the life of the party with her stylish celebration.

Throwback: Earlier in the day, Emily stopped off at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios 

Flashback to earlier today when Emily made a quick pit stop at the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio.

White on: The Instafamous model also rocked a retro look for her journey to the Los Angeles studio

Sporting a trendy retro style, the Instagram-famous model made her way to the Los Angeles studio. Adding a touch of sophistication to her outfit, she carried a snakeskin bag and slipped into a pair of crisp white sneakers.

Peek-a-boo: With her leather bikini poking out underneath, the Blurred Lines music video star slipped her sleek form into a white jacket dress

Playing hide-and-seek: The star of the Blurred Lines music video slipped into a white jacket dress that showcased her leather bikini peeking out from underneath. Her form looked sleek and elegant in the outfit.

Emrata shocked both her friends and fans alike when she announced that she had wed Sebastian Bear-McClard in a courthouse wedding in February, after dating for only a few weeks. Sebastian, who is an actor and producer, employed some quick thinking to win his lady’s heart by proposing to her with a ring made from the paper clip of their restaurant bill at the upscale New York City restaurant, Minetta Tavern. When his love initially declined his proposal due to the lack of ring, Sebastian used his creativity to fashion a makeshift one, which Emrata found quite romantic.

Point of difference: Her wavy tresses were worn in a very similar style to Welch in her iconic adventure saga, however Ratajkowski's were a shade darker

One unique aspect is that Ratajkowski’s wavy hair was styled similarly to Welch’s in her famous adventure movie, but with a slightly darker shade.

Well-heeled: Emrata completed the look with a snakeskin purse and white sneakers

The Gone Girl actress made the most of her retro attire

Fashionable and stylish, Emrata augmented her outfit with a white pair of sneakers and an elegant snakeskin purse.

'Guess who': Emily teased the transformation on social media

“Can you guess who?” Emily playfully hinted at her social media followers about her upcoming makeover.

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