Enjoying the Beach Life: Emily Ratajkowski Basks in the Sun in a Sexy White Bikini, Unwinding after Paris Fashion Week

In the midst of making a dazzling impression at Paris Fashion Week, Emily Ratajkowski decided to take a momentary break from the spotlight. The 25-year-old multi-talented individual, who is both a model and actress, seized the opportunity to unwind by heading to the beach. Embracing the warmth of the sun, she confidently showcased her svelte figure in a revealing triangle bikini. Take a look at the video below for a closer glimpse.

Curves ahead: Emily Ratajkowski donned the skimpiest of bikinis on Thursday as she hung out at the beach in Malibu

Curves on display: Emily Ratajkowski showcased her stunning figure in a barely-there bikini while enjoying a day at Malibu’s mesmerizing beach.

Winter sun: The 25-year-old model and actress stripped off to a teeny triangle bikini

Winter sun: The 25-year-old model and actress stripped off to a teeny triangle bikini

Enjoying the winter sun, the radiant 25-year-old model and actress decided to flaunt her stunning figure by donning a tiny triangle bikini.

Sexy senorita! The brunette beauty sipped on a Corona beer in the sun

Gorgeous seƱorita! Enjoying the sun’s warm rays, the brunette stunner savored the crisp taste of a Corona beer.

Enhancing her beach goddess appearance, she adorned herself with a stunning gold pendant necklace and a fashionable wide brim straw fedora.

Accompanying her was her boyfriend, Jeff Magid, as they engaged in captivating conversations by the water’s edge, delighting in their refreshing Corona beers.

Emily and musician Jeff’s love story began in December 2014, and their bond has only grown stronger with time.

Taking it easy: The star is fresh off Paris Fashion Week so no doubt happy to enjoy some downtime

Chilling out: After her breathtaking appearance at Paris Fashion Week, it’s no surprise that the celebrity is overjoyed to finally savor some well-deserved relaxation.


Taking shade: The leggy lady accessorized her look with a straw fedora

Enjoying some respite from the sun, the elegant woman added a touch of flair to her outfit with a chic straw fedora.

The star showed off her famous curves as she grabbed a towel

Displaying her renowned hourglass figure, the celebrity proudly wrapped herself in a towel.

Two's company: Emily was joined by her boyfriend Jeff Magid for some chill time

A duo’s delight: Emily had the pleasure of spending quality time with her partner, Jeff Magid, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Longtime loves: The couple have been dating since 2014

Long-lasting romance: The pair have been in a relationship since 2014. While enjoying their time outdoors, Emily documented her wonderful day on Instagram and Snapchat for her followers to see. Sporting a halter-neck white top made of waffle fabric, she came close to revealing a bit too much. Being conscious of the harmful effects of the sun, the beautiful Californian native shielded her face from UV rays with a stylish wide-brimmed hat.

Jeff kept it casual in a grey t-shirt and blue shorts

Jeff opted for a laid-back look by donning a comfortable grey t-shirt paired with relaxed, blue shorts.

Chatting it up: The Blurred Lines video beauty nattered away to her beau

Casual Conversation: The lovely star of the Blurred Lines music video engaged in a lively conversation with her significant other

I'm listening: Jeff, who is a musician, made himself comfortable by resting on his arm

I’m all ears: Jeff, a talented musician, found a cozy spot to relax by leaning on his arm.

With her impeccable looks, she seemed to be wearing no makeup as she flaunted her perfectly shaped lips and stunning bone structure.

Although the celebrity was in France on Monday, the weather there wasn’t suitable for wearing a bikini, so it seems like she has now returned to her hometown on the West Coast to rejuvenate.

Emily has been keeping herself occupied with numerous appearances on the front row during the renowned fashion week, beautifully showcasing a wide range of styles.

The sand gets everywhere! Emily dusted off her derriere

and sighed, exasperated. The coarse particles seemed determined to cling to every crevice on her body, making her feel as though she was slowly turning into a human sand dune. She gave her bottom one final slap to rid it of any remaining grains and grumbled under her breath. This beach trip was proving to be more of a messy adventure than a relaxing getaway.

Covering up: Emily wriggled into some checked pants a she got ready to head home

Disguising herself: Emily slipped into a pair of pants with a plaid pattern as she prepared to make her way back home.

Tres chic! Emily looked stylish as she arrived at the beach in her two-piece outfit and sunglasses by RAEN

Looking absolutely fabulous! Emily made quite the fashion statement as she gracefully made her way to the sandy shores, clad in a stunning two-piece ensemble and rocking a pair of trendy RAEN sunglasses.

Ooh la la! The star wouldn't have looked out of place on the runways of Paris Fashion Week

Oh my, the celebrity would have fit right in on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week!

Hot stuff! Emily shared multiple snaps and videos of her outing on social media

Exciting news! Emily delighted her followers by posting numerous photos and videos of her recent adventure on various social media platforms.

Leading up to the highly anticipated fashion week, Emily had been making headlines for a different reason. There were claims of her iCloud being hacked, resulting in the unauthorized release of her private pictures. This incident caused quite a stir in the media.

Not too long ago, Emily expressed her displeasure towards photographer Jonathan Leder. He had released revealing Polaroid images from a controversial photoshoot without her permission. Leder recently opened up about his encounter with Emily during a question and answer session with Highsnobiety magazine.

Life's a beach! The 25-year-old model and actress stripped off to a skimpy triangle bikini as she soaked up the sunshine

Life is like a sunny day at the beach! The young and vibrant 25-year-old model and actress decided to embrace the warmth of the sun by flaunting her curves in a sizzling triangle bikini.

Looking good: The model looked delighted to be back in the sunshine

Appearing fabulous: The fashion model appeared overjoyed to bask in the warm glow of the sun once again.

Full moon tonight? She put on a cheeky display in her revealing two-piece as she checked out the view

Is it a full moon tonight? She slyly showcased herself in her daring bikini while admiring the stunning scenery.

Careful! She nearly spilled out of her halter-neck waffle-fabric white top

Be careful! She was on the verge of spilling out of her halter-neck top made of waffle fabric, which was in a pristine white color.
He expressed, “I can confidently say that within half an hour of capturing the initial Polaroids, she was already in the nude. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to work with more than 500 models, and I must admit that Emily Ratajkowski was one of the most at ease models when it came to her body.”
“She displayed no signs of shyness or self-consciousness whatsoever. To say that she enjoyed being naked would be an understatement.”
“I can’t determine if it empowered her or if she simply reveled in the attention, but I can confirm that out of the 100 or so Polaroids we took over those two evenings, only a few depict her wearing clothes.”

Sensible: The pretty Californian native was careful not to risk the aging damage of UV rays, as she shaded her face with a wide-brimmed hat

Prudent: The attractive lady from California was cautious in protecting her skin from the harmful effects of sunlight by using a broad-brimmed hat to shield her face.

Pretty: Her flawless features appeared to be make-up free, as she showcased her pout and impressive bone-structure

Beautiful: The girl had such naturally perfect features that it seemed like she was wearing no makeup at all. She confidently showed off her full lips and stunning bone structure.

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