Exclusive Snapshot: Emily Ratajkowski proudly showcases toned abs in a stylish crop top and distressed jeans during a leisurely outing

After gaining attention for her appearance in the controversial Blurred Lines music video, Emily Ratajkowski has fully embraced her confident and alluring persona. This was evident as she recently strutted around Los Angeles, flaunting her enviable physique. The 24-year-old model and actress made heads turn as she proudly showcased her impeccably toned abs, sporting a tiny grey crop top and effortlessly cool low-rise ripped jeans.

Abs-olutely fabulous: Emily Ratajkowski made sure her incredible figure was on full display as she enjoyed a casual day out Los Angeles on Thursday

Emily Ratajkowski ensured that she showcased her enviable physique during a casual outing in Los Angeles on Thursday. To amp up her laid-back look, the elegant beauty adorned her tanned midriff with subtle yet glamorous body jewelry, peeking out from underneath her top. Accompanying her cute crop top was a long, oversized white cardigan, perfect for her errands around the city. Opting for comfort, Emily ditched her heels and slipped into white lace-up sports shoes, allowing her glossy brunette tresses to flow freely and without any specific styling. To carry her essentials, the model opted for a brown satchel bag and added a pair of brown rimmed sunglasses to protect herself from the Californian sunshine.

Envy-inducing: The 24-year-old model and actress turned heads as she flashed her extraordinarily toned abs in a teeny grey crop top and low-rise ripped jeans  by Citizens of Humanity jeans

The 24-year-old model and actress caught everyone’s attention with her stunningly sculpted abs, which she confidently showcased in a stylish grey crop top and a pair of trendy low-rise Citizens of Humanity jeans, complete with cool ripped details.

Accessorising like a pro! Adding a subtle touch of glamour, the London-born beauty sported delicate body jewellery which fell underneath her top on her tanned torso

Mastering the art of accessorizing! The effortlessly chic London native effortlessly flaunted her impeccable style by adorning herself with elegant body jewelry that gracefully adorned her bronzed midriff.

All wrapped up: The Gone Girl star teamed her cute crop top with a long oversized white cardigan as she ran errands in the city

All wrapped up: The Gone Girl star teamed her cute crop top with a long oversized white cardigan as she ran errands in the city

All wrapped up: The actress from Gone Girl paired her adorable crop top with a flowing, oversized white cardigan while running errands in the city. Emily recently spoke about the challenges she faces in finding substantial film roles due to her naturally alluring image. In an interview with ES Magazine, she shared her thoughts on the matter, stating, “It’s a paradoxical situation. When you’re seen as a seductive actress, it becomes difficult to be considered for serious roles. You’re constantly offered the same type of character they have seen you play before. People tend to follow the crowd and think, ‘Oh, that’s what she excels at.’ It’s frustrating because women make up half of the population and they are eager to watch movies that portray them as multifaceted individuals.”

Natural beauty: Emily ditched her heels in favour of white lace-up sports shoes, and were her glossy brunette locks loose and unstyled

Effortlessly showcasing her natural beauty, Emily abandoned her high-heeled shoes for comfortable white lace-up sneakers. Her glossy, unadorned brunette hair cascaded freely, without any specific styling.

California girl: The model carried her belongings in a brown satchel bag and shielded herself from the Californian rays in a pair of brown rimmed sunglasses

Californian lady: With a brown satchel bag slung over her shoulder, the fashion model protected her eyes from the scorching California sunlight behind a stylish pair of sunglasses with brown rims.

Bombshell: Emily recently opened up about the difficulty of finding serious film roles due to her sexy persona

Breaking News: Emily reveals the challenges she faces in securing meaningful roles in the film industry due to her attractive image. However, this struggle with her appearance did not begin when she entered Hollywood and showbusiness; it has plagued her since she reached adolescence at a young age.

According to Emily, she began to notice that people started to perceive her differently, which was perplexing for her. She explains, “Essentially, it was more about individuals having difficulty accepting a girl who looked like a mature woman because it unsettled them. It made them feel uneasy, and I believe they wanted to impose a sense of guilt on me.”

'Good night London': The Blurred Lines beauty is unapologetic about her appearance and regularly posts sultry images on Instagram

‘London’s Farewell’: The mesmerizing allure of Blurred Lines’ star encompasses her self-assuredness regarding her image, frequently showcasing captivating photographs on her Instagram.

'Mama n me!' Emily recently revealed her mother Kathleen wanted her to be a brain surgeon to take the emphasis away from her looks

‘Mom and me!’ Emily recently disclosed how her mother Kathleen aimed for her to pursue a career in brain surgery in order to shift the focus away from her physical attributes. While her mother, Kathleen Balgley, an esteemed English professor and writer, is wholeheartedly supportive of Emily’s chosen path, she made it clear during her upbringing that she did not want her worth to solely depend on her looks. Emily explains, “My mom insisted, ‘No, she will become a brain surgeon,’ because she disliked the notion that I might believe my appearance was the only thing I would be valued for.”

Furthermore, Emily defended her actions after sharing a controversial topless selfie with Kim Kardashian. She reveals, “That incident actually sparked an incredible friendship. It’s also how I began contributing to Lenny, Lena Dunham’s newsletter. Additionally, I had the opportunity to spend time with Kim Kardashian West after publicly supporting her decision to share a nude selfie on Twitter.”

Making a stand: Emily stands by her topless selfie with Kim Kardashian, which divided opinion on social media

Taking a stance: Emily confidently supports her topless self-portrait alongside Kim Kardashian, which sparked a mix of opinions across various social media platforms.

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