Exploring Parisian Delights: Ratajkowski Snaps Playful Hotel Moment with Friend, Embracing Love in the City of Lights… Amid Speculation on Her Relationship Status

On Monday, Emily Ratajkowski decided to give her fans a glimpse into her recent vacation to France with her close friend Babs Jeanne. The 31-year-old model took to social media, specifically Instagram, to share an intriguing carousel of photos. Among them was a daring shot of a bare-skinned Babs in their hotel room, a snapshot capturing a memorable performance by singer Rosalia, and even a video showcasing Emily’s own impressive singing skills from a rooftop. Interestingly enough, this exciting update from Emily arrives not too long after she was spotted on yet another outing with DJ Orazio Rispo, who is 35 years old. This has sparked speculation that her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, aged 29, might have come to an end. Only time will reveal the truth behind Emily’s romantic escapades.

Emily in Paris! Emily Ratajkowski took to social media on Monday to share a look at her recent getaway to France with her best friend Babs Jeanne

“Bonjour, Paris! Emily Ratajkowski decided to grace her followers with a glimpse of her recent escapade to the enchanting streets of France. Alongside her beloved bestie, Babs Jeanne, she embarked on a memorable adventure.”

Stripped down: In a carousel posted to her Instagram, the 31-year-old model shared a photo of naked Babs in her hotel room (pictured), a look at singer Rosalia's concert and her very own singing skills from a roof top

Simplified: Emily, a 31-year-old model, posted a carousel on her Instagram featuring various moments. One photo displayed her friend Babs nude in their hotel room, but Emily strategically covered Babs’ bottom. Another picture captured Emily attending singer Rosalia’s concert, while a short TikTok video showed Emily lip-syncing to Wham!’s Last Christmas on a rooftop in Paris. The lyrics she mimed to were about being a supportive lover who was eventually heartbroken. In the video, Emily was dressed warmly in a leather trench coat and a turtleneck, dancing and singing as the sun set in the background, casting a pink and gold glow.

Music video vixen: The model lip synced 'I guess I was a shoulder to cry on' - from the heartbreak holiday song Last Christmas by Wham! - on a rooftop in Paris

The music video vixen took center stage on a picturesque Parisian rooftop, enchanting viewers with her lip-sync performance of the heartfelt chorus from Wham!’s Last Christmas. With a warm pink makeup look enhancing her beauty, she skillfully portrayed the emotions of the song through her expressive facial expressions. Her brunette hair was styled in an elegant bun, with loose bangs delicately framing her face, adding a touch of allure to her appearance. While enjoying her time in the romantic City of Love, she chose to embrace the holiday spirit without featuring a significant other in her video. To complete her captivating ensemble, she adorned herself with a pair of chunky gold hoop earrings, adding a hint of glamour to the scene.

Pink hues and views: The author of My Body bundled up in a leather trench coat and a turtleneck as she sings and dances on the rooftop with the sun setting pink and gold behind her

Shades of pink and picturesque scenes: In her book titled My Body, the author can be seen sporting a trendy leather trench coat and a cozy turtleneck as she joyfully sings and dances on the rooftop. The sky above her is adorned with a mesmerizing blend of pink and gold hues, courtesy of the setting sun. However, just last week, Sylvester Apollo Bear’s mother, who is only one year old, embarked on yet another date with a charming DJ in the bustling city of New York. This isn’t the first time this delightful piece of information came to light, as it was exclusively reported by DailyMail.com back in October. The founder of Inamorata swimwear had been exploring her options, as rumors of a romance involving Kim Kardashian’s former flame, Pete Davidson, had also surfaced during the time in-between these dates.

Romance rumors: She went on another date with DJ Orazio Rispo, 35, despite sources reporting she was getting 'serious' with comedian Pete Davidson, 29, after a couple of dates

There are ongoing speculations about her love life. Recently, she was seen going on a date with DJ Orazio Rispo, who is 35 years old. This is surprising as sources had previously stated that she was becoming involved with comedian Pete Davidson, who is 29 years old, after going on a few dates with him. Their romance was confirmed in late November when they were spotted together at a New York Knicks basketball game. Earlier this year, there were rumors swirling around that she was dating Brad Pitt, who is 59 years old. This was particularly noteworthy as Brad Pitt was going through a divorce from Angelina Jolie, who is 47 years old, amidst abuse allegations. In September of this year, she officially filed for divorce from film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard, who is 41 years old. They had been married for four years, but the marriage ended due to allegations of infidelity.

Paris getaway: She enjoyed her time in the City of Love sans any lover appearing in her video ahead of the holidays

Paris Escape: She relished her experience in the enchanting City of Love, relishing the absence of any romantic partner making an appearance in her holiday video. The duo, who had a long-standing acquaintance, got engaged in February 2018, just after DailyMail.com broke the news of their blossoming relationship on Valentine’s Day. They opted for an unconventional wedding ceremony at New York City’s City Hall, sealing their union in the same month. Their joy multiplied in March 2021 when they joyfully welcomed their son Sylvester.

Friends over lovers: Ratajkowski posted a series of photos of her '36 hours in Paris' with Motomami singer Rosalia

Choosing friends over romantic partners: Ratajkowski shared a delightful collection of pictures capturing her enjoyable ’36 hours in Paris’ alongside Rosalia, the talented Motomami singer.

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